2014 Proceedings Creative Design - Undergraduate Student Level
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2014 ITAA Proceedings #71

Annual Conference, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

November 12-16, 2014

Below is a list of scholarship presented in the Creative Design Exhibits. The proceedings are held at the Iowa State University Special Collections and are retrievable HERE.

Creative Design - Undergraduate Student Level

 Andrus, Elena and Suh, Minyoung. Metamorphosis

Arriola, Gregory Scott. Exo-elegance

Azzam, Katie; Ulrich, Pamela; and Koo, Helen. I’ll Bring the Balloons


Baglien, Kirstin. Catacombs Gown and Evening Jacket

Beaudette, Eric and Fong, Linnea. Pearlescence

Bernhard, Kate. Sheer Elegance

Bowden, William Ford and Chapman, Lisa Parrillo. Dharma Adharma


Bowers, Tyler. Exaggeration and Embellishment


Brannam, Stephanie. Destruction from the Flames

Breaux, Melissa. Redeemed


Bruce, Kate. Birds of a Feather

Burdett, Samantha. Zipped and Glam


Castro, Ashley. Salute



Chacha, Tenzi. Soda Pop Punk


Comer, Allison. Energestic

Corlett, Sarah. Rusted

Crist, Brianne. Golden Fleece Sheath Dress



Dorado, Marianne C. Tribe: Translating Tribal Tattoing into Textiles

Downs, Mackenzie. Transforming from Inside Out


Ebling, Kalina. Pumpkin Queen

Ferronatto, Luiza and Ohrn-McDaniel, Linda. Foldmania


Frantz, Rachel. Coral Skeleton

Gilbert, Anna. Camelot Remade

Gilbert, Anna. Forget Me Not


Graff, Renee. Glass Reflections

Grimsley, Katherine. Perennial


Hall, Katelyn. Shoulder Spike

Hernandez, Emilia. Nudescape


Jackson, Jame’t. Black Ibis


Jean, Susan. Warwick & Warbler: Empowering Women and Challenging Beauty Standards in the Fashion Industry

Kim, Alice. Hanbok and Polka Dots


Kim, Yumi and Cho, Kyoung-Hee. Dreaming Klimt


Kinney, Dale. Empress

Kinney, Dale. Yin and Yang

Knutz, Krissy. Marguerite


Lanier, Camille A. Draped Floral Tunic

Lanier, Camille A. Floral Vest Suit

Lanier, Camille A. Island Warrior Knit


Lee, Janice and Reddy-Best, Kelly. Forest Tale


Lin, John. Lotus Warrior

Linder, Hannah and Shorrock, Elizabeth. Restoring Hope Tope

Messmer, Abigail. Power Redefined

Nasgowitz, Sarah. Sztuka Ludowa


Ness, Kevin and Park, Juyeon. Allons

Ness, Kevin and Engel-Enright, Carol. Prism

Nguyen, Thu Thuy. A Thousand Miles


Nguyen, Thu Thuy. Against the Current

Osterbauer, Emily. Calatrava

Palen-Michel, Madison. Distorted Reality


Palmer, Carly. Realities Royalties

Palmer, Carly. Realities Suitable


Park, Minhee. Lagom I


Park, Minhee. Lagom II


Peart, Charity. The Mohawk Dress


Peart, Charity. Vertebrae


Powell, Rachel Victoria. Wisteria


Puerto, Olga and Reddy-Best, Kelly. Malachite Love

Ragbotra, Kamal and Reddy-Best, Kelly. Modetecture


Ragbotra, Kamal and Reddy-Best, Kelly. Sustainably Tie-ing It Up


Reinert, Alysson, Mindscape


Ring, Kimberly. Hex-Tex: Laser Cutting Nonwoven Fabrics


Ring, Kimberly. Lace Romance: Engineered Jacquard Wovens


Rorah, Whitney. Engineered Embroidery


Sepulveda, Jose Misael and Dragoo, Sheri L. Confetti Rain


Shaughnessy, Lindsay; Koo, Helen; and Ulrich, Pamela. Reed Into It


Spatz, Abby. Le Onzieme


Sterr, Victoria. Aftermath


Stoltfus, Amy and McClendon, Alphonso. Bellow’s Handler


Teague, Glenna. Woven Silks


Thompson, Katie. DATS Delivers


Thompson, Katie. Through a Tuscan Garden


Tran, Van and Reddy-Best, Kelly. Mystique


Tran, Van and Reddy-Best, Kelly. White Owl Warrior


Uskoski, Chanel. Rorschach


Wheeler, Sarah. Fifth Element


Wheeler, Sarah. Speakeasy


Wood, Megan and Lamar, Traci. Closer to Cotton


Yamashige, Sarah and Lin, Shu-Hwa. Bustled Romance


Yamashige, Sarah and Kang, Ju-Young M. Rational Science


Yang, Christine. Vertex


Yoo, Soyeon and Cho, Kyoung-Hee. Love and Passion for Piccasso


Yoon, Hye Ri and Howard, Matalie M. Dazzling Spring


Yoon, Hye-in. Monet of the Orient


Zhuk, Yaryna and Burdett, Joycelyn. Sea Floor Stained Glass


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