Vision, Mission, Purpose and Eligibility

The Vision of the Textile and Apparel Program Accreditation Commission (TAPAC) is to ensure outstanding higher education that advances excellence of the textile and apparel profession.

The Mission of TAPAC is to provide quality assessment and quality enhancement of programs in textiles and apparel and related areas.

The Purpose of TAPAC is to serve as the accrediting body for collegiate programs in textiles and apparel and related areas by establishing standards for the recognition of programs and reviewing the characteristics and performance of individual programs against these established standards.

Programs Eligible for TAPAC accreditation consideration include higher education programs in Textiles and Apparel and Related Areas.  The Commission recognizes that a single program name does not accommodate all configurations of relevant curricula.  Textiles and Apparel programs or programs in Related Areas that have content areas compatible with the TAPAC academic standards may be eligible for TAPAC accreditation.