June, 2020

Volume 43, No. 3

ITAA 2020 Election Results

Ann Paulins, ITAA President


On behalf of the ITAA Nominating Committee, I am pleased to announce the results of the 2020 Election. Congratulations to the following:



Lynn M. Boorady
Young-A Lee
Sherry Schofield
 2022 President    VP Operations    VP Conferences

Julie Chang
Kristen Morris
Beth Myers
 Secretary    Nominating Committee    Nominating Committee





President's Message

By Ann Paulins, ITAA President


In the last Newsletter, the Ballot for ITAA leadership positions was available, and by the May 1 deadline 45% of eligible members voted. As a friendly and educational reminder, the membership categories that are eligible to vote are professional and emeritus. I want to thank the members who were willing to stand for election, and am pleased to announce our newly elected ITAA Council Members:

  • President-Elect: Lynn Boorady (Oklahoma State University)
  • VP Operations: Young-A Lee (Auburn University)
  • VP Conferences: Sherry Schofield (Florida State University)
  • Secretary: Hyo Jung (Julie) Chang (Texas Tech University)
  • Nominating Committee (for 2021): Kristen Morris (Colorado State University) & Beth Myers (Georgia Southern University)

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Graduate Student Liaison Report

By Domenique Jones, Graduate Student Liaison


Happy Summer to you all!

I know this time continues to be difficult for everyone, and I hope everyone is well-rested and ready to begin their summer work. If you need any help or resources for teaching, research, etc. we have many places for graduate students to communicate and share with one another. You can join us on Facebook with our group “ITAA Graduate Students Online Community”, follow our brand-new Instagram account @ITAAgradstudents and post on our message board community here to find other ITAA graduate students and discuss topics and issues going on right now.

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Changes in Design Submission Requirements

Due to COVID-19 Restrictions

By Casey Stannard and Laura Kane, Design Review Committee Co-Chairs


The Design Review Committee has implemented several changes to the standards for design submissions for the 2020 Conference to address limitations in accessing proper photography equipment and models due to COVID-19.

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Call for ITAA Graduate Student Liaison Nominees

By Domenique Jones, Graduate Student Liaison



Please nominate a graduate student (or yourself!) to serve as liaison representative to ITAA council for a one-year term starting January 2021. The Graduate Student Liaison is responsible for maintaining and monitoring graduate student communications, events, elections, and records. The liaison also proposes special topic sessions and newsletter articles to address emerging issues important to graduate students.


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Nancy Rutherford Teaching Innovation Award

Submissions Due June 15

By Kelly Weathers, Teaching Innovation and Resources Committee Chair


While we know everyone is busy figuring out what the new "normal" is for higher education, the Teaching Innovation and Resources Committee would like to remind everyone that the June 15th submission due date for The Nancy Rutherford Teaching Innovation Award is fast approaching. We have spent so much time taking care of our students these past 2 months, we need to remember to take care of ourselves including, our professional development! 
Please see Full Call for submission guidelines.




Upcoming Deadlines



June 15, 2020: Creative Design Scholarship

June 15, 2020: Nancy Rutherford Teaching Innovation Award

July 1, 2020: Regent's University London - Will Conrad Fashion Design and Fashion Merchandising Scholarship

July 1, 2020: Graduate Student Fellowships

July 1, 2020: Undergraduate Scholarships and Awards

July 31, 2020: CTRJ Focused Issue on Textile & Apparel Trade and Global Sourcing
October 1, 2020 - Round 1: CTRJ Focused Issue on Fashion and Textiles in COVID-10 Global Pandemic: Challenges and Opportunities

December 1, 2020 - Round 2: CTRJ Focused Issue on Fashion and Textiles in COVID-10 Global Pandemic: Challenges and Opportunities





Call for Papers - CTRJ Special Issue on

Fashion & Textiles in COVID-19 Global

Pandemic: Challenges and Opportunities


By Jung Ha-Brookshire, VP of Publications

The Covid-19 global outbreak has completely changed our daily lives with social and economic shutdowns greatly impacting the global economy. The COVID-19 pandemic presents unprecedented challenges, especially to the fashion and textiles industry. Widespread layoffs and furloughs have increased the U.S. unemployment to 14.5%, retail establishments are being temporarily or perhaps permanently closed, apparel/textile manufacturers are struggling to get necessary supplies, and consumer spending on non-essential clothing has decreased (Jones, 2020; Long & Van Dam, 2020; Uddin, 2020). The impending economic crisis is expected to have a huge impact on fashion industry businesses in 2020 and beyond (Stiglitz, 2020).

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TAPAC Accreditation: The Important

Value from the Perspective of an

Accredited Program

By Kim Y. Hiller, Department of Interior Design and Fashion Studies, Kansas State University

The apparel and textiles undergraduate program at Kansas State University (just recently renamed to fashion studies) was one of the first programs to be accredited by TAPAC. We are proud to be accredited by TAPAC and encourage any program still considering accreditation to move forward in the process.

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University of Fashion-ITAA Offer

COVID-19 Group Discounts


As a result of COVID-19 and the uncertainty of how schools will handle the upcoming fall semester, the University of Fashion is offering schoolwide access to their online video teaching materials, e.g. lectures and demonstrations, at special pricing and terms as short as four months.


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Member Spotlight

Human Body: A Wearable Product Designer’s Guide, written by Karen L. LaBat, Ph.D. and Karen S. Ryan, M.D. won the Taylor and Francis 2019 Award for Outstanding Professional Book in the Engineering category.

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Professional Development Opportunities

Explore opportunities on the ITAA Website in the Professional Development Center.  You are welcome to submit information about your academic programs, study tours, and special programs at no cost.  Open positions cost $150 to post, but the fee also includes distribution of the full announcement to ITAA members.  Contact Ping Wei, for more information.

PO Box 3643
Cary, NC  27519-3643
Executive Director, Ping Wei, CAE