2012 Proceedings Sustainability Social Responsibility
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2012 ITAA Proceedings #69

Honolulu, HI, USA

Below is a list of scholarship presented in the Sustainability/Social Responsibility track. The proceedings are held at the Iowa State University Special Collections and are retrievable here.

Sustainability/Social Responsibility

Cao, Huantian, Howard, Christine, Piro, Karen, Tattersall, Hillary, and Frett, John.  Twenty Miles from Field to Fashion: Localized Production of Textiles and Accessories
Cao, Wei.  Sustainable Practices in Children’s Wear Fabric Design
Connell, Kim Y. Hiller and Kozar,  Joy M.  Using Normative Social Influence to Motivate Sustainable Apparel-Purchasing Behaviors
Curwen, Lisa G.  Challenges and Solutions of Sustainable Apparel Product Development: A Case Study of Eileen Fisher
Diddi, Sonali and Niehm, Linda S.  Young Consumers' Environmental Attitudes and Eco-fashion Purchase Intentions: The Impact of Marketing Related Variables
Dragoo, Sheri L. and Adair, Meredith.  How Sustainability Affects Fashion Behaviors, Attitudes and Perceptions of College Students
Feng, Ruoyu, Sadachar, Amrut, Karpova, Elena E.  Sustainable Apparel Consumption Behavior among U.S. Students
Foster, Irene and Ju, Hae Won.  Using a Non-profit Organization and Stakeholder Theory to Teach Social Responsibility in a Merchandising Program
Freeman, Charles.  Sewing for a Cause: Incorporating Service-learning Into an Introductory Apparel Construction Course
Gam, Hae Jin, Ma, Yoon Jin, and Kumphai, Pimpawan.  Consumers’ Perceptions of Socially Responsible Apparel Labeling
Grotts, Allie and Ha-Brookshire, Jung.  How Local is Local to You? Consumer and Retailer Perceptions of “Shopping Locally”?
Hahn, Kim, Palomo-Lovinski, Noel, and Ohrn-McDaniel, Linda.  Approach to Real Sustainable Practice in the Classroom
Janigo, Kristy A. and Wu, Juanjuan.  Collaborative Redesign of Used Clothes as a Sustainable Fashion Solution: Exploring Consumer Interest and Experience
Joung, Hyun-Mee.  Factors Affecting Fast-Fashion Consumers' Post-Purchase Behavior
Jung, Hye Jung and Oh, Kyung Wha.  The Effects of Ethical Consumption Beliefs of Korean and Chinese Consumers on their Attitudes toward Eco-friendly Artificial Leather Apparel Products
Lafrenz, Lu Ann.  A Graduate Course Project: Incorporating Sustainability into a Fashion Undergraduate Curriculum
Lang, Chunmin, Armstrong, Cosette M., and Brannon, Laura A.  Drivers of Frequent Apparel Disposal: A Comparison by Generational Cohort and Gender
Lee, Stacy Hyun-Nam, Kim, HaeJung , Yang, Kiseol.  Eco-Citizens in Clothing Consumptions: Impacts of Business Stewardship and Consumer Sustainability Value on Their Lifestyle Practices
Manchiraju, Srikant.  Role of Consumers’ Personal Values in Ethical Fashion Consumption Behavior
Manchiraju, Srikant, Fiore,  Ann Marie, and Russell,  Daniel W.  Sustainable Fashion Consumption: An Expanded Theory of Planned Behavior
Monfort-Nelson, Erin M. and Connell, Kim Y. Hiller.  Socially Responsible Consumer Behavior in Apparel and Textiles: Developing a Conceptual Model to Guide Future Research
Park, Juyeon and Cozza, Melissa.  Project Parachute: Shifting the End-of-life Destination of Military Parachutes from Landfill to New Products
Pasricha, Anupama and Janigo, Kristy A.  The Regal Redesign Trunk Show: Employing Collaborative Learning to Educate Apparel Design Students on Sustainability
Pookulangara, Sanjukta and Shephard, Arlesa.  Slow Fashion Movement: An Exploratory Study
Portway, Sarah and Lewis, Tasha.  Regenerative Abundance: Fast and Sustainable Apparel Production in Toronto
Ramirez, Stefanie Ann and McRoberts, Lisa B.  La Ola Verde: Female, Hispanic Consumers and the Green Movement
Reed, Elisabeth, Banning, Jennifer, and Gam, Hae Jin.  Reflections on a”Wardrobe Diet:”? Exploring Sustainable Wardrobes
Schaefer, Kirsten and Navarro, Henry.  The Sustainable Bride: An Exploration in Conceptual Bridal Design
Zheng, Yiwen and Chi, Ting.  Environmentally Conscious Apparel Purchase: An Exploratory Study of Chinese Consumer Attitude and Decision-making Process

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