2009 Proceedings Consumer Behavior
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2009 ITAA Proceedings #66

Bellevue, WA, USA

Below is a list of scholarship presented in the Consumer Behavior  track. The proceedings are held at the Iowa State University Special Collections and are retrievable here. All rights reserved to ITAA.

Consumer Behavior

Ahn, S., Kim, H., & Forney, J. (2009). Are You in Alliance with a Fashion Brand? Alliance Attitude in Partner Selection: Controlling Tangibility and Intangibility of Products

Bennue, S. & Jin, B., (2009). From Apparel Product Attributes to Brand Loyalty: A Proposed Framework Using Kano’s Theory

Byun, S. & Sternquist, B., (2009). Determinants of In-Store Hoarding and Their Impact on Hedonic Shopping Values and Repatronage Intention: Innovators versus Non-Innovators

Chang, H., Eckman, M., & Yan, R., (2009). Impulse Buying Behavior of Apparel: Application of the S-O-R Model and the Moderating Effect of Hedonic Motivation

Chattaraman, V., Kwon, W., Gilbert, J., & Johnson, O., (2009).  Older Consumers, the Internet,and Online Shopping: A Look at Gender Cohorts

Cho, E. & Fiore, A. M., (2009). Scale Development of the Lovemark Experience for Fashion Brands

Cho, H., (2009). Online Purchasing Experience of Customized Products and Intention of WOM

Cho, S. & Chen-Yu, J., (2009). Effects of Experiences and Brand/Self Image Congruity on Perceived Risk and Purchase Intention in Apparel Online Shopping Context

Chuanlan, L. & Forsythe M., S., (2009). Examining Post-adoption Online Purchasing Intensity and Channel Stickiness

Cluver, B. & Burns, L. B., (2009). Consumer Clothing Inventory Management

Davis, L. Y., (2009). Utilitarian vs. Hedonic Shopping: Exploring Northwest Chinese Consumers’ Shopping Motivations

Davis, L. Y., (2009). Where to Shop? Exploring Chinese Consumers’ Store Choice Criteria

Forsythe, S., Byun, S. & Kwon, W., (2009). Gone With the Wind : Consumer Decision Making under Limited Availability Conditions

Gam, H. J., (2009). Employment of Fashion Orientation, Shopping Orientation and Environmental Variables to Determine Consumers’ Purchase Intention of Environmentally Friendly Clothing

Harben, B., Kwon, W. & Forsythe, S., (2009). Predicting Consumers’ Cause-Brand Alliance Attitude: The Influence of Cause Involvement, Message Source, Perceived Motivations, and Cause-Brand Fit

Hiller Connell, K. Y., (2009). Exploration of Second-Hand Apparel Acquisition Behaviors and Barriers

Hiller Connell, K. & Kozar, J., (2009). Students’ Attitude-Behavior Gap on Issues of Labor Exploitation

Kang, J. Y. & Kim, E., (2009). Consumers’ Purchase Intentions toward Mass Customized Apparel via Online: A Theory of Planned Behavior Perspective

Kang, J. & Park-Poaps, H., (2009). Social Shopping in Fashion: Development of a Multi-dimensional Scale

Kang, M. & Johnson, K., (2009). Let’s Shop! Exploring the Experiences of Therapy Shoppers

Kim, H., (2009). Integrating a Fashion Counterfeit Research Project to the Principle of Consumer Behavior

Kim, H. & Damhorst, M. L., (2009). The Impact of Body Image Self-discrepancy on Body Dissatisfaction, Fashion Involvement, Concerns with Fit and Size of Garments, and Loyalty Intentions in Online Apparel Shopping

Kim, J-E. & Johnson, K. K. P., (2009). Moral Emotions and Socially Responsible Consumption: A Cross-cultural Examination

Kim, J., Kim, J-H., & Lee, K-H. (2009). Redefining Factors Affecting Online Purchase: A Comparison of US and Korean Online Shoppers

Kim, J. & Pookulangara, S., (2009). Does Social Capital Matter?: Influence of Consumers’ Perceived Social Capital on Retailer’s Marketing Action

Kwon, K-S., Lee, J-Y. & Lee, K-H., (2009). Effect of Shopping Values and Evaluation Criteria on Store Satisfaction of Middle-aged Consumers

Kwon, Y. J., (2009). How You Sell Trendy and Basic Depends on How You Frame Them

Lee, H-H. & Kim, J., (2009). Investigating Attributes of Multichannel Department Stores:The Effects of Consumer Shopping Orientation

Lee, M. & Fiore, A. M., (2009). Television Shopping: The Effect of Persuasive Strategies on Parasocial Interaction, Subjective Well-Being, and Impulse Buying Tendency among Older Women

Lee, S-H. & Lee, E., (2009). Antecedents of Consumers' Purchase Intention for Fashion by T-Commerce: Application of the TAM Model

Lee, S-H. & Workman, J. E., (2009). Determinants of Korean Consumers’ Brand Consciousness to Global Luxury Brands

Magie, A. A., Young, D. D., & Dragoo, S. L., (2009). The Relationship between Browsing and Buying Partners and Fashion Involvement among Teen Consumers

Magie, A. A. & Young, D. D., (2009). Fashion Involvement and Retail Store Format Preference among Teen Consumers

Magie, A. A. & Young, D. D., (2009). The Relationship between Store Attributes and Fashion Involvement Among Teen Consumers

Nunnelley, W. S. & Chattaraman, V., (2009). Avatars and Virtual Apparel in Second Life: An Exploratory Study

Ryu, J. S. & Jin, B., (2009). Idiocentric and Allocentric Consumers’ Luxury Brand Purchase Motivations: A Research Proposition

Song, K. & Fiore, A. M., (2009). Will Mass Customization of Apparel Work in China? An Empirical Examination

Stall-Meadows, C., Swinney, J. & Davey, A., (2009). Green Jeans: A Quantitative Study of Consumer Preferences for Eco-Friendly Apparel

Sullivan, P., Tyner K., & DuPont, A., (2009). The Economic and Consumer Impact of Outshopping in the U.S.: A Case of Mexican Cross-border Shoppers during the 2008 Holiday Shopping Season

Tong, X., Wimberley, V. S., &Thompson, A. J., (2009). Applying the Technology Acceptance Model to Online Apparel Purchasing

Umberson, K., Kinley, T. R., & Crutsinger, C. A., (2009). Sustainable Fashion: Desire for Uniqueness

Warrington, P. T., (2009). The Impact of Corporate Associations on Consumer Evaluations for Apparel Producers

Watchravesringkan, K. & Scales, S., (2009). Consumers’ Attitudes toward Luxury Apparel Brands: A Study of Antecedents and Consequences

Yang, H., Jung, H. J., Youn, C., Choi, Y. J., & Lee. Y., (2009). Effects of Technology Readiness on Consumers’ Response to 3D Online Shopping Mall

Youn, S-Y., Bae, K-M., Lee, J-I., Kwon, K-S., & Lee, K-H., (2009). Influence of Body Image and Clothing Involvement on Fashion Leadership and Experience with Appearance

Yurchisin, J., Ou, Y., & Watchravesringkan, K., (2009). The Influence of Materialism and Social Responsibility on Apparel Donation Behavior: A Preliminary Investigation



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