2009 Proceedings Merchandising
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2009 ITAA Proceedings #66

Bellevue, WA, USA

Below is a list of scholarship presented in the Merchandising/Management track. The proceedings are held at the Iowa State University Special Collections Library and are retrievable here. All rights reserved to ITAA.


Bahng, Y. & Kincade, D. H., (2009). The Relationship Between Temperature and Sales of Seasonal Garments

Cheek, W. K., (2009). Capstone Store Portfolio Project: A Flexible Competency Assessment Tool

Frazier, B., Niehm, L., Stoel, L., Miller, N. & Sattler-Weber, S., (2009). An Institutional Perspective of Retailer Marketing Actions in Rural Communities

Im, H. & Ha., S., (2009). An Exploration of Cognitive-Affective Model of Satisfaction in an Apparel Shopping Context

Jang, Y-S., Park, N & Park, J-O., (2009). A Comparison Between South Korea and China Consumers’ Apparel Store Attributes Across Shopping Values

Ju, J. W., Kim, J-E., & Johnson, K. K. P., (2009). Sales Associate Characteristics linked to Credibility: The Influence of Sales Associate Credibility on Satisfaction, Purchasing, and Store Loyalty

Lee, S-E., Jay, L. & Fulton, K., (2009). Second Life Trivia Project

Lee, S. & Kang, M., (2009). Teaching Advanced Buying and Sourcing for the Fashion Products: Using the Sourcing Simulator Software

Mullis, K. L. & Kim, M., (2009). Inshopping In Rural Communities: Consumers’ and Retailers’ Perceptions

Ryou, E-J. & Knight, D. K., (2009). Service Quality and Its Implications for T-Commerce

Ryu, J. S. & Swinney, J., (2009). Downtown Branding: An Effective Strategy to Revive Downtown Economies

Studak, C. M., (2009). The Investor Relations Menu Option from Websites of Apparel Retailers as a Source of Information for Vendor/Supplier Business Practices

Tajuddin, R. M. & Niehm, L. S., (2009). Exploring Distinctive Competencies of Entrepreneurs in Small Retail and Service Businesses: A Case Study in Iowa

Yu, U-J. & Kunz, G. I., (2009). Interrelationships of Merchandise Performance Measures As Determined by Internal Merchandise Planning Factors and External Consumer Demand Factors



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