2014 Proceedings Textile/Apparel Science
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2014 ITAA Proceedings #71

Annual Conference, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

November 12-16, 2014

Below is a list of scholarship presented in the Textile/Apparel Science track. The proceedings are held at the Iowa State University Special Collections and are retrievable HERE.

Textile/Apparel Science

Beard, Carol. Textiles for Prosthetic Brassieres – A Comparative Study 


Cao, Huantian; Wool, Richard; Sidoriak, Emma; and Gong, Shijin. Evaluating Comfort Perfamance of Environmentally Friendly Leather Substitute (Eco-Leather)

Lee, Heajoo and An, Su Kyoung. Evaluating Thermal Comfort of Fabrics for Nurses’ Uniforms


Lee, Young-A; Xiang, Chunhui; Ghalachyan, Armine; Ramasubramanian, Gauri; Li, Rui; Madbouly, Samy; and Farr, Cheryl. Exploring Optimal Solutions for Sustainable Product Development Using Renewable Bacteria Cellulose Fiber and Biopolymer Composites

Nam, Changhyun and Xiang, Chunhui. Natural Dyeing Fabrics with Reused Coffee Grounds as Resources

Park, Huiju; Kim, Seonyoung; Morris, Kristen; Moukperian, Melissa; Moon, Youngjin; and Stull, Jeffrey. Impact of Firefighters' Personal Protective Equipment on Gait Instability and Injury Risk


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