2010 Proceedings Soc-Psych
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2010 ITAA Proceedings #67

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Below is a list of scholarship presented in the Social-Psychological Aspects track. The proceedings are held at the Iowa State University Special Collections and are retrievable here.


Cho, S., Koh, A-R., & Kang, J. H., (2010). Characteristics of Extreme Sports Participants’ Lifestyles and Sportswear Benefit Sought

Johnson, K. K. P., Ju, H. W., Marshal, K. M., Kim, H-Y., & Wu, J., (2010). Effect of Dress and Alcohol on Perceptions of Date Rape: Does Appearance Schema Moderate the Influence of Dress?

Johnson, K. K. P., Mun, J. M., Kang, J. Y., Kim, H-Y., & Wu, J., (2010). Socialization and Teen Fashion Magazines: What are the Messages?

Jung, J., (2010). Are Women Being Represented Differently in Men’s and Women’s Magazines?: Images of Women in Gender-Typed Magazine Advertisements

Kim, H. & Damhorst, M. L., (2010). Scale Development: Concerns with Fit and Size of Garments in Offline and Online Shopping 

Kim, J., Kang, J-Y. M., & Johnson, K.K.P., (2010). A Test of the Moderating Effect of Proximity of Clothing to Self on the Relationship Between Body Dissatisfaction and Appearance Management Behaviors

LaBat, K., Ryan, K., Bye, E., DeLong M., Kim, D-E., Sohn, M. H., Buckner, K., & Sowers, C., (2010). Development of a 3 Dimensional Body Satisfaction Intervention

Lacoste-Kapstein, C., (2010). Five Years Later: The Sartorial Management of Muribelles © Over Age 65

Lee, J. Y., Choi, D., & Johnson, K. K. P., (2010). Appearance Management Behaviors: Effect of Self-Narcissism, Self-Efficacy, Internalization of Social Standards for Appearance, and Body Attitudes

Mun, J. M., Janigo, K., & Johnson, K. K. P., (2010). Tattoo and the Self

Ogle, J. P., Tyner, K. E., Schofield-Tomschin, S., (2010). Jointly Navigating the Reclamation of the “Woman I Used to Be”: Negotiating Concerns about the Postpartum Body within the Marital Dyad

Ogle, J. P. & Damhorst, M. L., (2010). Fostering Tolerance of Obesity through Empathy and Critical Reflection: A Curricular Unit Incorporating Filmed Testimonials

Reddy, S. L. & Burns, L. D., (2010). Experience of Body Dissatisfaction among Men and Women across Life Span

Saiki, D., (2010). Perceived Influence of Stress on Dressing and Eating Behaviors

Sancheti, Y. K. & Connell, L. J., (2010). Exploring the Relationships between various constructs of Adolescents’ Self Perceptions

Seock, Y-K., (2010). Impact of Cultural Differences on Loyalty Tendency: An Analysis of Taiwanese and American Consumers

Sindicich, D., (2010). The Creekmore Interest Scale: Modernizing and Adapting an Out-of-Fashion Scale

Yang, M. & Rudd, N. A., (2010). Comparison of Magazine Advertising Portraying Beauty Ideals between Korea and the U.S.

Yoo, J-J. & Kim, H-Y., (2010). Adolescents’ Body-Tanning Behaviors: Investigating the Influence of Sociocultural Attitudes Toward Appearance (SATA)

Yu, U-J. & Damhorst, M. L., (2010). Relationship of body satisfaction to virtual product experience and perceived risk of product performance in online and multi-channel apparel shopping



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