2003 Proceedings Design
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2003 ITAA Proceedings #60

Annual Conference, Savannah, GA, USA

Below is a list of scholarship presented in the Design track. The proceedings are held at the Iowa State University Special Collections and are retrievable here. All rights reserved to ITAA.

2003 Design

Adair, Charl, (2003). Feed Sack Frock.
Anderson, Jessica, (2003). Quicksilver
Angell, Bethany, (2003). Corsibalynea.
Athanas, Jennifer, (2003). Extreme Fencing.
Athanas, Jennifer, (2003). Unmentionables Mentioned.
Barnett, Jennifer, (2003). Modern Monet #2.
Bartok, Andrea, (2003). Dream Rider.
Bartok, Andrea, (2003). Paper Dancer.
Bartok, Andrea, (2003). Stardust.
Battista, Christina A., (2003). Swatch-Work Salvage.
Beaudry, Julie, (2003). City Center.
Belleau, Bonnie D., (2003). American Alligator: From Swamp to Catwalk.
Biczak, Melissa, (2003). Powertrip.
Black, Catherine, (2003). Historical Romance.
Black, Catherine, (2003). Sunrise Sunset.
Blackford, Darci, (2003). Beaded Elegance.
Blackford, Darci, (2003). Boardroom Drama.
Boyle, Megan, (2003). Mystic Waterfall.
Breault, Trisha and Kallal, M. Jo, (2003). Winter in Bloom.
Bryant, Nancy O., (2003). Origami Hearts Fly Over the Rainnbow I.
Buchanan, Kirsteen, (2003). Chrysalis.
Bye, Elizabeth, (2003). Pojagi: Summer Ice.
Campbell, J.R. and Parsons, Jean L., (2003). Cathedral 2.
Capjack, Linda, (2003). Heart Throb.
Carlson, Rachel, (2003). Girly Glow.
Carlson, Rachel, (2003). Sculptural Feathers.
Carlson, Rachel, (2003). Slashed.
Carroll, Kate and Kincade, Doris H., (2003). Inclusive Design #1-Innovation, Not Improvisation.
Chang, Linda, (2003). Flight of Love.
Chang, Linda, (2003). Sheer Wings.
Chang, Yun, (2003). Play with Denim.
Chang, Yun, (2003). Semi-Sweet.
Choi, Jean, (2003). Advanced.
Choi, Jean, (2003). Spoken.
Cho, KyeongSook, (2003). The Life in Your Eyes.
Cho, Kyoung-Hee, (2003). Chameleon.
Cho, Kyoung-Hee, (2003). Space Walk.
Christiansen, Deborah, (2003). Ballad in Blue.
Christiansen, Deborah, (2003). Blue Orchid.
Christiansen, Deborah, (2003). Crazy Blues.
Clark, Britni, (2003). Fashion Before Safety.
Clements, Kim, (2003). Midnight Cinderella.
Cuttle, Lisa, (2003). Corduroy Perplexion.
Deckard, Jesse, (2003). 9 to 5.
Deckard, Jesse, (2003). Miss Mona.
Deckard, Jesse, (2003). When the Grass is Blue.
DiVerdi, Julia, (2003). Geisha Jacket.
DiVerdi, Julia, (2003). Tsunami Coat.
Dixon, Carrie, (2003). Knot Just String.
Emmons, Alyssa, (2003). Femme Fatale.
Eng, Erica Mae, (2003). Star Trek Crew Uniform.
Evers, Heather, (2003). PTJ-Version 1.0.
Gray, Suzanne, (2003). Mrs. Gray.
Guidry, Angela, (2003). Fun in the Sun.
Guidry, Angela, (2003). A Lifetime of Tears.
Haar, Sherry J., (2003). Cape with Shapes.
Haar, Sherry J., (2003). Spirit of the Yei Sisters.
Hall, Hanna, (2003). ArcticCross.
Helstrom, Danya, (2003). The Quilted Spiral.
Hethorn, Janet, (2003). d’emouvoir #1.
Huber, Jodee, (2003). Modest Maiden.
Huff, Ruth, (2003). Beaded Scroll Wedding Dress.
Huff, Ruth, (2003). Venetian Lace Bridal Gown.
Hyun, Eunkyong, (2003). Florescence.
Hyun, Eunkyong, (2003). Lavender Evening.
Hyun, Eunkyong, (2003). Romantic Blossom.
Infanger, Jennifer, (2003). Wrapped In Roses.
Jennings, Tracy, (2003). Flow.
Jennings, Tracy, (2003). Pattern/ Patron.
Johnston, Ketti, (2003). Mai Tai.
Jones, Elizabeth Grace, (2003). Cherry Blossoms in Pink and Black.
Kallal, M. Jo, (2003). Interlaced.
Keeler, Bernadette Tartarka, (2003). Quatro Manos.
