2014 Proceedings ITAA - KSCT Joint Symposium
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2014 ITAA Proceedings #71

Annual Conference, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

November 12-16, 2014

Below is a list of scholarship presented in the ITAA-KSCT Joint Symposium. The proceedings are held at the Iowa State University Special Collections and are retrievable HERE.

ITAA-KSCT Joint Symposium

Ahn, Cheunsoon; Zeng, Xia; and Obendorf, S. Kay. HPLC-DAD-MS Analysis of DyeExtracted from Silk Dyeings After H2O2/UV/O2 Treatment

Ahn, Suh Young; Kim, Kyuree; Jin, Byoungho; and Koh Ae-Ran. Gossip Behaviors and its Implications for Apparel Consumers: Exploratory Findings

Barnes, M. Lynn and MacDonald Nora M. Collaborative Teaching: Harmonizing Historic Dress and Visual Merchandising Curricula

Boorady, Lynn M.; Bajus, Jozef; and Bo, Zhang. Teaching Chinese Tie Dye to American Students: Bridging the Culture Gap through Shared Experiences

Chae, Keum-Seok; Kim, Ju-Hee; and Na, Yoo-Shin. A Study on Clothing Behavior of World Female Leaders

Cho, Kyoung-Hee. Collaboration Program with Specialized Project of Maritime Tourism in Jeollanamdo & Mokpo Area - Program of ‘Research of Island and Maritime Culture Products’ -

Choi, Kyung Hee, A Study on the Development of Fashion Design using Origami - Out of the Frame, Flight by Folded Plane

Chung, Haewon and Han, Ho-jung. Sustainable Care of Winter Outerwear: Awareness and Attitudes

Chung, Haewon and Kim, Ju Yeon. Effective Washing Conditions for Minimizing the Shrinkage of Rayon Fabrics

Cobb, Kelly; Orzada, Belinda; Kallal, Jo; Hall, Martha; Gorea Adriana; and Roelse, Katya. Facets of Indigo: Textile and Apparel Design Faculty Collaboration

Crippen Kaye and Mulready, Patricia. Collaborating Sustainability Solutions for the Complex International Textile and Apparel Supply Chain

Gordon, Jennifer; Fitzpatrick, Janet; and LeSar, Suzanne. Textiles, Teaching, and Travel: The Life and Work of Agatha Huepenbecker Burnet

Ha-Brookshire, Jung. How Teaching Global Sourcing Could Bridge between Design and Merchandising Curricula?

Hong, Heesook and Kang, Ji Hye. Moral Intensity and Purchase Behavior of Unethical Fashion Products

Hwang, Choon Sup; Lee, Kyoung Sook; and Hong, Sung Sun. The Benefits Pursued in Cosmetics and Cosmetics Purchase Behavior according to the “Youth Age” of Middle-Aged Women

Jin, Byoungho; Chou, Hsiao-Chun; and Ramkumar, Bharath. Identifying Unknown Sources and Role of Networks among SMEs in International Expansion: Evidence from Global Apparel Cases

Kang, Ji Hye and Kim, Su Yeon. The Effect of Cross-Cultural Online Collaboration on College Students' Global Competence

Kim, Chanju; Ahn, Cheunsoon; and Kim, Sooyeon. Curriculum Analysis of Higher Education Institutions in Cosmetics and Beauty Care Education of Korea

Kim, Eunae; Choi, Yeji; Park, Guira; Park, Woojung; Park, Eunjin; Choi, Hyunyoug; Oh, Eunkyung; and Kim, Taekyu. Determination of Dynamic Microclimate Changes and Buffering Capacity by Using Automated Human-Clothing-Environment Simulator for the Temperature Adaptable Fabric Systems

Kim, Hyo Sook; Ashdown, Susan P.; Kim, Ji Min, A Survey Analysis on Bra Wearing Behaviors of US Women over 40 Years Old

Kim, Myoung-Ok and Kim, Injoo. Pants Lining Manufacturing Survey of Men's Wear Brands in Korea

Kim, Namyim; Lee, Hyojeong; Lee, Yejin; and Hong, Kyunghi. Effect of Compression Wear Pressing Tendon of Forearm on Peripheral Blood Circulation

Kim, Sohee and Chae, Keumseok. Jogakbo(Korean Patchwork Wrapping Cloth) and Modern Abstract Art

Kim, Yongsook and Lim, Hye-Won. A Study on the Historical Background and Modifying Techniques for Traditional Korean Paper (Hanji) Clothes

LaBat, Karen L. and Ryan, Karen S. Methods and Challenges of Apparel Design and Medicine Collaborations

Lee, Ha Kyung; Choo, Ho Jung; and Yoon, Namhee. Satisfied with How I Dressed Today: Personal vs. Social Confirmation Effects

Lee, Hyojeong; Kim, Namyim; Hong, Kyunghi; and Lee, Yejin. Development of 3D Compression Pants to Enhance the Efficacy of the Knee Flexion During Drop Landing and Kinematic and Kinetic Analysis of Lower Body

Li, Longchun and Ahn, Cheunsoon. Study on the Dyeing Behavior of Major Pigments of Phellodendron Bark on Cotton Fabric

Londrigan, Michael P. Teaching Textiles in the Online Environment 

Park, Yaewon; Yun, Changsang; Kim, Jooyoun; and Park, Chung Hee. Cross-national Comparison of Environmental Impacts Caused by Electricity and Water Consumption during Washing Machine Operations

Ryu, Hyo-Seon and Chae, Jeong-min. Changes on Mechanical properties of Silk fabrics by Simulated Ageing

Sang, Jeong Seon; Park, Myung Ja; and Lee, Mee Sik. Structural Effect on Appearance, Stretch Property, and Clothing Pressure of High Stretch Knitted Fabric

So, Kyungun. Effective Collaboration for Innovative Performance: Alliance Portfolio Diversity in the Fashion Industry

Wei, Fei and Park, Eun Kyung. A Study of Fashion Design Applying Chinese Kite 

Yoo, Hye Ja. Present State of Department of Clothing in Vocational High Schools of Korea

Yoon, Sung-hwa and Ryu, Hyo-Seon. Dyeing Properties and Antibacterial Activity of Four Kinds of Natural Brown Dyes

Yu, Haekyung Wuling; Park, Jee-Sun; and Ahn, Cheunsoon. Effects of Chinese Tourists’ Attitudes toward Korean Pop Culture on their Trust and Loyalty to Korean Cosmetics

Yun, So Jung; Jung, Hye In; and Choo, Ho Jung. The Exploratory Research on Consumers' Motivations and Experiences of Using a Fitting Room in a Store: Mainly in SPA Brand Stores

Zhou, Xiaoyuan; Chung, Kyunghwa; Park, Soozin; Son, Hyungjin; and Lee, Yuri. Bargaining Behavior of Chinese Consumers in Buying Fashion Products


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