2009 Proceedings Design Gallery Live
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2009 ITAA Proceedings #66

Bellevue, WA, USA

Below is a list of scholarship presented in the Design Gallery-Live track. The proceedings are held at the Iowa State University Special Collections and are retrievable here. All rights reserved to ITAA.

Design Gallery-Live

Aguirre, G. & Adams, M., Sponsor (2009). The First Dandelion

Andersen, K. & Eklund, A., Sponsor (2009). Goddess

Aparicio, J. & Chang, L-F., Sponsor (2009). Shield

Bennett, S., Schlicht, T. & Parsons, J., (2009). Nude

Buedding, A & Kurutz, M., Sponsor (2009). Kai Qunzi

Buss, K. & Gam, H., Sponsor (2009). Rugged Elegance

Buss, K. & Gam, H., Sponsor (2009). Woven Railroad

Caskey, K., (2009). Jumpsuit; Summer

Chang, L., (2009). Open Your Heart

Cho, K-H. & Lee, J-E. (2009). Blue Walrus

Congdon-Martin, S. & Hayes, L., Sponsor (2009). Falling Apart Standing

Crockett, A. & Caskey, K., (2009). Post-Modern Street-wear

Engel-Enright, C., (2009). Spheres of Influence and Color

Flowers, E. & Connell, L. J., Sponsor (2009). Seeing through the Pieces of My Flower Soul

Geiger, K. L. & Barker, J., Sponsor (2009). A Lesson from Lichtenstein

Goetz, G. & Bye, E., Sponsor (2009). Minnesota Waters

Haar, S., (2009). Organic Series: III

Hahn, K. H., (2009). Monday Mourning

Hall, T. & Salusso, C. J., (2009). Please Save Me

Haynes, J. B., (2009). The Painted Peacock

Helmkamp, C. & Gam, H., Sponsor (2009). Golden and Black Evening Twist

Henry, K. & Reilly, A., Sponsor (2009). Simple, with a Twist

Himoto, A. & Reilly, A., Sponsor (2009). Origami Denim Strapless

Himoto, A. & Reilly, A., Sponsor (2009). Strapless Sweetheart

Hunt-Bollhorst, S. & Gam, H., Sponsor (2009). Darling Doily

Istook, C., (2009). Cityscape

Jang, J. I. & Lee, Y. H., (2009). Knit Design inspired by the image of Frank Gehry's Masterpiece of Deconstruction

Jekal, M. & Lee, Y. H., (2009). The Blooming Scented

Kandler, L. & Bye, E., Sponsor (2009). The Fair Trade: Coffee Dress

Kandler, L., Wokasch, A. & Bye, E., Sponsor (2009). The Ombre Flower Trench

Kim, E., (2009). Maclay Gardens on a Spring Day

Kissell, K., (2009). Blossoms and Rainfall

Kumphai, P., (2009). Who Said I Couldn’t Wear T-shirts to a Wedding

LaFleur, R. S., (2009). Diamond Back Cocktail Dress

LaFleur, R. S., (2009). Maasai Echo

Lee, J. & Lee, Y-H., (2009). Polychromatic

Lee, J. S. & Mete, F., (2009). Natural Geometry

Lee, Y-Y., (2009). Backward Dress

Lee, Y-Y., (2009). Pouch Dress

Lim, J., (2009). Rococo in 21st Century Winter

Ludolph, E. & Reilly, A., Sponsor. (2009). Elina Jacket and Trousers

Marcus, R. & Mitchell, K., (2009). Seaweed Swimsuit - Emerged from the Sea

Moretz, C., (2009). Knot What It Seams

Musat, P. & Kurutz, M., Sponsor (2009). Deep-sea Medusa-Silk Organza Dress

Nguyen, N-T. & Lewis, V., Sponsor (2009). Morning Snow

O’Rourke-Kaplan, M., (2009). Moroccan Dream

Öhrn-McDaniel, L., (2009). Poured Out and Dried Up

Olson, E. & Bye, E., Sponsor (2009). Tiffany Wisteria

Park, H. & Morton, D., Sponsor (2009). Magma

Park, H. & Morton, D., Sponsor (2009). Waterfall

Sancheti, Y., (2009). A Song Is Sung: Honoring the Quilters of Gee’s Bend

Sanders, E., (2009). Metalling with Fibers XXXIV

Schofield-Tomschin, S., (2009). Beyond Geometry I and II

Schofield-Tomschin, S., (2009). Papaver I and II

Scroggins, A. L. & Wimberley, V., (2009). Sunset at Port Alguer

Shipley, A. & Parsons, J., Sponsor (2009). American Décollage

Sohn, J., Racine, A., & Lewis, V., Sponsor., (2009). Bird of the Night: Feather Gauntlet Swing Jacket with Arc-Seamed Banana Trousers

Sohn, J. & Ashdown, S., (2009). Undulations in White: Wedge Dress with Fluted Dolman Sleeves

Starkey, S. & Trout, B., Sponsor, (2009). Modern Warrior: Tribute to Tomoe Gozen

Wang, Y. & Chen, Y-C., (2009). Glacier

Wendt, M. & Hahn, K., Sponsor (2009). Flowering Cherry Blossom

Whang, M. & Harr, S., (2009). Shades of Scenery: Versatile Ensemble from Existing Materials

White, E. & Trout, B., Sponsor (2009). Serpent Woman

Wu, X. & Lewis, V., (2009). Venus Anadyomene I

Wu, X. & Ashdown, S., (2009). Venus Anadyomene II




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