2012 Proceedings Social Psychological Aspects
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2012 ITAA Proceedings #69

Honolulu, HI, USA

Below is a list of scholarship presented in the Social/Psychological Aspects track. The proceedings are held at the Iowa State University Special Collections and are retrievable here.

Social/Psychological Aspects

Carrico, Melanie, Hestenes, Linda, Jung, Sojin, and Li, Jiayao.  Could Costumes Create Change? A Quantitative Study of Preschool Children Creating Themselves, Building Community, and Connecting Learning
Lewis, Rebekah and  Cho, Hira.  Gender Differences in Color Selection for Apparel Products
Cho, Sunmyoung  and Koh, Ae-Ran.  A Qualitative Study on Brand Narratives about Emotional Attachments to Possessions
Christel, Debbie and Reddy-Best, Kelly.  Bias towards Obese Persons among Undergraduate Apparel Design and Merchandising Management Students
Ellington, Tameka.  I’m Free Now: The Self-perceptions of African Americans Who Wear Their Hair Natural
Hahn, Kim, Collier, Ann, and Chyu, Ree.  Resurgence of Textile-making in Contemporary Asian Culture: Intergenerational Differences
Han, Taeim and Rudd,  Nancy Ann.  Images of Beauty: Race, Gender, Age, and Occupational Analysis of Fashion Magazine Covers
Johnson, Kim K. P., Kim,  Eundeok, Lee, Ji Young, and Kim, Angella J.  Predicting Risky Appearance Management Behaviors in Young Women: A Comparison Between the U.S. and South Korea
Kang, Ju-Young M. and Johnson, Kim K. P.  Appearance Comparison and Clothing Practices for Enhancing Mood
Kim, Hanna, Lee, Eun-Jung, and Hur, Won-Moo.  The Role of Self-identity and Norms in Organic Apparel Consumption
Kim, Ji-Yeon, Park, Jee-Sun, and Lee, Kyu-Hye.  Modeling of Mother’s Evaluation of Children’s Clothing Brands with Latent Factors
Lee, Minsun, Lee, Minjung, and Damhorst, Mary Lynn.  Body Satisfaction and Attitudes Toward Cosmetic Surgical/nonsurgical Procedures Among Female College Students: Theory of Planned Behavior
Lennon, Sharron J. and Kim, Minjeong.  Fashion, Personality, and Health Risks
Moon, Cameron and Ogle, Jennifer Paff.  The "Hybrid Hero" in Western Dime Novels: An Analysis of Women's Gender Performance, Dress, and Identity in the Deadwood Dick Series
Privette, Patricia M. and Rudd,  Nancy A.  The Role of Physical Appearance in Equestrian Sports: Social Physique Anxiety and Collegiate Riders’ Attitudes towards Expectations of Rider Costume and Physique
Reddy-Best, Kelly L. and Howell, Alexandra.  Skirting the Issue of Masculinity? An Exploratory Study of Individuals’ Gender Identity Construction through Utilikilt Consumption
Rudd, Nancy A.  The Body Image Bazaar: Celebrating the Body through Positive Imagery and Healthy Behaviors
Sancheti, Yukti K. and Ulrich, Pamela V.  Mom Do I look Fat? A Study of Adolescent-parent Relationships and Body Image
DeMirjyn, Maricela and Sanders, Eulanda A.  Visual Identities: Use of Narrative Inquiry to Understand Frida Kahlo’s Self-Representation to Create a Space of Critical Hybirdity in Her Artwork
Shin, Eonyou and Baytar, Fatma.  The Effects of Ideal Female Body Images and Consumers’ Body Satisfaction on Intentions to Use Virtual Try-on Models in Online Apparel Shopping
Simmons, Karla P., Ulrich, Pamela V., Connell, Lenda Jo, Gropper, Sareen, and Morgan, Ali.  Using Avatars and Body Image for Motivation for a Healthy Weight in Children
Son, Jihyeong and Damhorst, Mary Lynn.  Celebrity Influence on Men’s Clothing and Consumption
Song, Hwa Kyung and Ashdown, Susan P.  Exploring the Discrepancies between Perceived Body and Actual Body Structure
Sowers, Chad, Reiley, Kathryn, Koo, Helen S., Sohn, MyungHee, Berk, Gozde Goncu, and LaBat, Karen.  Exploration of Prominent Personality Types of Undergraduate Apparel Studies Students using Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
Stannard, Casey R. and Sanders, Eulanda A.  Motivations for Participation in Knitting among Young Women
Yoo, Jeong-Ju and Hur, Won-Moo.  Cross-Cultural Examination of Body-Tanning Behaviors among Female College Students in the United States and South Korea: The Tanning Effect on Body and Life Satisfaction

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