Welcome to the Textile and Apparel Program Accreditation Commission!

TAPAC is important to the future of our textile and apparel programs and to our profession!  Accreditation and the related opportunities for assessment and benchmarking are now available to baccalaureate level textile, apparel and related programs. 

TAPAC has a role for you and your program!  Check out the following options:

See http://itaaonline.org/mpage/TAPAC19 for forms for Affiliate Program Membership, TAPAC Accreditation and TAPAC Accreditation Reviewer.  For more information about TAPAC and opportunities for involvement, please see http://itaaonline.org/mpage/TAPAC15.

For questions, please contact Dr. Carol Warfield, Professor Emerita, TAPAC Executive Director, cwarfield@tapac-online.org or 334/750-6679.