2010 Merchandising Marketing
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2010 ITAA Proceedings #67

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Below is a list of scholarship presented in the Merchandising Marketing track. The proceedings are held at the Iowa State University Special Collections and are retrievable here.

 Merchandising Marketing

Bahng, Y. & Kincade, D. H., (2010). Undergraduate student consumers’ attitudes towards apparel shopping and brand/product preferences 

Chen, R. & Woodard, G., (2010). Senior Capstone Class: Executing the Merchandising Concept
Frazier, B. J. & Niehm, L., (2010). The Influence of the Institutional Environment on Community Perceptions of Rural Retailer Performance
Ha, S. & Im, H., (2010). A Multi-level Investigation of the Effects of Congruence in an Apparel Shopping Context
Jackson, V. P. & Stoel, L. (2010). A Multi-State Qualitative Assessment of Decoupling, Recoupling and Organizational Survival of Rural Retailers
Jeon, S. & Ahn, S-K., (2010). Consumer Experience Can Be Experienced
Kim, H-Y., Lee, J. Y., Choi, D., Wu, J., & Johnson K. K. P., (2010). Perceived Benefits of Retail Loyalty Programs: Their Effects on Program Loyalty and Customer Loyalty
Lentz, H. & Yoo, J-J., (2010). Self-perceived mathematical ability, math anxiety and expected course outcomes of merchandising mathematics
Lewis, T. & Loker, S., (2010). Beyond the Register: Apparel Retail Employee Response to Using Advanced Technologies for Customer Interaction
Seo, M-J. & Lee, K-H., (2010). Supplier-Wholesaler-Buyer Relationships in Dongdaemun Fashion Town in Korea
Shim, S. I., Forsythe, S., & Henry, D., (2010). Building Theories of Experience Marketing: Exploring the Engagement Process and the Dimensions of Online Shopping Experiences
Wuest, B. & Welkey, S. (2010). Retail Merchandising: A Capstone Simulation
Yaoyuneyong, G. & Burgess, B., (2010). A Pilot Investigation of Fashion Merchandising Student Perception and Desire to Utilize Web 2.0 Tools and Educational Technologies in the Classroom


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