2012 Proceedings Creative Design Fiber Art
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2012 ITAA Proceedings #69

Honolulu, HI, USA

Below is a list of scholarship presented in the Creative Design Fiber Art category. The proceedings are held at the Iowa State University Special Collections and are retrievable here.

Creative Design Fiber Art

Anderson, Verretta. Armorium
Axak, Natalia. Aloft Bird Angel Wings
Baker, Renee. Bold Bella
Bennett, Sarah. Sangiovese
Bernstein, Rebecca. Vested in Geometry
Campbell, J.R. Oops, Sorry II
Chang, Li-Fen. Eco-Pop
Dames, Abigail. Coral Reef
Daniel, Katy. Uncaged
Dewey, Audra. Rebirth: In Memory of Aunt Vicky
Gam, Hae Jin. Forget Me Knot
Hall, Hanna. Viivat
Her, Mai See. Fallen Queen
Hobbs, Kayna. Whimsically Charred
Kane, Laura. Tree Ring Dress
Kwon, Yoo Jin. Mountain, Cloud, and Portrait of a Beauty
LaFleur, Rosetta. Aqua Windows
Malicsi, Jose Basil. The Imeldific Dress
Mamp, Michael. Hidden Memories, Forgotten Prayers II
Mamp, Michael. Hidden Words
Milani, Cassandra. Earth Warrior
Moody, Anna and St. Germain, Megan. Zeitgeist
Morris, Kristen. CoVess
Parsons, Jean and McBee-Black, Kerri. Winter
Pyne, Ellen. Medusozoa
Pyne, Ellen. Seraph
Ray, Sheryl. Flight of the Weaver
Rich, Angelina. Rustic Luxury
Roche, Calli. Corporeal Extensions: Exercises in Paper Draping
Roche, Calli. Racism Imbued
Salas, Feliz. La Femme Parisienne
Salas, Feliz. Midnight Solstice
Sanden Will, Sherry. Natural Textured Wooden Dress
Sanders, Eulanda. Organized Chaos
Song, Ji Hyun and Yoo, Young Sun. Inconsistent Maze
Sparks, Diane and Jiang, Kinor. Metallic Shibori in Rose Gold
Stannard, Casey. Sea Ice
Tipton, Jo Dean. Jia
Tomita, Anna. Gift of Nature
Winford, Sarah. Film Noir
Wolens, Lily. Condom Couture
Wolens, Lily. Our Dark Shadow
Yang, Eunyoung. Brushstrokes in Red
Yu, Yang. Circles



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