2014 Proceedings Pedagogy
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2014 ITAA Proceedings #71

Annual Conference, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

November 12-16, 2014

Below is a list of scholarship presented in the Pedagogy track. The proceedings are held at the Iowa State University Special Collections and are retrievable HERE.


Adomaitis, Alyssa Dana. Reality Television Strategies for the Classroom:Engagement Theory in a Retail Environment

Baytar, Fatma and Karpova, Elena. Student Perceptions of the Use of Different Content Delivery Types in a Hybrid Computer-Aided Design Course

Baytar, Fatma and Karpova, Elena. Using Reflective Writing as an Assessment Tool to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Student Learning in a Hybrid Computer-Aided Design Course

Bell, Chelsea. Seeing Fashion History through a Contemporary Lens


Bennur, Shubhapriya and Lee, Youngjoo. Teaching Students How to Create and Sell Apparel in a Concept Store: An Integrated Technology Approach Using Lectra Modaris and Mockshop Software

Chen, Runying; Allen, Reece; Parrish, Erin; Alexander, Marina; and Yoo, Jungmin. Application of TVCL Framework to Merchandising Curriculum Mapping – A Case Report

Cho, Eunjoo; Smith, Kathleen R.; and Coury, Nicole L. Utilizing Problem-Based Learning through Group Projects in a Merchandising Capstone Course

Clinton, Bridgett E. and Khoza, Lombuso S. Innovative Approach to Undergraduate Research and Service Learning at a Historically Black College or University (HBCU)

Dunne, Luc; Ramaswamy, Harini; Reich, Jordyn; Ashdown, Susan; Coffman, Charlotte; Kozen, Fran; Morris, Kristen; and Ruehlow, Sarah. Smart Clothing Smart Girls: Teaching Spatial Manipulation through Garment Patterns

Embry, Mary. Sustainable Stories: Using Digital Storytelling to Evaluate Localization

Embry, Mary and Hasty, Ashley. What About Me? Fostering Relevance Through Social Media Partnerships

Embry, Mary and Newman, Marleen. Fail Early, Fail Often: Experiments with Meta- Cognition in an Integrated Classroom

Fowler, Deborah; Memarzadeh, Faranak; Harrington, Laura and Schultz, Ellie. Peer and Steer Learning Activity: Resumes and Elevator Speeches

Frazier, Barbara and Fulton, Katy. Profiling Apparel and Textile Programs at 4-year Public Universities in the U.S.: A Preliminary Report

Hahn, Kim and Leslie, Catherine Amoroso. Clickers in the Classroom: Student and Faculty Perceptions

Harden, Amy J. Learning the Art of Fashion Forecasting From Nystrom 


Hasty, Ashley. Learning Professional Techniques Through Play: Using Games in the Apparel Classroom

Hasty, Ashley. Multiple Learning Environments for the Visual Merchandising Classroom

Hasty, Ashley. Preparing Future ITAA Presenters: Using the ITAA Proposal Format for Undergraduate Course Assignments

Hokanson, Brad; Im, Hyunjoo; and Johnson, Kim K.P. Teaching Creative Thinking Skills: A Longitudinal Study

Howell, Alexandra; Majumdar, Arnab; and Hillery, Julie. Creating Accessibility in Education: E-Textbook Development for a Fashion Business Course

Hwang, Ja-young; Smith, Kathleen R.; and Apple, Laurie.
A Ghoulish Endeavour: Student Approach to the Design Process through an Industry Based Product Development Project


Kim, Eundeok. Incorporating a Trend Analysis and Forecasting Course into an Apparel Design/Merchandising/Retailing Program

Koo, Helen S. Application of Creativity Trainings in an Apparel Design Studio Class

Lafrenz, Lu Ann and Barry, Ben. Integrating Diversity into the First-Year Fashion Curriculum

Lee, Youngjoo. The Optimization of Teaching Methodology for Apparel Pattern- Making Course Using Computer Technology

Lee, Youngjoo and Weiss, Wendy. Maximizing Application Ability through Integration of Projects in a Textile Design Course and an Apparel Pattern Making Course

Lennon, Sharron J. A Case Study of Technology Use that Enhances Faculty Quality of Life

Ma, Yoon Jin and Hahn, Kim. Industry Expectations of Newly Graduating College Students in the Fashion Businesses

McBee-Black, Kerri. The Flipped Classroom: Redesigning Textiles from Lecture to Active Learning

McKinney, Ellen and Monfort-Nelson, Erin M. Teaching Apparel Pattern Completion through Instructional Scaffolding

Miller, Phyllis Bell. Two Heads Are Better Than One: Bringing Community Leadership and Expertise into the Classroom Everyday

Min, Seoha; DeLong, Marilyn; and LaBat, Karen. Exploring Flow in Apparel Design Process

Muhammad, Amanda J. and Trawick, Chajuana V. Utilizing E-Learning Ecosystems in Textile and Apparel Courses

Palomo-Lovinski, Noel; Ohrn-McDaniel, Linda; and Snyder, Sara. Group Dynamics in a Combined Studio Format

Park, Hyejune. Incorporating Sustainability into the Apparel Quality Analysis Course

Perry, Anna Lingling and Karpova, Elena. Helping Apparel Students Become Creative Thinkers: Effects of Creativity Antecedents and Training

Polston, Katherine Paige. Rubric Assessment of Product Creativity in a Design Studio

Ramaswamy, Harini; Dunne, Lucy; Reich, Jordyn; Ashdown, Susan; Coffman, Charlotte; Kozen, Fran; Morris, Kristen; and Ruehlow, Sarah. Smart Clothing Smart Girls: Teaching Wearable Electronics

Reeves-DeArmond, Genna. Using the Flipped Classroom Model in a Cross-cultural Dress and Textiles Course

Roberts, Jenifer; Starr, Cathy; and Bailey, Sandra. Hands-on Opportunities for Students to Engage Faculty and Staff in Reality, Real World Merchandising Styling

Saiki, Diana and Adomaitis, Alyssa Dana. Stimulating Learning about Textiles with Fast Fashion

Sanders, Eulanda A.; Zhang, Pollyanna; McKinney, Ellen; Lee, Young-A; and Bennett, Sarah. Insights from an Industry Advisory Board about Online Education for Practitioners

Schaefer, Kate and Majumdar, Arnab. Development of a New Course: Applied Concepts in Fashion Business

Sohn, MyungHee and Sun, Lushan. Effectiveness of 3D CAD in Apparel Design Education: 3D Fitting and Pattern Adjustment for Plus Size Fit Model

Stanforth, Nancy; Hahn, Kim; and Greider, Trista. Collaborative Fashion Production 


Turel, Taci and Gitimu, Priscilla N. The Effect of Students’ Part-Time Employment on Academic Performance and University Satisfaction

Yang, Jung-ha and Burgee, Lawrence E. European Study Abroad Program: an Interdisciplinary Approach

Zhang, Ling and Sanders, Eulanda A. The New Technology Brings Innovation into the Fashion Illustration Classroom: Use of the iPad as a Tool for In-Class and Virtual Demonstrations


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