2007 Proceedings Creative Design Fiber Art
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2007 ITAA Proceedings #64

Annual Conference, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Below is a list of Creative Design presented in the Fiber Art category. The proceedings are held at the Iowa State University Special Collections and are retrievable here. All rights reserved to ITAA.

 2007 Creative Design Fiber Art


Beach, Joni. Transitions #1: Confusion 

Chae, MyungHee. Power of Circle
Chiweshe, Annacleta. Hard Wear
Cho, Kyoung-Hee. Island Spirit 
Cho, Kyoung-Hee. Song of the Trumpet Shell 
Choi, Mee-Sung. The Big Wave of the Colored Pieces 
Haynes, Janice. From W to M 
Haynes, Janice. Tag, You’re It 
Infanger, Jennifer. Reflections of India: Peacock in Winter 
Istook, Cynthia. Snowdrift 
Istook, Cynthia. Snowflakes 
Jennings, Tracy and Devine, Alana. With All the Trimmings: Corsets and Crinolines 
Jennings, Tracy and Devine, Alana.   With All the Trimmings: Ribbons, No Bows  
Johnson, Rayneld. Shibori Bow 
Kim, Eundeok. The Whisper of Flowers 
Kwon, Yoo Jin. M?bius Space 
Matranga, Mary Jane. Fame 
Ohrn-McDaniel, Linda. A Glimpse of my Heart 
Parsons, Jean L and Campbell, J.R. Transformation: Circle Squared
Quevedo, Vincent. Susan 
Sanders, Eulanda A. Seaweed 
Schactler, Carolyn. Peacock Splendor 
Schofield-Tomschin, Sherry. Symphony 
Trout, Barbara. Trappings Two 
Graduate Student
Ackerman, Brenda. Cocktail  
Ackerman, Brenda. French Connection 
Alexander, Shea. Arson 
Alexander, Shea. Lux  
Armstrong, Cosette. Got Skirt? 
Brock, Mary Katherine. Design Interactive – a Look at Relationships 
Kietponglert, Autumn. Shin’an 
Kim, Min-Jee. Going out with Gorgeousness 
Kramer, Mary A. Shibori Lounger 
Mahajan, Aarti. Cobbler’s Dream  
Robinson, Joyce Robin.  Luminous 
Skinner, Holly N. Pieces of my Broken Heart, Bloom into New Love 
Starr, Cathy L. Honor, Valor, Sacrifice 
Tung, Tsun-Yin. Dream Weaver 
Upchurch, Whitney. Garden of Perfection in the Eye of the Perceiver 
Vallone, Amanda Marie. Mystifying Muse Draped in Down 
Yong, Min-Ji. Lure of the Sea Water Wave  
Undergraduate Student
Akin, Caroline. The Root of All Evil 
Beene, Jessica. Mod Illusion 
Berndt, Jana. The Rhythm of Rope 
Booton, Tacia L. Monumental Feminine Authority 
Bullock, Lynsey. Expression by Breaking Conventional Rules: Combining Architectural Style with Elegance
Carl, Ruthie. Illumina in Bloom  
Clarke, Mariah. Victorian Rose 
Cox, Kelly. Untitled 
Elliott, Ashley. Sustainable Exploration  
Gramlich, Kerry. Fragile Handle with Care 
Harper, Courtney. Tarred and Feathered 
Kim, Aemi. Safety Pin Dress 
Kim, Hee-Yeon. A Beautiful Panier Dress with Feather Decoration 
Kwan, Megan Li Wai. Flow 
Lohman, Lauren. Aren’t You Such a Catch?: Shell 
Martin, Wesley.  Disgustingly Beautiful 
Moua, Benjamin. Lord Winco 
Schmidt, Cassandra. Moonlight Rhapsody 
Sun, Ya-Wen. Princess Balen of Taiwan Aborigine 
Walter, Holly. The Media: A Dress of Negative Stories, A Jacket of Positives 



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