2014 Proceedings Sustainability/Social Responsibility
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2014 ITAA Proceedings #71

Annual Conference, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

November 12-16, 2014

Below is a list of scholarship presented in the Sustainability/Social Responsibility track. The proceedings are held at the Iowa State University Special Collections and are retrievable HERE.

Sustainability/Social Responsibility

Bealor, Sarah Ashley and Freeman, Charles. Sustainability in Fashion: MeasuringAwareness and Intentions of College-age Students in Participation in Sustainability and Leasing/Renting

Bhaduri, Gargi and Ha-Brookshire, Jung E. Certification vs. Transparency: Which to Choose? The Role of Schemas, Transparency, and Certifications on Apparel Firms’ Fair Labor Initiatives

Blanchflower, Tiffany Machado and Hodges, Nancy. Recrafting Business: Moralized Markets and the Case of Etsy

Brewster, Katherine and Hawley, Jana M. What Consumers Do With Their Unwanted Clothing?

Cao, Huantian; Scudder, Crescent; Xu, Wenqing; Siron, Leslie; and Wu, Changqing. Environmentally Friendly Leather Tanning using Enzymes

Chen, Youfang and Hawley, Jana M. Fashion Brands and Sustainable Practices: Differences between American and Chinese Consumers

Cho, Erin; Gupta, Shipra; and Kim, Youn-Kyung. Style Consumption: Its Drivers and Role in Sustainable Apparel Consumption

Ferrell, Erika; Lee, Min-Young; Miller-Spillman, Kimberly; Jackson, Vanessa; and Kimbrel, Catherine. Consumers’ Motivation for Purchasing Fair Trade Clothing

Freeman, Charles and Kobia, Caroline. Follow-Up Study to Incorporating Servicelearning Into an Introductory Apparel Construction Course

Gam, Hae Jin and Banning, Jennifer. Student Learning Outcomes from a Sustainability Class Guest Speaker

Gam, Hae Jin; Ko, Seung Bong; and An, Su Kyoung. Measuring Consumers’ Emotional Response to Sustainability Labels by Utilizing Biofeedback Data

Hodges, Nancy and Turner, Tom. Sustainable Development and the Southeastern Textile Mill: Repurposing Local History and Community through Adaptive Reuse

Holley, Jordan and Freeman, Charles. Locally Grown: Examining Attitudes and Perceptions About Organic Cotton Production and Manufacturing Between Mississippi Cotton Growers and Consumers

Hong, Heesook and Kang, Ji Hye. Moral Intensity and Purchase Behavior of Green Fashion Products

Hur, Songyee; Park, Boram; and Stoel, Leslie. Fair Trade: Towards a Balanced Integration of Commercial and Social Orientations

Hwang, Chanmi G.; Lee, Youngji; Diddi, Sonali; and Karpova, Elena. “Don’t Buy This Jacket”: Effects of Anti-Consumption Advertisement on Consumer Attitude and Purchase Intention of Apparel Products

Ipaye, Halimat and Hawley, Jana M. Sustainability Awareness across Ages: Visualizing Consumer Perception of Sustainable Textile and Apparel Marketing Terms

Joung, Hyun-Mee. Green Consumers’ Apparel Purchase Decisions 

Jung, Na Young and Seock, Yoo-Kyoung. The Impact of Corporate Reputation on Brand Attitude and Purchase Intention

Jung, Sojin and Jin, Byoungho. A Critical Linkage to Environmental and Social Sustainability: A Conceptual Clarification of Slow Fashion

Kang, Ju-Young M. Eco-Customer Relationship Marketing Tactics through Social Media, Eco-Customer Retention Orientation of the Retailer, and Patronage Behavior

Lang, Chunmin and Armstrong, Cosette M. Exploring the Factors Influencing Clothing Disposal Frequency and Reasons

Lang, Chunmin; Armstrong, Cosette M.; Connell, Kim Y. Hiller; Ruppert-Stroescu, Mary; and LeHew, Melody L.A. Fashion Detox: The Challenges and Benefits of Consumption Abstinence among College Students

LeHew, Melody L.A.; Connell, Kim Y. Hiller; Anderson, Barbara; Armstrong, Cosette M.; and Hustvedt, Gwendolyn. Environmental Sustainability Education: Best Practice Assessment for Application to Fiber, Textile and Clothing Programs

Ma, Yoon Jin; Lee, Hyun-Hwa; and Goerlitz, Kylie. Implementation of the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act in the Apparel Industry

McAndrews, Laura and Ha-Brookshire, Jung E. Triple Bottom Threat: Educating College Students in Sustainable Consumption

Oh, Keunyoung. New World, New Wardrobe Project: Teaching Social Responsibility through a Community Engagement Project

Reiter, Lauren and Connell, Kim Y. Hiller. Understanding the Effects of Social Networking Sites on Consumer Purchase Intentions of Environmentally Sustainable Apparel: A Preliminary Study

Sadachar, Amrut; Khare, Arpita; and Manchiraju, Srikant. The Role of Consumer Susceptibility to Interpersonal Influence, Environmental Apparel Knowledge, and General Environmentally Responsible Behavior in Predicting Green Apparel
Consumption Behavior of American Youth

Sun, Lushan and Hawley, Jana M. Personal Meaning Making: Exploring Consumer’s Perception of Indigenous Handcrafted Apparel and Textile Product

Thompson, Amanda and Tong, Xiao. An Investigation into Consumers’ Evaluation and Adoption Intention of Bamboo Textile and Clothing Products

Woo, Hongjoo and Jin, Byoungho. The Effects of Apparel Brands’ Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Practices on Brand Equity Moderated by Culture

Zhang, Ruirui. Sustainable Apparel Consumption: Scale Development and Validation

Zhao, Li and Hawley, Jana M. An Exploratory Study of Consumers’ Understanding Process on CSR Actions


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