2009 Proceedings Design Gallery Mounted
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2009 ITAA Proceedings #66

Bellevue, WA, USA

Below is a list of scholarship presented in the Design Gallery-Mounted track. The proceedings are held at the Iowa State University Special Collections and are retrievable here. All rights reserved to ITAA.

Design Gallery--Mounted

Booton, T. & Trout, B., Sponsor (2009). Prehistoric Environmental Camouflage

Bye, E., (2009). Marquette

Caldwell, M. & Trout, B., Sponsor (2009). Carnevale di Venezia

Choi, K.H., (2009). Flight

Choi, W. & Lee, Y., (2009). Neo-Geo

Christie-Robin, J., (2009). Taffeta Study: An Exercise in Singular Design

Dimmick, M., & Lewis, V., Sponsor (2009). Tangerine

Falsken, J., LeHew, M. & Haar, S., (2009). Sustainable Solutions: III

Gross, A. & Trout, B., Sponsor (2009). Mourning Feathers: The Meanings of the Color Black

Hakoyama, C. & Cook, M., Sponsor (2009). Draped Blossoms

Hall, H., (2009). Orbs

Hayes, L. & Hancock, J., Sponsor (2009). The Little Green Dress Project; Look One- Fall 2009

Iiams, E. & Salusso, C., (2009). Enchantress

Jackson, A. & Sanders, E., Sponsor (2009). Freedom

Kapcia-Paila, I. & Ames, A., Sponsor (2009). Postmodern Bride I

Keane, J. & Lewis, V., Sponsor (2009). Metropolitan Structure: Dark Architecture

Kimmons, J., (2009). Dusk on the River Platte

Kimmons, J., (2009). The Art of Falling Apart

Kwon, Y., (2009). Under the Eaves: Korean Architectural Beauty

Lim, H. & Istook, C., Sponsor (2009). Spring Mermaid

Ludolph, E. & Reilly, A., Sponsor (2009). Geometry's Outfit

Miller, P., (2009). Fertility Belt: Cross-Stitched Design and Silver Buckle Inspired by Bulgarian Symbolism

Montes, S., & Stidham, J., Sponsor (2009). Naturally Raw

Odamaki, Y., (2009). Elasticity and Elegance with Shibori

Öhrn-McDaniel, L., (2009). Roots

Ok-im, L. & Shin, H., Sponsor (2009). Flying Albastros

Park, H. & Morton, D., Sponsor (2009). Female Mystique

Porterfield, A. & Lamar, T., (2009). Postcard from Morocco

Quevedo, V., (2009). Midnight

Quevedo, V., (2009). Solomon

Sanchez, H. & Lewis, V., Sponsor (2009). La Vida no es tan Simple Como Seguir el Camino de Ladrillo Dorado

Sanders, E., (2009). Fractal Analysis III: Arcs and Circles

Schactler, C., (2009). Fluid Brass

Sohn, J. & Lewis, V., Sponsor (2009). Golden Spirals

Sparks, D. & Park, J., (2009). Valentine

Woo, J. & Salusso, C., Sponsor (2009). High Street Riding




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