Keeler, Bernadette Tartarka and Bryant, Nancy O., (2003). Roman Romance.
Kendrick, Diana, (2003). Mermaiden.
Kesler- Simpson, Susan, (2003). Super Nova.
Kim, Dong-Eun, (2003). Antiquity.
Kim, Dong-Eun, (2003). Medieval Dream.
Kim, Eundeok, (2003). Happiness from the East.
Kim, Eundeok and Shibasaki, Sanae, (2003). Paper Garden.
Kim, Eundeok and Hwang, Hyunjung, (2003). Urban Purity.
Kim, Jihyun, (2003). Hestia.
Kirven, Kelly A., (2003). Green Comfort.
Koontz, Marcy L., (2003). Ethereal.
Koontz, Marcy L., (2003). Wrap 60.
Koukoushkina, Joulia, (2003). Neolithic.
LaFleur, Rosetta S., (2003). Eastern Breeze.
Lorett, Meleesa, (2003). Moonlight Harvest Rendezvous.
Ludin, Maryann, (2003). Crimson Wave.
Manno, Adrienne, (2003). Le Passion de la Pom-Pom.
Mantranga, Jane, (2003). Rock Candy.
McAndrew, Julie, (2003). J.P. Connors.
McAndrew, Julie, (2003). Tsargot Warrior.
McMurry, Monica Phillippe, (2003). Joseph’s Jacket, Deliaha’s Dress.
McMurry, Monica Phillippe, (2003). New Wool.
Meuleners, Bethany and Kallal, M. Jo, (2003). Boot Camp.
Momose, Haruka, (2003). Spring Romance.
Moore, Linda, (2003). Roadside Iconography.
Morse, Kim, (2003). Legend of the Cherokee Rose.
Morse, Kim, (2003). Shining Through.
Morton- Ricord, Diane and Adair, Charl, (2003). Tower of Strength.
Moser, Carrie A., (2003). Draisienne.
Moser, Carrie A., (2003). Who Intimately Lives with Rain.
Muegge, Jen, (2003). Sweeping Elegance.
Myers, Nicole, (2003). Roses are Red.
Namwamba, Grace Wasike, Scott, Pecola L., Dixon, Devona L., and Jackson, Brenda, (2003). Summer Splash.
Nash, Laura, (2003). Fifth Avenue.
Nhuyen, Heather, (2003). Sun Fun.
Oliver, Loretta, (2003). Romaine.
Orzada, Belinda T., (2003). Spiral Dress II: Paring the Apple.
Panzone, Kirstin and Kallal, M. Jo, (2003). Moda Eccezionale.
Park, So Young, (2003). Mandarian Princess.
Park, So Young, (2003). Winter Chameleon.
Parsons, Jean, Campbell, J.R. and Strawn, Susan, (2003). Summer.
Quincy, Trishawna, (2003). Fisher’s Life.
Robinson, Sara and Clevenger, Jennifer, (2003). Roman Revival.
Runck, Kaela, (2003). Maroon Sophisticate.
Salmon, Diana, (2003). Chicago Tempo.
Sampson, Paula B., (2003). Fiesta.
Sanders, Eulanda A. and Caleb, Denise L., (2003). Cara de Picasso.
Sanders, Eulanda A., (2003). Sankofa.
Schactler, Carolyn, (2003). Unforgettable.
Schactler, Carolyn, (2003). Wired and Wearable.
Schieble, Janel, (2003). The Dready Tree.
Schofield-Tomschin, Sherry, (2003). Celtic Heritage.
Schofield-Tomschin, (2003). Medusa.
Shields, Katie, (2003). 50’s Pin-up.
Shumate, George, Sanders, Eulanda, and Sparks, Diane, (2003). Vitamin G.
Sirianni, Gina, (2003). Bubblegum and Bondage.
Smith, Courtney, (2003). Les Chiffons aux Richesses.
Smith, Courtney, (2003). Obsession with Detail.
Song, Eric A., (2003). Feesh.
Sparks, Diane, (2003). Dragon Lady.
Sparks, Diane, (2003). Fortuny and French Lace.
Stafford, Sheri, (2003). Armadura de la Flor.
Stephens, Gary, (2003). Anno Domini.
Stephens, Gary, (2003). The Last Temptation of Christ.
Swindell, Natalie, (2003). Photosynthesis.
Taylor, Sarah, (2003). Journey.
Tou, Necia, (2003). Sail.
Trout, Barbara L., (2003). Gathering Apron with Presentation Bundle.
Trout, Barbara L., (2003). Reversed Apron with Stole.
Van Hoff, Lara, (2003). Bella.
Van Hoff, Lara, (2003). Sparkler.
Wan, Jan Ru and Chapman, Lisa Parrillo, (2003). Sorrow of the Great Wall.
Williams, Anastasia, (2003). Doshido.
Yoo, Seulhee and Stoyanova, Ana, (2003). Suminagashi Unlimited…


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