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ITAA Service Award


ITAA Service Award is to recognize sustained service to the ITAA organization, which may include a combination of reviewing conference submissions, active committee membership, conference responsibilities, and other service contributions to ITAA. This is to recognize ITAA members who work tirelessly for ITAA before they are recognized as ITAA fellows.

The candidate must be a member of ITAA for at least a total of 5 years and have a record of at least 5 years of service at ITAA. Previous ITAA fellow recipients are ineligible.

Nomination Packet: Self-nominations and nominations from other ITAA members are welcome. The following nomination materials are required and must be submitted through the online submission site by February 1.   

  1. An information sheet that includes: nominator’s name, address, telephone number, and Email address; nominee’s name, address, telephone number, and Email address; Email address of the University Communications/Marketing division affiliated with the nominee; and 200 word description of nominee’s accomplishments suitable for a “press release”.

  2. Letter of nomination.

  3. Minimum of two (2) letters of support from other ITAA members preferably from diverse institutions. Letters should specify reasons for the nomination and highlight the significant and exceptional service of the nominee(Nominator should retain original copies of the support letters. Support letters will be compiled into presentation packets for the ITAA Service awardee).

  4. Current curriculum vita of nominee. The vita should be well organized with detailed list of service to ITAA.

  5. Nominee’s 750 words of statement highlighting service contributions to ITAA.

  6. Photo of nominee (minimum 300 dpi). 

Compile files into one folder. Name the folder, “Service Award-Nominee’s Name”. Compress folder into a zip file and be prepared to upload the zip file during the online submission process. Deadline for submissions is February 1. Online submission site opens January 6.


Criteria for Evaluating Nominees: ITAA member who exhibits clear evidence in at least two of the following categories will be seriously considered.

  • Sustained service and its positive impact on ITAA as committee member/chair

  • Sustained service and its positive impact on ITAA as track chair/reviewer for ITAA conference papers

  • Sustained service and its positive impact on ITAA as a volunteer during ITAA conference (e.g., conference chair, at the registration desk, etc.)

  • Sustained ervice and its positive impact on ITAA as CTRJ reviewer, editorial board member, associate editor, or editor-in-chief.


Selection Procedure: The VP of Operations will distribute the materials among  the Faculty Fellowship and Awards Committee; at least one ITAA Fellow will serve on the review committee. Recommendations from the committee, including a summary of the criteria from which the recommendations were drawn, will be forwarded to the Vice-President for Operations who will present the nominations(s) to the Executive Council for a 2/3 majority vote and final selection. 

Service Award Recognition: Upon Council approval of the nomination(s), the VP of Operations will notify the nominee. Receipt of materials grants permission to use the materials for publicity and retention in the ITAA archives. Recipients of the ITAA Service Award are encouraged to attend the ITAA Annual Conference to be recognized and to receive the award.  Award recipients will receive a conference registration fee waiver, a trophy, and an opportunity to share their appreciation for receiving the award through ITAA newsletter. 



PO Box 70687
Knoxville, TN 37938-0687
Executive Director, Nancy Rutherford, Ph.D