Online Award Submission
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Online Award Submission
Only the person who submitted the application will receive the notification emails; it is the responsibility of the submitting applicant to notify other applicants/nominees.  The submitter must be a member of ITAA to access the submission page.  Undergraduate student nominees do not need to be ITAA members at the time of submission.  Nominations can be submitted by a faculty sponsor, who is an ITAA member.
Combine all nomination/application materials into a single folder and compressed into a zip file before beginning the submission process. Zip file should be saved as Graduate Student-Applicant Name.  (i.e.  Graduate Student-Jane Smith) or Undergraduate Award Name-Nominee Name (Regent's-Jane Smith)
Use the Submission Link Designated for the Desired Award Category.

Log onto the ITAA website using your Username and Password.
Complete the Submission Form.
1.   Enter Submitter First Name, Last Name, and Email Address.
2.   List the name of the nominee/applicant.
3.   List the nominee's/applicant's institution.
4.   List the nominee's/applicant's email address.
5.   List the Member Category (Graduate or Undergraduate) for which you are submitting an application/nomination.
6.   Follow prompt to upload the compressed folder (zip file) of the application materials. 
7.   Click “submit” to complete the submission process.
8.   Submitter will see a confirmation statement that the submission has been successfully completed.



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