2010 Proceedings Design
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2010 ITAA Proceedings #67

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Below is a list of scholarship presented in the Design track. The proceedings are held at the Iowa State University Special Collections and are retrievable here.



 Alexander, T., (2010). Sunset Jungle I: An Exploration in Embroidery and Patternmaking

Alexander, L., (2010). High Definition

Alms, K., (2010). Roundels

Barnes, W. & Haar, S. J., (2010). Shattered Armor: Exploring Social Issues Through Textile Art

Been, A., (2010). Geometric series, circle

Bell, C. C., (2010). Bubbling Spring: Creating a New Dress by Manipulating an Old Pattern

Bennett, S., (2010). Hi Fi Flora

Bissonnette, A., (2010). Canadian Greatcoat: Variable Winter Wear for Mild to Subarctic Temperatures

Booton, T., (2010). Ode to Roy

Brown, A., (2010). Guardian

Caldwell, M., (2010). Capricious Pojagi

Carey, M., (2010). Lacy Dame

Caskey, K., (2010). A New Suit of Clothes

Chiu, R. & Jiang, K., (2010). Growing Breathing Shibori

Cho, K., (2010). Flow of Biorhythm in the 21th Century

Cho, K., (2010). Romantic Sunflower

Christel, D. & Mullet, K. K., (2010). Sustainable Bride

Clayton, C., (2010). Caged Femininity

Clayton, C., (2010). Transparent Allusions

Crockett, A., (2010). Light up the Night

Dunne, L. E., (2010). Shiver 1

Dunne, L. E., (2010). Shiver 2

Eike, R. J., (2010). In Knots

Elkes, K., (2010). Horizontal Noise

Esponnette, E., (2010). Novel Raincoat with Loose Pant and Hip Bag

Flenniken, A. & Eklund A., (2010). Lacey Night

Fowler, C., (2010). A Circular Sensation

Fukino, J., (2010). Pele’s Beauty—Goddess of Fire

Geisler, E., (2010). The Awakening

Grebel, K., (2010). Main Street California

Ha, S. Y., (2010). The Goddess of Wood

Haar, S. J., (2010). Fresh Picked and into the Dye Pot

Harr, S. J., (2010). Organic Series No. 4

Hahn, K. H., (2010). Indio Cross Hatch

Hall, T., (2010). Midnight Raven

Hall, T., (2010). Soaring into the Night

Hannel, S. L., (2010). Sanguine

Hayes, L. L., (2010). Thai Orchid

Haynes, A., (2010). Tree Dress

Hodge, C., (2010). Granny Squares

Hsiao, P-H., (2010). Le bon vent

Husch, R., (2010). Wrapped Coat Dress

Irick, E., (2010). Sunset on the Water

Jiang, K., (2010). Sculpture to Wear

Kaiser, K., (2010). Railways

Kesler, S., (2010). Urban Camouflage

Kissell, K., (2010). Il Tondo

Kwon, Y. J., (2010). Layering Empty

LaFleur, R. S., (2010). Amalgamated Anemones

Lam, C., (2010). Luminosity

Lam, C., (2010). Siren of the Modern Day

Landgren, T., (2010). Local Vegetable Fur

Lee, D., (2010). Cascade Denim Evening Dress and Leather Vest

Lee, D., & Kim, J., (2010). Leather Armor Dress

Lee, D., (2010). Notch Collar Jacket Dress

Lektzian, J., & Shin, S-J. H., (2010). Flared Dress With Zipper Flowers

Liu, J., Lv, Z., & Cao, W., (2010). Colored crystal

Lu, Y., (2010). The Nature of Love

Lundby, D., (2010). Anatomy of a Jacket

Manzari, L. R., (2010). Le Sacre du Printemps

McAllister, M., (2010). Black Widow

McIntosh, N. & Geiger, K., (2010). Dress No. 5 in Blue

Morales, A., (2010). 1987

Morris, K., Stannard, C., & Park, J., (2010). Pupa Butterfly

Navarro, H., (2010). Serrat Est Chic 2

Odamaki, Y., (2010). Inspiration from Japanese Traditional Wrapping for Celebration

Odukomaiya, Z. R. & O’Rourke-Kaplan, M., (2010). Design: Modular Fashion and Sustainability in the Apparel Industry

Öhrn-McDaniel, L., (2010). Trinity

Orzada, B. T., (2010). White Birch with Lichen

Park, J. & Hamilton, W., (2010). Inkjet Paint Brush

Pedersen, P., (2010). Tale of Two Towers

Plummer, B., (2010). Uniform Exposure

Roche, C., (2010). Cardboard Countess

Roche, C., (2010). Laundry Room Luxury

Rossetti, M., (2010). The Influence of Japan

Ruppert-Stroescu, M., (2010). Goddess Gown

Sampson, P. B., (2010). Wealth and Happiness

Sanders, E. A., (2010). Fractal Bride

Sanders, E. A., (2010). Thinking Outside the Shibori Circle

Schmidt, H., (2010). Neo Anthology

Schofield-Tomschin, S., (2010). Giglio

Schomburg, M. & Matranga, J., (2010). Curly Little Black Dress

Shaw, J. & Kallal, M. J., (2010). Hidden Adaptations

Sherrill, A., (2010). Moda A La Papier

Starkey, S., (2010). Minimize: Garment Design and Research

Stokes, B. & Black, C. M., (2010). Northvest Nature

Takebayashi, E., (2010). Phantasmagoria

Tipton, J. D., (2010). Creating the Spark, not Filling the Bucket

Trimble, G., (2010). Lemur Dress: From Sketch to Garment

Tullio-Pow, S., (2010). Vineyard Vows

VanAsten, K., (2010). Apocalypse Amazon

Vu, N., (2010). One-of-a-Kind Design by Repurposing of Damaged Garments and Accessories



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