2009 Proceedings Historic/Cultural
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2009 ITAA Proceedings #66

Bellevue, WA, USA

Below is a list of scholarship presented in the Historic-Cultural track. The proceedings are held at the Iowa State University Special Collections and are retrievable here. All rights reserved to ITAA.

Historic Cultural

Aldridge, R. & Kuttruff, J. T., (2009). Nineteenth Century Postmortem Dress and Death Metaphors

Arthur, L., (2009). Artifacts Speak: Material Culture Studies and the Cultural Authentication of Hawai`ian Quilts

Arthur, L., (2009). The President Needed New Robes: Teaching Ethnic Textiles through Creating Presidential Regalia

Brosdahl, D. & Barnes, W., (2009). Seventeen and Skin Exposure: 46 Years of Advertisements

Dijxhoorn, E. & Welters, L., (2009). Symmetry Analysis in Armenian Needlework ca 1860-1915

Eason, K. & Nelson-Hodges, N., (2009). The Evolution of Women in Body Modification

Eluwawalage , D., (2009). A Brief Narrative of Clothing Shopping in Great Britain

Hancock, J. H. & Kennedy, A., (2009). The Importance of Academic Research: Creating an Online Journal

Khoza, L. S., (2009). The Power of Dress: An Analysis of Conflict Between Tradition and Modernity in Swazi Dress

Kidd, L. K., (2009). What Becomes a Racist Most?: Hate Couture in the United States

Lillethun, A., (2009). Beyond the Minoan Locus: The Scope of the Bronze Age Flounced Skirt

Marcketti, S. B., (2009). Codes of Fair Competition: The National Industrial Recovery Act, 1933-1935 and the Women’s Ready-to-Wear Apparel Industry

Meyer, S. S., (2009). Erte’ Fashion or Fantasy: a Search for Evidence

Nelson-Hodges, N. & Copeland, R., (2009). Changes in Trinidad Carnival Dress: A (R)evolutionary Process

Parsons, J. L. & Marcketti, S. B., (2009). Women and Sewing:Integrating Object Analysis with Documentary Evidence

Ratute, A. & Marcketti, S. B., (2009). From New York to Chicago: A Plan for America’s Fashion Centers

Reale, A. N. & Lopez-Gydosh, D., (2009). A Philadelphian in the Court of William IV: Thomas A. Biddle’s Presentation Suit

Saiki, D. (2009). Enhancing Life Skills: Intergenerational Exchange About Fashion as Experienced by Young Adults

Strawn, S. M. & Thelen, M., (2009). Where Do T-Shirts Go? Incorporating Service-Learning about Second-Hand Clothing Distribution into Historic/Cultural Course Curricula

Trawick, C. V. & Wilson, L., (2009). Annie Malone and Poro College: Building an Enterprise of Beauty




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