2010 Pedagogy
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2010 ITAA Proceedings #67

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Below is a list of scholarship presented in the Professional-General track. The proceedings are held at the Iowa State University Special Collections and are retrievable here.


Boorady, L. M., (2010). Embracing Technology in the Classroom 

Burgess, B. & Yaoyuneyong, G., (2010). Creating a Mind Map of a Fashion Merchandising Program
Cheek, W. K. & Thornton, L., (2010). Trends Regarding Product Development Courses
Gibson, F. Y. & Kincade, D. H. (2010). Using Marketing Competitions to Teach Students Application of Facts and Theory to Solve Problems in the Business World
Im, H. & Ha, Y., (2010). The Effect of Interactivity on Student Learning: Creating Flow Experience
Jacobs, B., Muthambi, A., Karpova, E., & Andrew, A., (2010). Click-Link-In Sync: Communication Patterns of Multinational Virtual Learning Teams
Karpova, E., Marcketti. S. B., & Barker, J. (2010). Can Creativity Be Taught? Fostering Creative Minds for Careers in the Apparel Industry
Kim, H. J., Park, B., & Forney, J., (2010). O-P-E-N Future: Prospecting Researches and Practices in Apparel Retailing
Lafrenz, L. A., (2010). Entrepreneur Interviews: Experiential Learning for First Year Fashion Students
Lee, Y-A., Jung, J., Lee, M., & Park, Y. J., (2010). Path to Independence: Graduate Students’ Issues and Concerns for their Programs of Study and Needs for the Processional Development
MacDonald, N. M., Matranga, M. J., & Spaulding, N., (2010). Expanding Horizons: Teaching Strategies for Fashion Design
Magie, A. A., (2010). The Children’s Challenge Project: Connecting University Students to Community
Park, K. & Heo, S., (2010). Entry-level Job Qualifications in the Textile and Apparel Industry: Comparing the Perspectives of Firms and College Students
Rucker, M. & Haise, C., (2010). Student Evaluations of Teaching: Effects of Variations in Stem and Response Options
Starr, C., Bailey, S., & Roberts, J., (2010). Using Study Tours in Conjunction with Alumni and Creative Use of Technology to Place Students from the Midwest in Prime Fashion Merchandising and Design Internship Opportunities
Videtic, K. M., (2010). Creating a Service Learning Course for a Fashion Design and Merchandising Program
Welkey, S., Sullivan, P., DuPont, A., Blaylock, K., & Fortenberry, S. L., (2010). Graduate programs for retail merchandising: Options for delivery
Workman, J. E. & Freeburg, B. W., (2010). Research Activity: O*Net OnLine Occupational Search
Yang, K., (2010). Reinforcing E-Merchandising Career Competencies through a Wiki e-Portfolio and an Interactive Career Cruise Map


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