2003 Proceedings Research
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2003 ITAA Proceedings #60

Annual Conference, Savannah, GA, USA

Below is a list of scholarship presented in the Research track. The proceedings are held at the Iowa State University Special Collections and are retrievable here. All rights reserved to ITAA.


Akou, Heather Marie (2003). Ethnic Dress? Understanding Somalis in Minneapolis- St. Paul.

Alexander, Marina & Connell, Lenda Jo (2003). Fit Preferences of College Age Female Consumers.
Ashdown, Susan P. & Dunne, Lucy (2003). An Evaluation of Automated Custom Fit: Is the Technology Ready for the Apparel Industry?
Barnes, M. Lynn (2003). Splendor on an 1885 Schooner.
Bell, Danielle N. & Lennon, Sharron J. (2003). An Assessment of Ethnicity and the Internalization of Beauty Standards.
Belleau, Bonnie D. & Summers, Teresa A. (2003). Young Consumers’ Attitudes Toward Emu Leather.
Berry, Katherine A. & Salusso, Carol J. & Anderson, Joan A. (2003). College Status Influences Relative to Compulsive Buying and Credit Card Abuse.
Black, Catherine & Grise, Kay & Fowler, Jessica (2003). The Evaluation of Hip Braces: A Comparison of Comfort.
Blaylock, Karol & Welkey, Sharon (2003). The Perceptions of Advertising Content on College- Aged Fashion Magazine Readers. 
Brannon, Evelyn L. (2003). Measuring Consumer- Apparel Interaction.
Brubacher, Sara & Parsons, Jean L. (2003). Design Piracy and Self Regulation: The Fashion Originators’ Guild of America, 1932 to 1941.
Burgess, Brigette & Jinm Yejan (2003). Self-Gift Giving in Men: A Proposed Process Model.
Bye, Elizabeth & Hakala, Lyndsie (2003). Female Specific Sailing Apparel.
Callen, Karen S. & Ownbey, Shiretta F. (2003). Associations Between Demographics and Philosophies of Human Nature.
Cao, Huantian & Branson, Donna & Jansen, Brian & Farr, Cheryl (2003). Liquid Cooling Garments: A Study of Water Flow Rate.
Chae, Myung-Hee & Black, Catherine (2003). Functional Clothing Design for Women’s Tennis Wear: An Assessment of Need.
Christiansen, Deborah (2003). Textile Taxation: More Evidence from Pre-Columbian Peru.
Clarke, Janace B. & Borcherding, Phyllis A. (2003). Survey and Application of Industry for Merchandising Portfolio Development.
Clevenger, Jennifer L. & Giddings, Valarie L. (2003). Poetry as a Source of Knowledge on Historic Dress in a Social, Political and Economic Context: The Scottish Highlanders from 1603 Through 1830.
Cole, Laurey & Dickson, Marsha A. (2003). Student Activists and Apparel: Profile of Anti- Sweatshop consumers.
Cone, Diana & Dilworth, Jenny & Shankar, Padmini (2003). Body Image Satisfaction and Weight Loss Behavior between Black and White College Females.
Cox, Mary Elaine & Evenson, Sandra Lee (2003). A Framework for Conceptualizing the Dress Experiences of the Lewis and Clark Expedition’s Corps of Discovery.
Crutsinger, Christy & Kim, HaeJung & Knight, Dee (2003). Career Expectations as Antecedents of Retail Job Satisfaction and Job Intention.
Damhorst, Mary Lynn & Ogle Jennifer Paff & Chang, Ching-Yi & Park, Sookhyun & Lee, Hyun-Hwa (2003). Globalization and Attractiveness Assessment: A Comparison of Three Cultures.
Decker, Jessica L. & Haar, Sherry J. & Dickson, Marsha A. (2003). Caregivers’ Perceptions of Fabric Preferences of Children with and without Autistic Spectrum Disorders.
Delong, Marilyn & Wu, Juanjuan (2003). The Influence of Chinese Dress on Western Fashion.
Devaraian, Priya & Istook, Cynthia L. & Simmons, Karla P. (2003). Validation of the “Female Figure Identification Technique (FFIT) for Apparel” Methodology.
