2007 Proceedings Creative Design Target Market
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2007 ITAA Proceedings #64

Annual Conference, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Below is a list of Creative Design presented in the Target Market category. The proceedings are held at the Iowa State University Special Collections and are retrievable here. All rights reserved to ITAA.

 2007 Creative Design Target Market


Ames, Annette. Suede Dress III 
Brown, Wanda.  Reworks in Blue 
Carrico, Melanie. Spiral Dress 571 
Cho, Hyoung-Hee. Temptation of the Red Fish
Kim, Eundeok. Green Breeze  
King, Susan R. and Kim, Hong-Youn.  Lifecycle I – Arising Transformations 
LaFleur, Rosetta S. Metro/Retro Cocktail Dress 
Lee, Yhe-Young. Experiment I: Medieval Influence 
Lee, Yhe-Young. Magnolia 
Mete, Fatma. Pearl Oyster   
Mete, Fatma. Texture and Form 
Mullet, Kathy K. and Park, MiRyung. Kediyan 
Odamaki, Yoshiko. A Dress of Japanese Paper Craft Image
?hrn-McDaniel, Linda. Warm Hearts 
Peksoz, Semra, Branson, Donna H., and Ricord, Diane. TorGard® Body Armor 
Quevedo, Vincent. Reminisce 
Reams, Della. Making the Dobby Sweater and Skirt 
Reams, Della.  Making the White Light Fabric and Jacket  
Ruppert-Stroescu, Mary. The Vasarely Variance:  Complicated Composition from an Evolutive Design Process 
Schactler, Carolyn. “Lilac Time”
Schofield-Tomschin, Sherry. A Century Apart 
Graduate Student
Dombek-Keith, Kathleen.  The Dowry Dress: An Eco-friendly Extension of the Life and Meaning of a Wedding Dress 
Dombek-Keith, Kathleen. Sustainable Apparel Design through Transformable Parts, Adjustable Fit, and Eco-friendly Materials 
Evans, Leah R. Rags to Riches 
Helm, Sarah. Like a Blossoming Flower of the South, the Debutante Comes out in Full Bloom 
Ma, Xiang. Sunrise 
Song, Hwa Kyung. Blooming Flower 
Undergraduate Student
Dangerfield, Toni.  Il n’y a Pas Fin De Cotonnade (There is No End to Cottonade) 
Fair, Jessie. Shades of Black: An Interplay of Textures 
Fox, Erica J. Écrasez la Fleur 
GaRey, Julia. Merlot 
Ghazzazadeh, Jaclyn. Vintage Pergola  
Gutman, Hayley Paige. Or de Blanc 
Hatfield, Lindsey. Mexican Mythology 
Kim, Philip and Weippert, Roxanne. The Modern Business Woman with a Biker’s Edge – “Snap”
Labinski, Jaime. Plaited Leather 
Lee, Chia-Yi and Mao, Yen-Sheng. The Turbid Empress 
Mammel, Kelly. Notions Abloom 
Mammel, Kelly. Plaid Revelry 
McCarthy, Minako. Denim Leis 
McCarthy, Minako. Plum Feast 
Murphy-Bowne, Mary Jane. Cora’s Choice 
Myers, Jacquelyn. Nami Jacket and Pants: Technical Snowboarding-Outerwear 
Pagala, Liezel Grace. Past Romance 
Pierce, Michael-Birch. TechNouveau III, Ms Roboto 
Pulido, Vanessa. Memory Lingers 
Sanchez, Heber. Viuda Negra 
Strange, Lindsey. The Arrogant Aristocrat 
Thompson, Erin. Post-Apocalyptic Retro Mommy  
Walton, Miyoko. A Decided Air of Lightness 
Wolfrum, Rebecca. Melusine in Bronze 
Zheng, Amanda. Aurora:  Cosmic Couture


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