2009 Proceedings Design & Aesthetics
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2009 ITAA Proceedings #66

Bellevue, WA, USA

Below is a list of scholarship presented in the Design and Aesthetics track. The proceedings are held at the Iowa State University Special Collections and are retrievable here. All rights reserved to ITAA.


2009 Design & Aesthetics

Barker, J., Lee, Y-A., Boorady, L., Ashdown, S., & Lin, S-H., (2009). Firefighter Turnout Gear: Assessment of User Needs

Boorady, L., (2009). Self-Directed Learning: A Student-centered Product Development Project

Burris, J., (2009). Go Red: Creative Learning for Fashion Students through Charitable Projects, which Raise Public Awareness to Health Issues

Campbell, J.R. & McDonald, A., (2009). Beasties LAB: Generating Kinetic Experiences in Textile Product Design

Chae, M., (2009). A Needs Assessment for Mature Female Golf Wear

Chae, M., (2009). Product Development Relevant to a Prototype Developing Creation Course: Mature Female Golf Wear

Chattaraman, V., Sankar, C. S., & Vallone, A., (2009). Developing a Multimedia Case Study about Rural Craft Producers: Benefits for Design Education and Rural Development

Delong, M., Wu, J., & Park, J., (2009). Touch Preference Shifts for Fabrics

Dragoo, S. L., (2009). Sustainable Living, Disposable Dress: Dissecting the Dichotomy in the Classroom

Eklund, A., (2009). Using Aesthetics Principles to Challenge “So-Called” Experts ‘How to Dress’ Advice for Apparel Choices of Plus-Size Women

Elsasser, V. H., (2009). Connecting to the Consumer: Developing a Human Connection between the Design Process and the Consumer

Gardner, L., (2009). Promoting Creativity in Fashion Design with the Use of Style Sheets

Gardner, L. F. & Young, A. P., (2009).

Goncu, G. & DeLong, M., (2009). Making a Difference through Product Design: A Case Study of Design Process in a Prominent Footwear Brand in Turkey

Ha, S. Y., & Park, J. O., (2009). Characteristics of Design Elements in the Environmentally Friendly Fashion - Focused on Content Analysis of Previous Literature

Haar, S. J., (2009). Natural Dyestuffs: Sustainable Practices for Color Effects

Hahn, K. H. Y., (2009). Challenging Diverse Inspired Design Through Overcoming Adversity

Han, H., Nam, Y., and Shin, S-J., (2009). Automatic Landmark Identifications for Various Body Shapes

Hayes, L. L., (2009). A Green Approach to Design: Integration of Sustainable Textile Sourcing and Garment Design in Fashion Studio Coursework

Heo, N., Yoon, D., & Ko, H-S., (2009). Population-based Body Generation

Kim, D-E. & LaBat, K., (2009). Apparel Fit Based on Viewing of 3D Virtual Models and Live Models

Kim, M. K., Choi, Y. L., Nam, Y., Han, S. A., & Yang, H., (2009). Evaluation and Improvement of Accuracy of Virtual Avatar based on 3D Scan Data

Ko, Y-A., Choy, H-S., (2009). Evaluation of the Clothing Simulation Technology in the Aspects of Color, Material, Structural Details, and Silhouette

Lee, J., Kim, H., Nam, Y. & Ryu, H., (2009). Drape Evaluation of 3D Garment Simulation

Lee, Y.-Y., (2009).Re-creation of Hanbok for the Global Market: Analyses of Lee Young Hee’s Designs

Lee, Y. & Gam, H. J., (2009). Motivating Students to Be More Creative: Using Visual Analysis of Costumes in Film as an Inspirational Source for Apparel Design Courses

Lee, Y-A. & Hwang, J. H., (2009). Second Life Integration into Three-Dimensional Textile and Fashion Product Design: Applications, Benefits, and Opportunities

MacDonald, N. M. & Matranga, J. M., (2009). Luck of the Draw: Determining Apparel Design Parameters

Manuel, M. B., Ulrich, P. V., & Connell, L. J., (2009). Assessing the Anthropometrics of Tween Girls Using 3D Body Scan Measurement Data

Mastamet-Mason, A., De Klerk, H., & Ashdown, S., (2009). A Comparison between the Kenyan-African and Western Distinctive Female Body Shapes

McRoberts, L. B., Cloud, R. M., Black, C., & Wang, X., (2009). Effectiveness of Two Methods for Measuring Postural Alignment Improvement of Postural Support Garments

Miller, P. B., (2009). Visual Design in Action: Developing an Industry-Sponsored Scrub-Design Contest to Give Freshmen Practical Experience with Creative and Functional Design

Ohrn-McDaniel, L., (2009). Circles of Creativity – A Never-ending Form in Fashion

Orzada, B. T., (2009). Connections: Apparel Design and Community

Orzada, B. T., Rogers, T. & Way, E., (2009). Exploration of Nonwoven Fabrics for Men’s Jackets

Peksoz, S., Starr, C., Choi, K., Kamenidis, P., Park, H., & Branson, D., (2009). Evaluation of Prototype Personal Cooling Interfaced with a Liquid Cooled Garment under Hazmat Suits

Petrova, A., (2009). Use of Body Scan Technology to Capture the Space Enclosed by a Garment: Case Study of Segmented Arm Body Armor

Regan, C., (2009). Teaching Product Development: Linking Apparel Design Strategy to Seasonal Product Line Creation

Sanders, E., (2009). Electronic Portfolios: Strategies for Web-Based Portfolio Creation for Students with a Product Development or Technical Design Emphasis

Shin, A., Nam, Y-J., & Han, H-S., (2009). A Study on Three-dimensional Parametric Body Shape Variations - Among the Women in Their Forties-

Sohn, M. & Bye, E., (2009). A Pattern Adaptation for Body Change during Pregnancy: A Case Study

Yoon, D., Heo, N., & Ko, H-S., (2009). Example-driven Landmarking of Human Body Scans




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