Dickson, Carol A. (2003). Assessing Clothing Variables Using Conjoint Analysis: Communication of Credibility.
DiLuna, Kristie L. & Cassill, Nancy L. & Little, Trevor & Montoya-Weiss, Mitzi & Messura, Mark (2003). Analysis of the Decision Makers and Decision-Making Process for Corporate Image Apparel Purchases.
Divita, Lorynn R. & Cassil, Nancy L. (2003). Strategic Partnership Practices of U.S. Textile Manufacturers: Creating Value Through Relationships.
Preez, Ronel du & Visser, Elizabeth M. (2003). Shopping Orientation and Lifestyle of Female Shoppers: Testing Relationships .
Eischen, Jeffrey & May-Plumlee, Traci & Kenkare, Narahari & Pandurangan, Pradeep (2003). Accurate 3d Virtual Drape Simulations: A Developmental Method.
Endo, Seiji & Kincade, Doris H. (2003). Direct Relationship Between a Manufacturer and Consumers: What Consumers Expect from Customized Product Through On-Line Shopping.
Farr, Cheryl & Ownbey, Shiretta & Branson, Donna (2003). Multimedia and Problem Based Learning in the Textiles Laboratory.
Finke, Michael & Norum, Pamela S. (2003). Time Preference and Durable apparel Characteristics.
Fiore, Ann Marie & Lee, Seung-Eun & Kunz, Grace (2003). Individual Differences, Motivations, and Willingness to Use Co-Design of Fashion Products.
Frazier, Barbara J. (2003). Exploring Entrepreneurial Mind-Set of Micro-Retailers.
Fritz-Cook, Betty (2003). Costumes of Kentucky African American Men: 1900-1950.
Fu-Mei-lin & Connell, Lenda Jo & Molnar, Joseph J. (2003). Understanding the Apparel Fit Satisfaction of Taiwanese Female Students.
Gao, Jinjong & Loker, Suzanne, (2003). Fashion Designers in New York City’s Nolita District.
Gitimu, Priscilla N. & Workman, Jane (2003). Global Textile Awareness of Clothing and Textiles Students.
Grise, Kay & Black, Catherine & Fowler, Jessica & Thomas, Brandi (2003). The Design and Evaluation of Hospital Gowns: A Comparison of Comfort.
Gunter, Susan E. & Hunt-Hurst, Patricia (2003). Itajime Dyed Japanese Juban: An Analysis of Motifs.
Haar, Sherry J. & Crowe, Linda K. & Tysinger, Erin (2003). The Influence of Story-Related Costumes on Play Roles.
Hannel, Susan L. (2003). “Slave” Jewelry During the Jazz Age: A Symbolic Nexus for the Oriental Harem, White slavery, and American Slavery.
Harp, Shelley & Horridge, Patricia E. & Russ, Randall R. & Everson, Leslie (2003). Product Involvement as a Market Segmentation Variable for Leather Footwear.
Ha, Young & Lennon, Sharron J. (2003). Rural Ohio Consumers’ Internet Apparel Shopping: Innovativeness and Perceptions of the Internet and Internet Shopping.
Hines, Jean D & Broughton, Kelly & Swinker, Mary E. & Frey, Diane K. (2003). Electronic Search Skills: An Important Component in Apparel Merchandising Programs.
Hu, Haiyan (2003). Store Loyalty: A Conceptual Framework from the Channel Theory Perspective.
Hyllegard, Karen & Ogle, Jennifer Paff & Dunbar, Brian (2003). Assessing the Importance of Store Atmospherics on Consumer Patronage at an Environmentally Responsible Lifestyle Retailer.
Jacob, John (2003). Classifying Radical Drag Queen Appearances: The Importance of Shared Aesthetic Choices.
Jacobs, Bertha M. & de Klerk, Helena M. (2003). The Role of Identified Factors in Professional Women’s Adoption of the Internet for Apparel Purchasing.
Jang, Namkyung & Hawley, Jana M. & Dickerson, Kitty G. (2003). Key Factors Separating Apparel Product Success from Failure.
