2010 Consumer Behavior
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2010 ITAA Proceedings #67

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Below is a list of scholarship presented in the Consumer Behavior track. The proceedings are held at the Iowa State University Special Collections and are retrievable here.

Consumer Behavior

Angelo, D., Kinley, T., Josiam, B., & Crutsinger, C., (2010). Fashion Personality Characteristics and Shopping Behaviors among African American and Caucasian American College Students

Bae, S. Y. & Yan, R-N., (2010). Second-Hand Clothing Shopping among College Students: Psychographic Characteristics of Shoppers versus Non-Shoppers 

Burgess, B. & Yaoyuneyong, G., (2010). Impulse Buying Tendencies of Thai Shoppers
Burnsed, K. A. & Hodges, N. N., (2010). Consumer Attitudes Toward Home Furnishings Case Goods: An Investigation of Motivations and Values Relative to Product Choice
Chang, H. J., Watchravesringkan, K., Yan, R-N., & Yurchisin, J., (2010). A Model of the Antecedents and Consequences of Consumer Satisfaction for Apparel Specialty Stores: Moderating Effect of Consumer Emotional Attachment
Chen-Yu, J, Lin, H-L., & Kim, J., (2010). Effects of Perceived Product Performance and Brand Image on Consumer Satisfaction/Dissatisfaction in Apparel Online Shopping at the Product-Receiving Stage
Cho, S. & Chen-Yu, J., (2010). Effects of Consumers’ Experiences on Perceived Risk and Repurchase Intention in Buying Brand-Name Apparel Online
Cho, S. & Workman, J. E., (2010). Effects of Fashion Consciousness, Impulse Buying, Need for Touch, and Centrality of Visual Product Aesthetics on Preference for Touch/Non-Touch Shopping Channels for Clothing
Chung, H-S. & Lee, Y., (2010). Hairdressing Service Users’ Dualistic Loyalty to Service Person and Shop
Dai, B. & Forsythe, S., (2010). Perceived Fairness of Dynamic Pricing and Its Impact on Consumer Behavioral Outcomes: A Conceptual Framework
Goh, Y. S., Chattaraman, V., & Forsythe, S., (2010). How do Brand and Product-Category Fit Influence Purchase Intentions for Brand Extensions?
Ha, S., Chung, T-L., Park, J., Hamiltion, J., & Snell, W., (2010). Moving beyond Acceptance: Exploring Determinants of Consumer Use of Mobile Servies
Harben, B., Kwon, W-S., & Forsythe, S., (2010). Creating Effective Cause-Brand Alliances: The Role of Message Source, Perceived Motivations, and Cause-Brand Fit
Hyllegard, K. H., Ogle, J. P., Yan, R-N., & Reitz, A., (2010). An Exploratory Study of College Students? Fanning Behavior on Facebook: The Influence of Technology Acceptance, Identity, and Market Mavenism
Janigo, K. A., Wu, J., & Kang, J-Y. M., (2010). Consumer Co-design Communities Online: A Mixed Method Study of Experience
Kang, M. & Johnson, K. K. P., (2010). Retail Therapy: Scale Development
Kim, B. & Hong, H., (2010). Dissatisfaction with e-Store’s Post-Purchase Customer Service and Complaining Behavior
Kim, J., Kim, J-E., & Johnson, K. K. P., (2010). The Effect of Value Fulfillment on Brand Satisfaction and Loyalty within a Luxury Apparel Store Context
Kim, S. & Seock, Y-K., (2010). Predictors of Consumption of Natural Beauty Products
Kwon, W-S. & Forsythe, S., (2010). Brand and Price Interplay in American Consumers’ Apparel Purchase Decisions
Lee, S-H. & Workman, J. E., (2010). Determinants of Brand Loyalty: Self-construal, Self-expression, and Brand Attachment
Lee, H-H. & Ma, Y. J., (2010). Effects of Online Consumer Reviews: Examining User Characteristics and Usage Behavior
Lee, H-J., (2010). Does Service Quality of Self-Checkouts Make a Significant Contribution to Store Patronage?
Lin, S. H., & Garcia, J. R., & Teruya, K., (2010). Consumer Evaluations of Phase Change Materials
Magie, A. A. & Young, D. D., (2010). What’s Up With Teens? Investigating Fashion Involvement and Spare Time Activities
Padmanabhan, P. & Hodges, N., (2010). Foreign Apparel Brands and the Indian Consumer: Perceptions and Expectations of the Young, Upwardly Mobile Professional
Parrish, E., (2010). Impact of Retailers’ Niche Marketing Strategies on Consumer Consumption Patterns
Rabolt, N. J., Deleon, M., & Harrington, M., (2010). Consumer Behaviors towards Disposing of Unwanted Clothing
Rhee, J. & Johnson, K. K. P., (2010). Investigating Factors that Influence Adolescents’ Self and Brand Congruence
Roth, A.N., Kincade, D. H., & Kim, J-H., (2010). Businesswomen’s Choice of Professional Dress: Comfort and Other Employment Related Variables
Son, J., Matthews, D., Hayes, E., Doraiswamy, D., & Watchravesringkan, K., (2010). The Influences of Fashion Orientation and Entertainment Sources on Consumers’ Attitudes and Behavioral Intentions toward Denim: A Comparison between Premium and Non-Premium Brands
Strickfade, M., Aslund, A., & McQueen, R., (2010). Towards Improving the Thermal Comfort of Service Workers in the OR
Tajuddin, R. M., Tan, H. S., & Karpova, E., (2010). Understanding Apparel Preferences in the Multi-Ethnic Malaysian Market
Tullio-Pow, S. & Yu, H., (2010). Universal Design: Apparel Concerns Related to Low Vision
Workman, J. E. & Lee, S-H., (2010). Gossip, Self-Monitoring, and Fashion Consumer Groups
Yoo, J-J., Hur, W-M., & Rhee, J., (2010). The role of appearance-enhancing products in the establishment of self-worth among appearance-schematic adolescents
Zarley, M. & Yan, R-N., (2010). An Exploratory Investigation of the Decision-Making Processes of Fast versus Slow Fashion Consumers


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