2014 Proceedings Technical Design
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2014 ITAA Proceedings #71

Annual Conference, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

November 12-16, 2014

Below is a list of scholarship presented in the Technical Design track. The proceedings are held at the Iowa State University Special Collections and are retrievable HERE.

Technical Design

Ashdown, Susan; Devine, Catherine; Barker, Tyler; Ruoff, Jesse Forker; and Çeğindir, Neşe Y. Development of Half-Scale Forms for the Apparel Industry

Bainbridge, Cindy L. and Attmann, Julianne. Armed and Delivered: Fashion Students Redesign Local Police Uniforms in Special Topics Design Studio

Doty, Kelsie and Haar, Sherry. Exploration of Color from Black Walnut, Osage Orang, and Eastern Red Cedar Sawdust on Cotton Yarn for Design of a Hand Woven Textile and Apparel Product

Ellington, Tameka N. Apparel Manufacturing Processes: Experiential Learning for Future Technical Designers

Gannon, Trina. Merging the Old with the New: Integrating Technology and a Clothing Collection in the Classroom

Lee, Eunyoung; Choi, Heisun; Do, Wol-Hee; and Park, Huiju. Filling the Gap between Education and the Field in Technical Design: I Wish I Had Learned This Before

Nam, Jinhee. Development of Purse Prototypes in Fashion Computerized Design Course and Construction Course as an Experience-based Learning Project with Collaboration from Industrial Partner

Park, Juyeon; Podmore, Miranda; and Ivy, Lauren. Collaborative Product Development of a Weight Support Harness

Sohn, MyungHee and Sun, Lushan. Exploratory Study of 3D Virtual Fit Testing Using Virtual Garment Simulation Technology

Suh, Minyoung and Doty, Kelsie. A New Method for Accurate Breast Volume
Evaluation: Using 3D Body Scanner and Image Analysis Tool

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