2004 Proceedings Design
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2004 ITAA Proceedings #61

Annual Conference, Portland, OR, USA

Below is a list of scholarship presented in the Design track. The proceedings are held at the Iowa State University Special Collections and are retrievable here. All rights reserved to ITAA.

2004 Design

Ames, Annette (2004).  Breezy Beach.

Ames, Annette (2004). Mannerism Reconsidered.
Ames, Annette (2004). Smoke and Mirrors.
Anderson, Carrie (2004). Penuche.
Atwood, Crystal (2004). 1950’s Inspired Strapless Evening Dress.
Barker, Jessica, F. (2004). Woodworker’s Daughter.
Bartnett, Jennifer (2004). Chic Stitching.
Bartnett, Jennifer (2004). Unfashioned Nature.
Battista, Christine A. (2004). Denim d’Vine.
Battista, Christine A. (2004). Seaside Enchantment.
Bryant, Nancy, O. (2004). Homage to Madame Grés.
Campbell, J.R.; Parsons, Jean L. (2004). Transformation: Overload.
Capjack, Linda (2004). Silver Lining.
Carrico, Melanie (2004). Double-Dipping’ Serendipin’.
Chang, Li-Fen, Anny (2004). Homesick.
Chen, Connie (2004). A Multibiographical Garment System.
Chiu, Chia-wen (2004). Modern Dynasty.
Choi, Wonseok (2004). Waves on the Light.
Cuttle, Lisa (2004). Anthropology.
DeFord, Matt (2004). Complex Absorption.
DeVirgilio, Alicia (2004). Balance.
DeVirgilio, Alicia (2004). Money Madness.
Diehl, Amanda (2004). Women Burning.
Fellers, Jill (2004). Asteroid B-63.
Foss, Laurie (2004). Chercher la Femme.
Fratto, Lisa (2004). Crinkle Dress.
Fredrickson, Lara (2004). Rust, Water and Light.
Gordon, Linsey (2004). Revealing Sophistication.
Haar, Sherry, J. (2004). Shaped Clothing.
Hall, Hanna (2004). All Black.
Hall, Hanna (2004). Feather.
Hanebutt, Jess (2004). Oz.
Harvey, Leslie (2004). Spice.
Hill, Jessica (2004). Free-Style.
Howard, Carrie (2004). All Tied Up.
Huff, Ruth (2004). Vince Flower Girl Dress.
Hyun, Eunkyong (2004). Calla Lily.
Hyun, Eunkyong (2004). Grace.
Hyun, Eunkyong (2004). Scent of the Orient.
Jahr, Kari (2004). Revolution.
Jennings, Tracy (2004). Fanfare.
Karpova, Elena (2004). EZ Made EZ Wear.
Kesler-Simpson, Susan (2004). I Do.
Kesler-Simpson, Susa, (2004). Lies.
Killings, Rachael (2004). Sunset Afterglow.
Kim, Dong-Eun (2004). The Warrior of the Far East.
Kim, Eundeok (2004). Lady at a Party.
King, Catherine (2004). Red Red Wine…You Make Me Feel So Fine.
Koo, Hye, Ran. (2004). Bojagi.
Koukouskkina, Joulia; Johnson, Kristin; Oberg, Laura; Heinemann, Jamie; McCormick, Kara (2004). Boy’s Camp Pant
Kwon, Yoo Jin (2004). Colors of Snow.
Laberda, Wayne (2004). Speed.
LaFleur, Rosetta S. (2004). Ballerina Basket.
Larson, Anne (2004). Smarty Pants.
Le, Diem (2004). Autoeroticism.
Lee, Marsha (2004). Gold Elegance
Lee, Marsha (2004). Wardrobe Malfunction.
Lee, Minsun (2004). Spirit of Goguryeo.
Lee, Youn Soon (2004). Perception of Tradition (Korean Traditional Robe)
Lisonbee, Melina (2004). Sea Goddess Dress.
Lyman-Clarke, Lindsay (2004). Fantasy: The American Wedding Fetish (Part I of a three part series)
Matranga, Jane (2004). Fur Canvas.
Matranga, Jane (2004). Sicilian Dreamscape.
Mims, Sarah (2004). Haute Socks.
Morris, Jay (2004). Recyclable Rainbow.
Moser, Carrie A. (2004). Counterbalance.
Murawski, Christine (2004). Silver Braid.
Na, Hyunshin (2004). Echoes from the East.
Nash, Laura (2004). Ariel.
Nelson, Breanne (2004). Miss-Communication.
O’Rourke-Kaplan, Marian (2004). Fit to be Tied.
Orzada, Belinda T.  (2004). Crazy Blues.
Orzada, Belinda T.  (2004). Those Crazy Lichen.
Panzone, Kristin; Kallal, Jo (2004). Avant Garde Elegance.
Parrillo-Chapman, Lisa (2004). Beggar’s Purse.
Parsons, Jean L.; Campbell, J.R.  (2004). Transformation: Water/Fire.
Perez, Amber (2004). Victorian Night.
Rogers, Jennifer (2004). Growing into Spring.
Sanders-Okine, Eulanda (2004). Ahine.
Schactler, Carolyn (2004). Butterflies at Twilight.
Schactler, Carolyn (2004). A Tribute to Dinotopia.
Schulte, Erin (2004). Gone Digital.
Schulte, Erin (2004). RBC.
Sellen, Jennifer (2004). 60s Go-Go Girl.
Sjoquist, Clarisse (2004). Sweet ‘n Pleats.
Sokolova, Yuliya (2004). Mixed Metaphors.
Sparks, Diane (2004). Watery Fortuny.
Sterrett, Jacqueline (2004). Melodic Moss.
Sterrett, Jacqueline (2004). Positively Peacock.
Taylor, Sarah (2004). Peacock Persuasion.
Tegt, Carly (2004). Still Standing.
Tou, Necia A. (2004). Jia Ren.
Trausch, Sarah (2004). Sunset Falls on Twisted Branches.
Trout, Barbara; Kim, Hong-Youn (2004). Windows: Past and Present.
Trout, Barbara (2004). Windows II: Passages in Time.
Um, So-Hee (2004). First Emotion.
Vong, Ann (2004). Twisted Princess.
Vowk, Marrilee, (2004). Celtic Jewel.
Wade, John H. (2004). Cult of Domesticity.
Woodring, Abby (2004). Burden.
Woodring, Abby (2004). Glucose Collage.
Woodring, Abby (2004). Gown of Scarlet Velvet.


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