2014 Proceedings Professional Development/General
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2014 ITAA Proceedings #71

Annual Conference, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

November 12-16, 2014

Below is a list of scholarship presented in the Professional Development/General track. The proceedings are held at the Iowa State University Special Collections and are retrievable HERE.

Professional Development/General

Alexander, Marina; Paramore, Mary H. Sullivan; Chen, Runying; and Swank, Katherine. Preparing Students to work in the Merchandising Industry through Leadership Training

Baytar, Fatma and Karpova, Elena. Development of Video Learning Modules as Digital Stories for an Apparel Product Development and Manufacturing Course

Birk, Val and Saiki, Diana. Conceptualizing the Steps to Develop an Innovative Technology to Design with Historic Costume

Chattaraman, Veena; Kim, Hyejeong; Peek, Paula; and Warfield, Carol. Professional Expectations for ePortfolios: Engaging Industry Advisory Boards in ePortfolio Development and Evaluation

Garrin, Ashley; Jablon, Sara; and Diddi, Sonali. Professional Development and Networking: Cornerstones to Graduate Student Success

Hodges, Nancy; Watchravesringkan, Kittichai; Yurchisin, Jennifer; Hegland, Jane; Karpova, Elena; Marcketti, Sara; and Yan, Ruoh-Nan. Developing Curriculum to Foster Students’ Entrepreneurial Knowledge and Small Business Skills from a
Global Perspective: A Report on Project Products, Results and Outcomes

Hyun, Jonghan; Hahn, Kim; and Leslie, Catherine Amoroso. Defining and Analyzing the Fashion Marketing Forum

Karpova, Elena; Garrin, Ashley; and Lee, Juyoung. Dare to Be a Fashion Major?: Male Student Experiences in an Apparel Program

Magie, Anna A.; Young, Deborah D.; and Dragoo, Sheri L. Can University Students be Good Samaritans? Developing the Leadership and Service Skills of University Students Through a Senior Center Community Service Volunteer Activity

McAndrews, Laura and Ha-Brookshire, Jung E. Does the Devil Really Wear Prada?: Relational Aggression Scale Development

Norum, Pamela; Parsons, Jean; and Ha-Brookshire, Jung. Can We Work Together?: Creating Cross-Functional Teams Among Three Senior Level Apparel Courses

Studak, Cathryn M. Taking Ownership: Motivating 1st Year Students to Embrace the 4 Year Degree Plan

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