Jeon, Eunkyung & Suk, Eunyoung & Park, Soonjee & Kwon, Sookhee (2003). Size and Structural Factors of the Hand of Korean Elementary School Girls.
Jin, Byoungho (2003). Global Sourcing Versus Domestic Sourcing: Implementation of Technology, Competitive Advantage, and Performance.
Johnson, Kim K.P 7 Lennon, Sharron J. & Damhorst, Mary Lynn & Jasper, Cynthia (2003). Predictors of Internet Shopping Among Rural Consumers.
Jung, Jaehee & Lee, Seung-Hee, (2003). A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Appearance Self-Schema and Body Image Among Korean and U.S. Women.
Kim, Eun Young & Sullivan, Pauline & Kweon, Soo Ae, (2003). Consumers’ Information Search Model in E-Shopping for Clothing.
Kim, Eundeok & Farrell-Beck Jane (2003). Fashion Adopted by Young Women in the United States and South Korea in the 1970’s.
Kim, Hye-Young & Pelton, Lou E. & Kim, Youn-Kyung & Knight, Dee K. & Forney, Judith C. (2003). Perceptions Toward U.S. Apparel Brands: A Qualitative Analysis of Japanese, Korean, and Taiwanese College Students.
Kim, Hye-shin & Jin, Byoungho (2003). Virtual Communities Hosted by Online Retailers: Implications for Apparel stores.
Kim, Injoo (2003). Ease and Ethnicity: Important Variables in Good Pants Fit.
Kim, Jai-Ok & Yoon, Chung-Sook (2003). A Comparative Study of US Discount Stores’ International Retailing and Textile/ Apparel Marketing Strategies.
Kim, Jinyun & Fiore, Ann Marie & Lee, Hyun-Hwa (2003). Influence of Shopping Involvement and Perceived control on Approach Responses Toward an Online Apparel Retailer.
Kim, Minjeong & Lennon, Sharron (2003). The Effects of Visual and Verbal Information on Attitudes and Purchase Intent in the Online Shopping.
Kinley, Tammy R. & Tran, Gina (2003). The Challenge of the Perfect Fit: Jeans.
Knight, Dee K. & Young, Deborah D. (2003). Role Stress: Implications for Retail Contact employees’ Job Performance.
Kozar, Joy M.  (2003). Older Female Consumers’ Attitudes Toward Their clothing and Appearance.
Kwak-Lee, Hyang-Sook & Dragoo, Sheri L.  (2003). Investigating Korean Educators’ Knowledge of Clothing for the Disabled.
 Kwon, Kyoung-Nan (2003). Deal Proneness, Shopping Compulsiveness, and Value Perception.
Kwon, Wi-Suk & Rudd, Nancy A. (2003). Body-Image, Self-Concept, Perceptions of Salespeople Performance, and Nonstore Shopping Intention.
Kwon, Yoo Jin & Littrell, Mary A. (2003). The Dual Structure of Jordanian Muslim Women’s Dress.
Lawrence, Genevieve & May-Plumlee, Traci (2003). Evaluation of Digitally Stimulated Surface Design Techniques.
Lawson, L.K. & Crown, E.M. & Ackerman, M.Y. & Dale, J.D. (2003). Effects of Moisture on Heat Transfer Through Thermal Protective Fabric Systems for Wildland Firefighters.
Ledeboer, Lisa Amos & Robinette, Karen (2003). Merchandiser Roles at los Angeles-Based Apparel Manufacturing firms: Taxonomy Testing.
Lee, Hyun-Hwa & Fiore, Ann Marie & Kim, Kihyun (2003). The Effects of Telepresence from a Web Site with a 3-D “Try-On” Model of Consumer’s Attitudes Toward the Online Retailer.
Lee, Ji-Yeon & Park, Jae-Ok & Lee, Kye-Hye (2003). Effects of Consumer Knowledge and Involvement on Information Processing and Evaluation of Apparel Products.
Lee, Kyunhye & Park, Jihye (2003). The Perceived Importance weight of product Information Cues in Internet Apparel Shopping.
