February, 2020

Volume 43, No. 1




President's Message

By Ann Paulins, ITAA President


Greetings of the new year are extended to all of you. As I begin my term as ITAA president, I want to extend a sincere “thank you” to Melody LeHew, now serving as Counselor. She advanced numerous initiatives on behalf of ITAA, not the least of which was overseeing the hiring of our new Executive Director, Ping Wei. Through Melody’s leadership, and in collaboration with our Strategic Planning Committee convened under the Vice President for Planning office, we are embarking on strategic planning activities – which you will be hearing more about as plans unfold. The voices of all ITAA members will be needed to develop (and ultimately realize) our next strategic plan. This is an activity fitting of a new decade!

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Graduate Student Liaison Report

By Domenique Jones, Graduate Student Liaison


Happy New Year! My name is Domenique Jones and I will be serving as 2020 Graduate Student Liaison. I am a second-year doctoral student at the University of Tennessee in Retail and Consumer Science. I am very excited for everything in the upcoming year, and I also want to thank outgoing liaison, Jenny Leigh, for her amazing work this past year. She will be a tough act to follow!

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800 by February 2020! Follow the ITAA LinkedIn Page!


By Amrut Sadachar, Social Media Marketing Committee Chair


Thank you so much for your overwhelming response and helping us reach 500 followers on LinkedIn! We have been posting information on happenings in the ITAA community, along with upcoming deadlines, and congratulations to our awardees! We have made it to our goal of 500 followers, but now let’s increase it to 800 for the win!


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Preparing a Concept Paper Abstract for ITAA Conference

by Young-A Lee and Kim Hahn, Co-Chairs of Abstract Review Committee


When ITAA members prepare and submit their abstracts to be considered for their scholarship presentation at ITAA annual conference, there are three different categories to choose from: (a) Research, (b) Teaching, and (c) Concept. While the first two categories have existed for a long time, the Concept category is relatively new. Based on the submission of abstracts in this category in the past, we would like to clarify what type of scholarly work should be submitted under the Concept category.


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Upcoming Deadlines



April 1, 2020: ITAA-KSCT Joint Symposium
April 1, 2020: Student Best Paper Competition
April 1, 2020: Research, Teaching, and Concept Scholarship
April 30, 2020: CTRJ Focused Issue on Textile & Apparel Trade and Global Sourcing













Thank You, 2019 CTRJ Reviewers

By Elaine Pedersen, Editor

The Editor and Associate Editors of the Clothing and Textiles Research Journal, the Publication Policies Committee members, and the Vice-President for Publications, Jung Ha-Brookshire, would like to express their appreciation for all of the individuals who completed the review of one or more CTRJ manuscripts during 2019. The smooth functioning of CTRJ is dependent on individuals like those listed below who support our journal every time they send in a completed review of one or more manuscripts.

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CTRJ Title Description Survey


By Jung Ha-Brookshire, VP of Publications

Dear ITAA members, 

The Publication Policy Committee of International Textile and Apparel Association has organized the following survey. Your time for this survey (no more than 10 minutes) is highly appreciated. The survey link is


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 TAPAC Update


By Andy Reilly, TAPAC President

Happy New Year. I hope everyone is off to a good start to 2020 and to the spring semester. I am also happy to be serving as TAPAC (Textile and Apparel Programs Accreditation Commission) president for this year. I wish to thank Kathleen Rees for her graceful dedication to the organization and the countless hours of her time to fostering and developing TAPAC. I hope to have a slight modicum of her wisdom as we enter a new year.

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REMINDER from the Teaching Innovation

Resources Committee


Please consider submitting to the ITAA Teaching Collection.

The Teaching Collection is an effective way to share teaching resources and  best practices with ITAA members and advance the scholarship of teaching and learning. Submission guidelines can be found on the ITAA homepage in the Professional Development Center tab.

Upcoming submission dates are May 1, August 1, and November 1.




Professional Development Opportunities

Explore opportunities on the ITAA Website in the Professional Development Center.  You are welcome to submit information about your academic programs, study tours, and special programs at no cost.  Open positions cost $150 to post, but the fee also includes distribution of the full announcement to ITAA members.  Contact Ping Wei, for more information.

PO Box 3643
Cary, NC  27519-3643
Executive Director, Ping Wei, CAE