2010 Design and Aesthetifcs
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2010 ITAA Proceedings #67

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Below is a list of scholarship presented in the Design and Aesthetics track. The proceedings are held at the Iowa State University Special Collections and are retrievable here.

Design and Aesthetics

An, S. K., Branson, D., Peksoz, S., & Petrova, A., (2010). Application of Manufacturer Methods to Determine Bra and Bra Cup Sizes 

Apple, L. M., (2010). Using Students Dominant Processing Style and Spatial Visualization Test to Determine Teaching Methodology for Apparel Studies Computer Based Course
Barker, J., Boorady, L., Lin, S-H., & Lee, Y-A., (2010). Fire Fighter Bunker Gear: A Needs Assessment of Female Fire Fighters
Boorady, L. M., (2010). Anthropometrical studies and the sizing of the Civil War U. S. Army uniforms
Bye, E. & Sohn, M. H., (2010). Supporting Creativity in Apparel Designers
Chattaraman, V., Simmons, K. P., Ulrich, P. V., & Sidberry , P., (2010). Linkages between Age, Body Size, Body Image, and Fit Preferences of Male Consumers
Choi, Y-L., Nam, Y-J., & Kim, M-K., (2010). Development of Pattern Alteration Algorithm for Mass Customization
Dazkir, S. S., Mower, J. M., Pedersen, E. L., & Collett, M., (2010). Student inspiration and the design process: Project assignment constraints
Dunne, L. E., (2010). Designing for Yourself: Developing Patternmaking and Fitting Skills Through 3D Simulation on a Personal Body Scan
Dunne, L. E., (2010). Electronics in the Apparel Classroom: Design for Visibility Using Sewn LED Light Circuits
Dunne, L. E., (2010). Joint Sensing in Everyday Clothing: Analysis of Garment Ease and Signal Noise in a Garment-Integrated Optical Bend Sensor
Elsasser, V. H. & Sharp, J., (2010). Product Development through Cultural Exploration
Johnson, O. & Ulrich. P. (2010). Color Cycles in Apparel and Home Furnishings, 1969-2009
Jung, H. & Shin, S-J. H., (2010). Aesthetic Responses to Korean Traditional Design Elements in Contemporary Fashion
Koo, H. & Smith, T., (2010). Visibility Enhanced Bicycling Clothes with Flashing LEDs
Lee, Y-A, Park, S. M., & Barker, J., (2010). 3D Visual Pant Fit Analysis for Current Firefighter Gear
Lee, Y. J., (2010). Iterative: Design Development Utilizing Computer Graphic Techniques
Lee, Y-A., Damhorst, M. L., Lee, M., Kozar, J., & Martin, P., (2010). Older Women’s Clothing Fit Concerns and Their Attitudes toward Use of 3D Body Scanning
Miller, P. B., (2010). Making Headlines with Visual Design: Utilizing Design Concepts in a Hat Design Project and Competition
Park, J. & Curwen, L., (2010). How does Body Mass Index (BMI) affect footwear selection?: An anthropometric approach
Park, J. & Morris, K., (2010). Team-Based Learning (TBL): New instructional strategy for apparel product development
Peksoz, S., Kumphai, P., Eike, R., Branson, D., & Kamenidis, P., (2010). Arm and Shoulder Ballistic Sleeves: Design, Development and Thermal Manikin Evaluation
Petrova, D., Peksoz, S., Branson, D., Kumphai, P., & Kumwenda, M., (2010). Towards Reduction of Backface Trauma: Design Variations of Body Armor Standoff with Minimal Reduction of Range of Motion
Regan, C. & Roberts, R., (2010). Teaching Apparel Technical Design: A Professor’s and Student’s Perspective
Ruppert-Stroescu, M. & Hawley, J., (2010). Typology for Creativity in Fashion Design
Sampson, P. B., (2010). Researching and Visualizing the Market to Develop Design Concepts
Sanders, E. A., (2010). Planning a Senior Design Collection: Goal-Setting at the Junior Level
Sanders, E. A., Handschuch, A., & Hayes, L., (2010). Three Designers, Three Locations, and One Theme: A Collaborative Design Process
Sharp, J. & Elsasser, V. H., (2010). The Use of a Product Development Project for Program Assessment
Sindicich, D., (2010). A Method for Cross-Sectional Analysis of Clothing Fit Using Transposed 3D Body Scan Data
Suh, M., Carroll, K., Smith-Jackson, T., & Kim, S-J., (2010). Analysis of Dressing Activities for People with Severe Visual Impairments
Ulrich, P., Connell, L. J., & Patel, S., (2010). Apparel Shopping for Tween Boys: Issues Expressed by Their Mothers
Welker, K., (2010). Apparel Line Development and Mock Trade Show Project
Yang, E, Dragoo, S. L., Young, D. D., (2010). Experiential Learning Experiences Needed by Fashion Design Graduates
Zhang, Y., Senanayake, M., & Raheja, A., (2010). Development of a Single Camera Body Scanning System


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