Lee, Miyoung (2003). The Effect of Economic Crisis on Korean Households’ Clothing Expenditure.
Lee, Seunghee & Ulrich, Pamela V. (2003). Fashion Cycles in Floor Coverings, 1950-2000.
Lee, Seung-Hee & Cheng, Ching-Yi & Breseman, Betsy (2003). Do Fashion Counterfeits Function as a Promotion for Genuine Products?
Lee, Seung-Eun & Littrell, Mary A. (2003). Marketing Cultural Products on the Internet: Targeting Cultural Creatives.
Lee, Yoon-Jung & Lee, Jaeil (2003). Attitude Toward Fashion Products of Prestigious Brands Among Korean-American Consumers.
Lee, Young-A & Ashdown, Susan P. & Slocum, Ann C. (2003). Evaluation of sun Coverage of Protective Hats for Golfers Using Three-Dimensional Body Scan Data.
Lennon, Sharron J. & Sanik, Margaret M. (2003). Compulsive Buying, Parasocial Interaction, and Television Shoppers.
Lik, Ma & Ulrich, Pamela V. & Connell, Lenda Jo (2003). Exploring Apparel fit for Women: Body Shape in Relation to Fit Problems, Body Cathexis, and Clothing Benefits.
Lim, Mikyung & Suh, Moon W. (2003). North American Free Trade agreement (NAFTA): What Happened After Nine Years?
Lin, Shu-Hwa, (2003). NAFTA and Competition in the US Apparel Import Market.
Littrell, Mary A. (2003). Fearlessness, Grit, and Cultural Passion: Business Entrepreneurship in a Transitioning Economy.
Loker, Suzanne & Ashdown, Susan & Petrova, Adriana & Cowie, Lora & Schoenfelder, Katherine (2003). Body Scan Data applied: Evaluation of Misfit to Improve an Apparel Company’s Sizing System.
Lu, Yifan & Rucker, Margaret (2003). Clothing Acquisition via Stores, Catalogs and the Internet: Consumers’ Perspectives in the U.S. and China.
Lynch, Annette & Fleming, Michael & Billman, Brett (2003). Flashing: Disrobement as Ritual on a College Campus.
MacGillivray, Maureen S. (2003). Black Middle School Students’ interpretations of Rap Music Video Imagery.
May-Plumlee, Traci (2003). Use of Consumer Research for New Product Development.
McMurry, Monica O. & Wilson, Laurel (2003). Jackie: Gateway to Style, Taste, and Social Change.
Mhango, Mary Weizi & Neihm, Linda Swihart (2003). Second-Hand Clothing: A Competitive Retail Opportunity in Malawi.
Miley, Patti & Young, Deborah D.  (2003). Investigating U.S. Consumers’ Perceived Psychological Risk for Purchasing products from Internet Shopping Sites.
Miller, Nancy J. & Campbell, James R. & Littrell, Mary A. (2003). Measuring Apparel Product Attributes: Instrument Development and Evaluation.
Moore, Mary Ann & Collier, Billie J. & Chen, Jonathan (2003). Bagasse Geotextiles.
Moore, Mary Ann & Epps, Helen H. (2003). Effects of Light Exposure on Color of Denim.
Moore, Marguerite (2003). An Organizational Framework for Evaluating Sources of Competitive Advantage (SCA) in apparel Retailing.
Munos, Caroline Lego & Oskuner, Gokcen & Solomon, Michael R. & Englis, Basil (2003). Dressed to the “Nines”: The Cognitive Categorization of Apparel Style Categories.
Naarani, Vamshi & Yang, Yigi, (2003). Appropriate Streaming Conditions for Color Consistency and Quality of Digitally Printed Fabric.
Neese, Danielle & Jung, Jaehee (2003). Appearance as a Factor of Criminal Stereotypes.
Nelson, Nancy J. & Hegland, Jane E. (2003). Cross-Dressing and Cybershopping: Exploring the Internet as a Consumption Tool for Transgendered Individuals.
Neihm, Linda Swihart & Sternquist, Brenda (2003). Retailers as Community influential: Attributes, Network involvement, and Opinion Leadership of Rural Superpreneurs.
