2012 Proceedings Aesthetics Design Product Development
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2012 ITAA Proceedings #69

Honolulu, HI, USA

Below is a list of scholarship presented in the Aesthetics, Design, and Product Development track. The proceedings are held at the Iowa State University Special Collections and are retrievable here.

Aesthetics, Design, Product Development

Apple, Laurie M., Hopper, Stephanie K. Creating Pageant Apparel Using Industry Technology: A Graduate Course

Cobb, Kelly. CoLab: A Two-fold Development Model Utilizing Studio Collaboration to Inspire Product And Professional Development.
Cottle, Frederick, Connell, Lendo Jo, Ulrich, Pamela, and Simmons, Karla. Statistical Human Body Form Classification: Methodology Development and Application
Dragoo, Sheri L. Illustrating Learning While Mentoring Teaching
Dunne, Lucy E., Zhang, Vivian, and Terveen, Loren.  Hot or Not? Crowd-Sourced Evaluation of Computer-Generated Outfits
Ehnes, Briana, McQueen, Rachel and Strickfaden, Megan.  Culinary Clothing and Safety: Kitchen Uniforms as Personal Protective Equipment
Freeman, Charles and McRoberts, Lisa.  Evaluating Creativity in Undergraduate Fashion Illustrations: An Instrument Reliability Analysis
Gordon, Linsey, Kim, Angella, and Wagner, Heidi.  Pretty in PPE: The Relationship between Personal Protective Equipment(PPE), Self-Efficacy, and Job Satisfaction of Women in the Building Trades
Kim, Dong-Eun.  Analysis of Lower Body Characteristics of Korean Women Using 3D Body Scan Data
Kim, Sookhyun and Horridge, Len. Computer-Aided-Design for a Visual Merchandising Class: A Case Study with the Program Developer and the Industry for a Curriculum Development
Kim,Young Sook, Song, Hwa Kyung, and Ashdown, Susan P.  Analysis of Petite Sized Women’s Figures Based on SizeUSA Data: An Assessment of Petite Sizing Systems Used in the U.S. Apparel Industry
Koo, Helen S. and Janigo, Kristy A.  A Wearable System Design for Outdoor Activities and Tourism
Lafrenz, Lu Ann. Deconstruct then Reconstruct: A Sustainable Fashion Design Project for Graduate Students
Lopez,Theresa and Welkey, Sharon. Fashion and Optometry: A Collaborative Partnership
Meyer, Kendra-Louise.  Pinterest Project: Using Social Media and Co-Design to Develop Apparel Design Skills
Morris, Kristen, Park, Juyeon and Sarkar, Ajoy. Development and Evaluation of a Nursing Sports Bra Prototype
Orzada, Belinda T.  Ready-to-Wear Shift Dress: A Real World Design Problem
Park, Juyeon, Sarkar,Ajoy, and Cozza,Melissa.  Development of Hospital Patient Apparel with Enhanced Functional, Expressive, and Aesthetic Attributes
Polvinen, Elaine and Boorady, Lynn.  2D/3D Digital and Real Flamingo Pua-inspired Product Prototype Exploration
Ridgway, Jessica L. and Parsons, Jean L.  Women's Self-perceptions: A Case Study of Equestrian Apparel
Robinson, Joyce Robin, Freeburg, Beth Winfrey, and Workman,Jane E. Creativity and Tolerance of Ambiguity in Fashion Design Students
Sanders, Eulanda A., Sarkar, Ajoy K., Garey, Logan, Rieder, Anna, Blumentritt, Jared, and Gauck, Eric. A Sustainable Design Paradigm for Smart Performance Textiles and Apparel
Sanders, Eulanda A.  Fractal Analysis: Use of Chaos Theory as a Design Model for Felting Processes
Schaefer, Kirsten, Lin, Yvonne, and Tullio-Pow, Sandra. Universal Sleepwear Design Application for Women with Lymphedema
Smith, Kathleen R. and Speight, Lauren.  Developing Functional Safety Apparel Designs Incorporating Electroluminescent Technology in an Undergraduate Computer Based Methods for Apparel Class
Sohn, MyungHee and Bye, Elizabeth.  Analysis of Upper Body Measurement Changes in Motion using Motion Capture System
Stafiniak,Lesley, Strickfaden, Megan and Terzin, Tom.  Real versus Representations: Inspirational Sources in the Textile Design Process
Watanabe, Keiko, Onoe,Nozomi, and Morishita, Aoi.  Suits Design using Three-Dimensional Apparel CAD system for Disabled Young Women Using a Wheelchair
Wu, Juanjuan, Hu,Yue , and Delong, Marilyn R.  Orientation of Chinese Designer Brands: Market vs. Design
Yang, Eunyoung,  Dragoo, Sheri L., and Young,  Deborah D.  Interpersonal Skills Needed by Fashion Design Graduates: Focus on Teamwork



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