2014 Proceedings Merchandising, Marketing, Retailing - Visual & Promotion
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2014 ITAA Proceedings #71

Annual Conference, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

November 12-16, 2014

Below is a list of scholarship presented in the Merchandising/Marketing/Retailing II. Visual and Promotion track. The proceedings are held at the Iowa State University Special Collections and are retrievable HERE.

Merchandising/Marketing/Retailing II. Visual & Promotion

Cernel, Shelley; Moore, Marguerite; Carroll, Kate; and Devine, Genessa. Identificationof Tactics to Engage Consumers on Facebook

Chattaraman, Veena; Kwon, Wi-Suk; and Gilbert, Juan. How Does the Interaction Style of Intelligent Agents Benefit Cognitive Outcomes of Older Users in Online Shopping?: A Motivational Account


Ettling, Dorothy H. and Lopez, Theresa Ann. Partnering with Chiapas Artisans leads to new brand concept: “Identidad”

Huang, Xiao and Kwon, Wi-Suk. Factors Influencing University-Related Apparel Product Consumption

Kim, HaeJung; Oh, Kyung Wha; Jung, Kyujin; and Ahn, Soo-Kyoung. Who Leads the Eco-friendly Market in Social Media? Big Data Implementation for Social Network Analysis

Kim, Hyejeong and Gu, Siming. Brand and Social Influences on Consumers’ Beliefs about Using Retailers’ Facebook Pages

Kim, Jihyun and Hahn, Kim. Young Adult Consumers’ Mobile Dependency: A Self- Monitoring Perspective

Kim, Jung-Hwan and Kim, Minjeong. Investigation of E-service Attributes on Luxury Fashion Websites

Kim, Jung-Hwan and Lennon, Sharron J. Making Sense of the E-service Quality Literature: A Content Analysis

Kim, Soohyun. Student-planned Experiential Project for Local Retailers

Kim, Yumin; Chae, Yoori; and Johnson, Kim K.P. Use of Violence in Fashion Advertising

Lee, Stacy and Hawley, Jana. Disparity of Consumer’s Perception and Brands’ Sustainable Practices

Lee, Youngji, Li, Rui, and Niehm, Linda S. A Comparison of the Effects of Retailing Factors on Female Consumers’ Unplanned Apparel Buying Intentions in Online and Offline Settings

Li, Rui; Chung, Telin; and Fiore, Ann Marie. Antecedents of Chinese Consumers’ Adoption of Online Auctions: An Extended-TAM Study

Park, Hyejune and Panyu, Victoria. The Second Generation of E-commerce: Online- Only Apparel Retailers’ E-tailing Strategies

Shin, Eonyou and McKinney, Ellen. Investigating Online Reviews of Formalwear Rented Online: Information Generated by Female Consumers in Rent the Runway Sites

Son, Jihyeong and Damhorst, Mary Lynn. Consumers’ Uses of and Gratifications through Online Brand Communities and Brand Loyalty Behavioral Consequences

Su, Jin and Tong, Xiao. A Study on Denim Jeans Brand Personality

Titus, Jill E. and Kwon, Wi-Suk. Retail Promotional Strategies of Online Apparel Retailers 


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