2012 Proceedings Textile Apparel Science
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2012 ITAA Proceedings #69

Honolulu, HI, USA

Below is a list of scholarship presented in the Textile/Apparel Science track. The proceedings are held at the Iowa State University Special Collections and are retrievable here.

Textile/Apparel Science

An, Su Kyoung and Domina,Tanya.  Dry Resistance Difference between a Male and Female Thermal Manikin Wearing Ballistic Vests
Chen-Yu, Jessie, Wong, Soak Wai, and Emmel, JoAnn.  Comparisons of Traditional and High-Efficiency Washers and Dryers in the Performance of Stain Removal, Appearance Smoothness and Fabric Hand
Doty, Kelsie and Haar, Sherry.  Comparison of Aluminum Mordanted and Nonmordanted Wool and Cotton Dyed with Walnut
Ghosh, Subhas and Reynolds, Natalie.  Embedding Aromatherapy Essential Oils on Textiles Using β-Cyclodextrin Inclusion Complex
McQueen, Rachel, Harynuk, James, Wismer,Wendy, Xu, Yin, Mata, Paulina de la, and Ng, Shyue Shyang.  Build-up of Axillary Malodor in Cotton and Polyester Clothing with Multiple Use
McQueen, Rachel, Jalbani, Shahid, and Batcheller, Jane.  Effect of Relative Humidity on Liquid Transport Properties in Merino Wool Knit Fabrics
Park, Huiju, Branson, Donna, Petrova, Adriana, Peksoz, Semra, Jacobson, Bert, Warren, Aric, Goad, Carla, and Kamenidis, Panagiotis.  Body Armor and Load Carriage Effects on Lower Extremity Joint Movement
Wong, Soak Wai, Chen-Yu, Jessie, and Emmel, JoAnn.  Comparison of the Effect of Traditional and Front-Loading High-Efficiency Washers and Dryers on the Performance of Colorfastness and Dimensional Change

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