Preparing Documents for Online Scholarship Submission
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Preparation of Documents for Online Scholarship Submission
Only the author who submitted the work will receive the notification emails; it is the responsibility of the submitting author to notify other authors.  
Prepare the following files before beginning the Online Submission Process.
1.   Prepare the Proceedings Paper in English for the ITAA Proceedings using the ITAA Proceedings Template.  Use Times New Roman, font size 12, for all text, including titles.  Document must not be over 2 pages in length, including all graphics and references. Margins should be 1 inch left and right margins. The paper must be finished copy and show no editing marks. References should use either APA or Chicago style.  The first three sections should be centered on the page; insert one blank line between each section. Do not use bold or all uppercase letters; capitalize all appropriate letters according to APA/Chicago style manuals.
·        First Section  - title (30 word maximum, capitalizing only the first letter in the first word and major words),
·        Second Section- names of all authors and professional affiliations with geographic locations of all authors in order of authorship. It is appropriate for students to invite the instructor or sponsor to be second author on articles discussing research or designs resulting from class assignments or supervised study.
·        Third Section- key words (4 maximum, use single words, not phrases)
·        Fourth Section- text of paper.
·        Save the final version to be submitted as a pdf file using the following naming protocol:
Track Code-Last Name of Submitter-Abbreviated Title-Research (RES),Teaching (TEA), or Concept (CON).pdf. 
For example, a research paper on Consumer Brand Loyalty submitted to the Consumer Behavior track by Nancy Rutherford would be designated as follows: CB-Rutherford-Consumer Brand Loyalty-RES.pdf.
This Is the Title of the Paper
JoAnna Smith, Some University, USA
Keywords: Design, sustainability
(or if multiple authors)
Author 1’s Name, Author 2’s name, and Author 3’s name,
Some University, USA
[List affiliation after each author’s name if the authors are from different universities; use the affiliation once after the last author’s name if all authors are from the same university.]
Title: This is the title of the paper
Author: JoAnna Smith, Some University, USA
KEYWORDS: design, sustainability
2.   Prepare Abstract Review Submission Paper. Remove the authorship, professional affiliation, and geographic location section from the Proceedings document you created above. Save in PDF format using the naming protocol above, but eliminate the last name of the submitter. The submission file for the example above would be: CB-Consumer Brand Loyalty-RES.pdf. A tracking number for the review process will be added to the file name administratively.


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