2012 Proceedings Creative Design Traget Market
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2012 ITAA Proceedings #69

Honolulu, HI, USA

Below is a list of scholarship presented in the Creative Design Target Market category. The proceedings are held at the Iowa State University Special Collections and are retrievable here.

Creative Design Target Market

Ackerman, Brenda. Tangerine Paradise with Hint of Poiret
Anton, Cat. The Wonderland of Seuss
Axak, Natalia. Relics of Timeless Treasures
Benesch, Estela. Urban Apocalyptic Streetwear
Biros, Lucie. Not Your Average Cocktail Party: A Corset
Bradley, Morgan. The ZipSwitch
Brutsche, Kathryn. Structure at Ease
Carrico, Melanie. DREAM Dress
Carrico, Melanie. Little Black Party Dress
Chen, Sandy. Pelagic -- Manta Ray
Chew, Breana. Avant-garde Color-blocking
Cho, Kyoung-Hee. Ocean Panorama
Choi, Grace. Velocity
Cobb, Laura. Lav?rinthos
Dragoo, Sheri. Timeless Tales of Wonderland Blooms
Dunne, Lucy. Bound
Eklund, Andrea. G.I. Jane
Engel-Enright, Carol. Design Process at the Museum
Floyd, Averie. Hidden in a Flare
Floyd, Averie. Parachute in Renaissance
Garey, Logan, Cauck, Eric, Blumantrit, Jared, and Rieder, Anna. Reiman Jacket
Giroux, Caitlin. Rainbow Eucalyptus Ensemble
Gorton, Janis. Gatordude
Gray, Jennifer. Luck Stone Junior Sportswear
Hopper, Stephanie K. and Smith, Kathleen. Electroluminescent Safety Apparel for Motorcyclists
Huyck, Judy. Sustainable Suit
Istook, Cynthia. Flame 2
Jenkins, Monisha. Gaia
Kim, Jongeun. Magnolia Flower Salon Dress with Crinoline
Koga, Kristin. Feminine Utility
Koo, Helen. Wiggle and Waggle
Lamar, Traci and Ma, Yanxue. Painted Desert
Lambertson, Laurie Anne. Tartan Reimagined
Lammert, Elise. On Point
Lee, Jung Soo. Illusion
Lee, Justine. Celestial Crater
Lee, Yhe-Young. Illusion 2
Lin, ShuHwa. Jogging with LED sign in the Dark
Lin, Yvonne and Chau, Pui Yee. Formation 3D Slashing Jacket with Pants
Lin, Yvonne and Chau, Pui Yee. Formation 3D Slashing Dress
Lin, Yvonne and Chau, Pui Yee. Formation Smocking Top with Skirt
Lu, Tiffany. Sea Shell GLory
Marr, Alex. Poetic Infinity
Medina, Andrea. Living in a Vintage Bubble
Miller, Phyllis. Laurel-Leaf Lace Chiton Dress
Montgomery, Anabella and Heldmann, Sydni. Victoria
Moreno, Elizabeth. Asymmetrical Flounce
Morris, Kristen and Flint, Robert D. Migration for a New Habitat
Odamaki, Yoshiko. Grace and Elegance of Calla Lily
Ohrn-McDaniel, Linda. Monogrammed for Fit
Parsons, Jean. Waterfall
Pham, Kim. Armor
Ridgway, Jessica.  Smoke and Mirrors
Rinto, Caitlin. Ragnarok Cate Rinto, Kent State University, USA
Roda, Dawn. Leona's Nostalgia
Salusso, Carol. Unisex Scrubsuit: Protective, Comfortable and Fun
Sanders, Eulanda. Metalling in Business
Sandhu, Hina. Globally Acculturated Identity Dress
Smyth, Monica. Urban Geometry
Tomita, Anna. Je ne Sais Quoi
Van Riper, Laura. Jadyn
Voth, Jennifer. Recycled Canis Lupus Tunic
Whang, Mikyoung. Shades of Scenery II: A Versatile Dress from Existing Materials
Winge, Theresa, Flores, Martin, and Moyer, Jessie. Jamie 5.14
Wong, Soak Wai and Kim, Jihyun. Bitter Earth
Young, Lesley. Lights Out
Yu, Yang. Mod
Zhyhar, Dziyana. Transformable Dress



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