2004 Proceedings Special Presentations
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2004 ITAA Proceedings #61

Annual Conference, Portland, OR, USA

Below is a list of Special Presentations. The proceedings are held at the Iowa State University Special Collections and are retrievable here. All rights reserved to ITAA.

2004 Special Presentations

Adomaitis, Alyssa Dana (2004). Taking flight: From College Graduate to College Professor.

Jordan, Cheryl (2004). Defining Scholarship: The Purposes, Forms and Audiences of Scholarly Work.
Kadolph, Sara J. & Meyer, Deborah J.C. & Paige, Rosalind C. & Lehew, Melody L.A. (2004). Developing and Assessing Student Learning Outcomes.
Kadolph, Sara J. & Meyer, Deborah J.C. & Michelman, Susan O. (2004). Submitting and Reviewing Manuscripts Related to Teaching for CTRJ.
Kincade, Doris H. & Gibson, Fay Y. & Walker, Jane (2004). Weaving a Global Tapestry for Students Using Web Course Software
Nelson, Nancy J.  (2004). Expanding Our Reach, Increasing Our Impact: Making and Marketing Our Philosophical Mission from a Global Perspective.
Rhee, Eun-Young (2004). Academic and professional Identities of Fashion Marketing.


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