Awards: Blanche Payne
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Blanche Payne Scholarship in Textile or Apparel Design

Awarded to undergraduate students for use at the undergraduate or the graduate level in an accredited design program.
Blanche Payne was a professor of Textiles and Clothing at the University of Washington during the first half of the 20th century. She was very supportive of textile and apparel design and is the author of the classic textbook, History of Costume: From the Ancient Egyptians to the Twentieth Century originally published in 1965 by Harper & Row.
The Blanche Payne Scholarship for Textile & Apparel Design is a $5,000 award for outstanding design scholarship and professional promise. For this award, ITAA recognizes that design includes apparel, costume, textile, and accessory design, functional and technical design; apparel product development; fashion illustration; and the scholarship of design theory and application. Criteria for selection include: (1) Undergraduate level standing; Acceptance of at least one design in the ITAA Design Exhibition or a research paper in the Technical Design/Fashion Illustration track (or current track appropriate for such category) at the ITAA Annual Meeting. All undergraduate submitters must be sponsored by an ITAA active or emeritus member (see calls for papers for the ITAA Annual Meeting).
Undergraduate students accepted in either of these competitions and who submit electronic application to the Student Scholarship and Awards Committee by September 1 (see below) will be considered. Scholarship selection criteria include: (1) Acceptance into at least one of the above exhibitions (design or research); (2) Statement of the design process with attention paid to the scholarship of design; (3) potential for future contributions to and leadership in textiles and apparel profession; (4) academically sound background and high level of scholarship; with a balance of textiles and apparel, and supporting disciplines; (5) aptitude for advanced study; and (6) enrollment at a degree granting institution.
Submission Procedure
Submissions must meet the deadlines of either April 1 (for research papers) or June 1 (for design competition) to be eligible for this award.  In addition to submission to the ITAA Design Exhibition and/or the research section of Technical Design/Fashion Illustration, PDF files of the following should be submitted through the ITAA website by September 1. The submitter is responsible for obtaining and uploading all PDF files, including the letters of recommendation.
Undergraduate students with accepted entries to the design exhibition or to the technical design/fashion illustration research section for the ITAA annual conference and have had the following attachments submitted will be considered for this scholarship.
  • A statement, not to exceed one double space, typed page, outlining the applicant’s career goals in the field of fashion design.
  • A brief summary, not to exceed one double space, typed paged stating the applicant’s leadership and community activities, including level of involvement, honors, awards, and recognition; and relevant work experience, if applicable;
  • Two letters of recommendation, one from an ITAA member. Letters should address applicant’s academic and leadership abilities, extracurricular and community involvement, interpersonal relationships, and potential for future contributions to the profession.  Recommendation Form
  • Copy of official transcripts from all institutions of matriculation.
  • An electronic file of the design process. This could include, but not limited to a color story, fabric story, illustrations, flats, target market, price point, design journal, or power point presentation. Attention should be paid to the scholarship of the process. 

PDF files should be collected into one folder to be saved as a compressed folder (zip file) and named, "BlanchePayne-Applicant/Nominee Name".  Folder should be uploaded by September 1 using the submission link on the Undergraduate Student Awards page.



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