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Call for Nomination
ITAA Visiting Scholar or Practitioner


To further expand the charge of the ITAA International Relations committee, “to promote linkages among all ITAA members and facilitate membership in ITAA beyond North America,” the ITAA International Relations committee are now accepting proposal for the ITAA Visiting Scholar or ITAA Visiting Practitioner. For a list of past recipients, click here.


ITAA Visiting Scholar provides ITAA excellent opportunities to exchange scholarly activities with researchers and faculty members from emerging countries. ITAA Visiting Practitioner would help further bring fresh and new ideas to ITAA from outstanding practitioners from foreign industries and governments in the areas of technologies, trades, culture, history, and education that are critical in today’s global society.


Who: An individual scholar (for Visiting Scholar) or an individual practitioner (Visiting Practitioner) from an emerging economy .

What: Example of appropriate awards include:

  • A one or two year membership in ITAA
  • Travel to an ITAA meeting to give a presentation on a topic of special interest to the membership
  • Other cases in which there is a clear benefit to both the individual and ITAA.
  • International Relations committee will provide $1,000 to pay for hotel lodging expense. The balance will be awarded in cash at the ITAA meeting. The certificate will be presented at the ITAA annual meeting when the visiting scholar is introduced. If the budget is allowed, the conference registration fee may be waived.
  • For the 2011 award, preference will be given to an individual who could represent Central and/or South American cultures.

How: Both nominations and self-nominations will be accepted. The nomination package should include:

  • A cover letter indicating how the individual and ITAA would benefit from the award
  • CV(s) or resume(s) providing evidence of scholarly experiences (for Visiting Scholar) or industry/governmental experiences (for Visiting Practitioner)
  • One letter of recommendation from someone other than the nominator (if it is self-nomination, one letter of recommendation from an ITAA member).

When: Nominations are due by February 1. Upload required documents in the ITAA Faculty Awards section of the ITAA website.

Requirements: Once announced, the recipient must indicate her/his intention to attend the ITAA conference by July 1. During the conference, the recipient must present his or her work.

Selection Process:
A sub-committee chair and at minimum two additional members of the International Relations committee will collect nominations/applications, and select the recipient within one month of nomination due. International Relations committee may award both or either Visiting Scholar and/or Visiting Practitioner, depending on funding situations in a given year.

Post-selection Process:
Once the recipient is selected, the award selection sub-committee chair will notify the result to VP of Planning, ITAA Executive Director, International Relations committee chair, and the Nominator.

The Nominator will then notify the result to the recipient.

International Relations committee chair will then coordinate the payment and the certificate with ITAA Executive Director and VP of Operations.

International Relations committee chair also notifies the selection result to the Annual Conference Planning committee chair in order to schedule introduction of the recipient and presentation time during the annual meeting.


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