Norum, Pamela S. (2003). Sizing Issues in the Children’s Wear Market.
Oh, Hyunjoo (2003). An Evaluation of the competitiveness of the U.S. Textile Industry.
Oh, Hyunjoo (2003). Understanding consumer Behaviors of Furniture Purchases.
Park, Eun Joo & Forney, Judith C. (2003). Cross-National Comparison of Credit Card Use by American and Korean university Students.
Park, Haesun & Lennon, Sharron J. (2003). The Effects of Organizational Environment on Socially Responsible Buying/ Sourcing.
Park, Hee-Sook & Lee, Kyuhye & Damhorst, Mary Lynn (2003). U.S. vs. Korean Consumer Responses to Global Advertisements.
Park, Imkoo & Kim, Yongsook & Shim, Joonyoung (2003). Perceived Risk and Rental Clothing Satisfaction of Korean Consumers.
Park, Jihye & Lennon, Sharron J. & Stoel, Leslie (2003). Internet Apparel Shopping: The Effect of product Presentation on Mood, Perceived Risk, and Purchase Intention.
Parrish, Erin D. & Cassil, Nancy L. & Oxenham, William (2003). Niche Market Opportunities in the Global Marketplace.
Paulins, V. Ann (2003). Student Satisfaction with Internship Positions: A Comparative Analysis.
Peterson, Debra & Paff Ogle, Jennifer & Whelan, Daniel (2003). Tall Women’s Self-Perceptions and Clothing Use.
Petrova, Adriana & Ashdown, Susan & Loker, Suzanne & Schoenfelder (2003). Anthropometric Analysis of the Seated Body with Respect to Fit of Apparel.
Plassman, Vandana S. & Norton, Marjorie J.T. (2003). Quality-Adjusted Prices and Expenditures for Women’s Clothing.
Pookulangara, sanjukta & Kim, Young-Kyung & Crutsinger, Christy & Kim, Eun Young (2003). Multi-Channel Shopping: Effects of Consumers’ Perceived Benefits and Costs on Purchase Intentions.
Powwel, Nancy B (2003). Innovative Textile Design Technology: Full Garment Knitting.
Rabolt, Nancy J. & Sinclair, Janelle & Meadows, Danielle & Bennett, Tamika (2003). Perceptions of Body Piercings.
Rajagopalan & Heitmeyer, Jeanne R. (2003). A Study of Consumer Levels of Involvement in Indian Ethnic Apparel and Contemporary American Clothing Across Different Levels of Acculturation.
Reilly, Andrew & Rudd, Nancy Ann (2003). Social Anxiety and Appearance Management Behaviors.
Robeck, Jacquelene (2003). Manufacturing for Mass Customization: A Case of Uniform Production.
Kaiki, Diana & DeLong, Marilyn (2003). The Use of an Environment of Homophily among Professionals in the Apparel Industry.
Seock, Yoo-Kyoung & Norton, Marjorie J.T.  (2003). Attitudes Toward internet Apparel Shopping and Related Factors.
Shelton, Ruth Klein (2003). A Decade Later-North American Free Trade Agreement Textiles and apparel Trade Patterns.
Shen, Dong (2003). The Impact of China’s Accession into the WTO on U.S. Textile and Clothing Industries.
Shin, Cho-Young & Lee, Seung-Hee & Bae, Kisook & Noh, Yoojin (2003). Compulsive Shopping Behavior Among Internet Shoppers.
Simmons, Karla Peavy & Istook, Cynthia L. & Devarajan, Priya (2003). Body Shape Analysis Using 3D Body Scanning Technology.
Song, Kun & Stone, Janis (2003). Consumer Preferences for Design Features of Sun-Safe Shirts.
Son, Mi Young & Rhee, Eun-Young (2003). Globalization Trends of World Fashion Industry and Competitive Factors of Korean Fashion Enterprises.
Southward, Leigh & Burgess, Brigitte (2003). The Effectiveness of Student Internships.
