2008 Proceedings Textile and Apparel Industry
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2008 ITAA Proceedings #65
Annual Meeting, Shaumburg, Illinois, USA
November 5-8, 2008

Below is a list of scholarship presented in the Textile and Apparel Industry International. The proceedings are held at the Iowa State University Special Collections and are retrievable here. All rights reserved to ITAA.

2008 Textile and Apparel Industry

 Ha-Brookshire, J. & Dyer, B., (2008). Who are Apparel Import Intermediaries?: The Case of the U.S. Apparel Industry

Kelley, C., Shen, D. & Tong, P., (2008). Building Stable Trade Relationships under WTO Rules: The Case of the Entry of China’s Textile and Clothing Industries in the U.S.

Kwak, L. & Price, M., (2008). Project-based Peer Teaching on Fair Labor Issues

Lu, S. & Ha-Brookshire, J., (2008). U.S.-led Regional Production Network and the Impact of the 2006-2008 U.S.-China Textile Agreement

Muhammad, A. & Ha-Brookshire, J., (2008). Who are They and What are They Doing? Exploring U.S. Apparel Sourcing Personnel

Pookulangara, S., Shephard, A., Mestres, J. & Dickerson, K., (2008). Sweatshops: Impact on the University Community

Yu, H. & Murray, B., (2008). CAD/CAM adoption among Canadian Apparel Manufacturers

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