2014 Proceedings Aesthetics Design Product Development
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2014 ITAA Proceedings #71

Annual Conference, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

November 12-16, 2014

Below is a list of scholarship presented in the Aesthetics, Design, and Product Development track. The proceedings are held at the Iowa State University Special Collections and are retrievable HERE.

Aesthetics, Design, Product Development

Boorady, Lynn M. and Polvinen, Elaine. Transformational Creases: Collaborative Teaching Project

Davis, LaPorchia C. and Sanders, Eulanda A. Clutch It: An Example of an Apparel Product Development Model Used for Hard-Line Accessories

Freeman, Charles; Marcketti, Sara; and Karpova, Elena. Evaluating Student Creativity: A Modified Electronic Consensual Assessment Tool for Classroom Use

Gordon, Linsey; Lastovich, Theresa; Bye, Elizabeth; and LaBat, Karen. A Protocol for the Evaluation of Coverall Fit

Hahn, Kim; Stanforth, Nancy; and Grieder, Trista. Collaborative Fashion Production Applying a Real Life Scenario

Hall, Martha L. and Orzada, Belinda T. Zero Waste Patternmaking in the Classroom: Creative Approaches to Teaching Sustainable Design

Han, Siyuan and Koo, Helen. Anti-Theft Travel Bag Design: Perception and Design Factors

Hwang, Ja-young; Sanders, Eulanda A.; and Damhorst, Mary Lynn. South Korean Fashion Designers’ Decision-making Process: The Influence of Cultural Values and Personal Experience in the Creative Process

Kays, Lauren; Koo, Helen S.; Simmons, Karla; and Peek, Paula. Assimilation and Transformation: Application of Digital Textile Printing

Kim, Dong-Eun; Ha, Young; and Michaelson, Dawn. Needs Assessment of Female and Male Scuba Diver’s Wetsuit

Koo, Helen S.; Teel, Karla; and Han, Siyuan. Development of Protective Gloves for Gardening

Lapolla, Kendra; Gordyan, Jaclyn; and Lapolla, Brian. Critiquing Design Aesthetics in Collaborative Fashion Creation: Design Conversations with a Fashion Designer, an Architect, and Art Director

Lee, Youngji; Hwang, Chanmi G.; and Baytar, Fatma. Improving Apparel Fit for Older Women: Comparison of Fit Differences between a Parametric Avatar and a Dress Form

Lyu, Seamee and LaBat, Karen. ”Shapewear” for Women as a Postural Improvement Garment

Miller, Phyllis Bell and Freeman, Charles Edward. Making Cotton More Relevant: Challenging Students to Design New-Age, Cotton Travel Wear That Can Compete With Synthetics

Morris, Kristen and Ashdown, Susan. The Ideal User: A Pilot Study to Find Apparel Collaborators

Ohrn-McDaniel, Linda. Zero-waste Pattern Meets Technology for Marketable & Sustainable Design

Olsen, Elisa; Gonzales, Josefa; and Wilkinson, Chelsea. Applications and Testing of a Modified Cross-cultural Product Design Model: The Case of the Althea Goddess Headdress

Park, Huiju and Hahn, Kim. Perception of Firefighters' Turnout Ensemble and Level of Satisfaction by Body Movement

Ramasamy, Manoshika and Connell, Kim Y. Hiller. An Analysis of Benefits Sought within the Smart Clothing Market: A Case Study of Smart Sportswear

Ridgway, Jessica Lee. The Helmholtz Illusion: Women’s Perceptions of Horizontal and Vertical Stripes in Dress

Shin, Su-Jeong Hwang and Robinson, Joyce Robin. An Analysis of the 3D Sample Size Model Built by Individual Users

Song, So Young and Kim, Youn-Kyung. Law Enforcement Officers’ High-Visibility Safety Apparel: The Effect of Their Attitudes on Wearing Behavior

Spillman, Kim; Lee, Min-Young; Graham, Mary; and Cho, Bella. Made in Ghana: Strategic Marketing of Ethnic Items

Starkey, Sandra and Parsons, Jean L. Exploring Patient Centered Care Through the Design of Personal Storage for Patients

Sun, Lushan and Parsons, Jean. 3D Printing for Apparel Design: Exploring Apparel Design Process using 3D Modeling Software

Ulasewicz, Connie. Product ReUse in a Product Development Class

Yoon, Mikyung; Nam, Yunja; and Lee, Jaeil. Develop a Correct Scaled Body Figure for Global Apparel Product Development

Zhang, Ling and Sanders, Eulanda A. Synthesis of Handcrafts and Digital Printing: Creative Sustainable Apparel Design

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