Strawn, Susan M. (2003). Wearing “The Black”: Traditional Dress Worn by Contemporary Women in the Amana Church, Amana, Iowa.
Studak, Cathryn M. & Workman, Jane E. (2003). Relationship Between Boredom Proneness and Boredom Coping Skills.
Su, Jin & Gargeya, Vidyaranya B. & Dyer, Carl L. (2003). Emerging patterns of U.S. Global Sourcing for Textiles and Apparel.
Sullivan, Pauline & Kim, Eun Young & Park, Eun Joo & Kim, HaeJung (2003). Predicting Apparel Online shoppers in E-Markets.
Sung, Heewon & Slocum, Ann C. (2003). UV Radiation Exposure to Body Sites of Golfers and Effects of Clothing.
Thomas, Jane Boyd (2003). The Underground Mall: Am Exploratory Study of an Alternative Retail Venue.
Trautmann, Julianne & Worthy, Sheri Lokken & Lokken, Kristine L. (2003). Discovering Dress’ Relationships to College Females’ Body Image Dissatisfaction: A Study of Appearance-Management Behaviors.
Trout, Barbara L. (2003). The Apron Myth: A visual Depiction.
Turk, Jessica & Black, Catheine (2003). Functional Clothing design for Dance Practicewear: A Needs Assessment.
Ulsaewicz, Connie (2003). Drawn Symbols: A Qualitative Study of the Meaning of Uniforms as Interpreted by Girls Who Wear Them in a California Juvenile Detention Center.
Visser, E.M. 7 van Noordwyk, H.S. Janse & van der Merwe, M.E. (2003). Importance of Store Image Attributes: Perceptions of Large-Size Female Apparel Consumers.
Walker, Jane (2003). Learning Preferences and Leadership Development for Textiles and Apparel Students.
Walsh, Annemarie & Bowden, Randall G. (2003). Factors in the Decision to Hold a Quinceanera.
Warrington, Patricia T. & Eastlick, Mary Ann (2003). Shopping online for Jeans: Antecedents of Perceived Value.
Welker, Kelly & Fiorito, Susan S. (2003). Are All Small, Retailer apparel Firm Consumers alike in Their Patronage Behaviors.
Welkey, Sharon & Young, Deborah D. & Riggs, Charles L. , (2003). Analyzing Apparel Retailers’ Knowledge About Wool.
Welters, Linda (2003). The Boat Generation: Subcultural Style.
Wesley, Scarlett (2003). Department Stores Sales Personnel: An Examination of the Measurement of Customer Service.
Wickliffe, Vanessa Prier & Crawford, Cassandra (2003). The Affects of Group Identity Importance and Variation in Product Category on Korean and American Gift Purchase Behavior.
Williams, Gloria M. & Yurchisin, Jennifer, (2003). The Role of apparel Attributes in Structuring Knowledge.
Workman, Jane E. & Kidd, Laura K. (2003). Linear Measurement Estimation Ability in Fashion Design.
Wood Wright, Christine & Kim, Jai-Ok (2003). An Empirical investigation of the Effects of virtual Service Bundling on E-Loyalty.
Wuest, Beth & Blaylock & Welkey, Sharon (2003). Students’ Expectations of Fashion Merchandising Careers.
Xu, Yingjiao & Paulins, V. Ann (2003). Rural vs Urban College Students Attitudes Toward Online Shopping for Apparel Products.
Yanm He & Fiorito, Susan S. (2003). Effects of Managerial Factors on Apparel Cad/Cam Adoption.
Yoo, Jeong-Ju & Lewis, Van Dyk & Ashdown, Susan P. (2003). Marital Relationships: impact on Clothing Choices and Appearance Management Behaviors.
Yoo, Seulhee & Stonyanova, Ana (2003). Non-Caucasian Working Females’ Business Jacket Design Preferences.
Young, Deborah D. & Dragoo, Sheri L. & Welkey, Sharon (2003). Investigating Apparel Retailers’ Knowledge of Apparel products Made From Mohair Fibers.
Yu, Hong & Littrell, Mary (2003). Key Influences on Tourists’ Shopping Behaviors.













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