2013 Conference Program
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ITAA 2013 Annual Conference

Conference Program
The "Program at a Glance" pages (4-5) contain links to take you to specific pages of the conference program.
Build - A - Program
Build Your Own Conference Program
Last year suggestions were made to allow members to create a document that shows only their presentation/activity choices for the conference.  To that end, we introduce  Build-A-Program,  using an excel spreadsheet of the conference program and a template for creating your own personal program for the conference  -- using the “mailings” function in MSWord.
Review the full program and find the presentations and activities of special interest to you. 
Then -- Build-A-Program. You must download:
1)       Build-A-Program Template file 
Become familiar with the structure of the Excel spreadsheet before you actually build your own program.  The Excel spreadsheet lists every presentation/meeting/general session, etc. for the conference.  In the concurrent breakout sessions, each presentation has a “Slot” number – showing its order in the session.  The spreadsheet has been sorted by Day, Time, Concurrent Session #1-7, Slot #1-4, Room.  
When you look at the presentations in the spreadsheet for a given day and time period, the first presentations(#1 slot) follow each other, then #2 slot presentations, and so forth, (Since special topics session take the full time slot, they are given a slot number of 1-4.)  So, you can choose #1 in one room, #2 in another room, etc.  or select just a special topics session.
1.       Save the Build-A-Program template file and the 2013 Build-A-Program Excel file to your computer.
2.       Open the Template file—a box opens –
“Opening this document will run the following SQL command, SELECT *FROM ‘Sheet1$”   Data from your database will be placed in the document. Do you want to continue?
Click “yes”. Template file opens.
3.       You will see a preset listing, and this shows the format set in the template.
4.       Choose “Mailings” from the MSWord header.
5.       Select [Start Mail Merge] (should be set to “Directory”).
6.       Select [Edit Recipient List] (clear check marks, and then check entries on the spreadsheet list that you want to include in your personal program).
7.       Select [Preview Results] (to see how your individual entries will look).
8.       Select [Finish & Merge]
a.       Select [Edit Individual Documents]
b.      “Merge to New Document” box appears.  Select “All” and “OK”
9.        New MSWord document is generated that contains all of your selected listings.  Save/print this file for your use.  It can be edited further as you wish.
More advanced users can edit/replace the template.
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