August, 2020

Volume 43, No. 4

President's Message

By Ann Paulins, ITAA President


There has been no shortage of events during the summer of 2020, so I have several important topics to share in this Newsletter.

Of primary interest to ITAA members is the update on our 2020 Annual Meeting. I can assure you that your Executive Council members, Committee Chairs, and Annual Meeting Planning Committee members have been diligently working to ensure that our organization has a productive and appropriate Annual Meeting in 2020.

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Pivoting for the Pandemic: ITAA Conference Goes Virtual

By Nancy Miller and Carol Engel-Enright, 2020 Conference Co-Chairs


By now we hope you are all aware that, as a group, we are demonstrating our flexibility and creativity in pivoting to a virtual conference format for ITAA 2020. The dates are tentatively November 18-21 as we work to refine and distribute a robust schedule. The virtual conference will include a variety of activities such as: workshops; special topic sessions; research, teaching, and concept presentations; design exhibits; awards; keynote speaker presentations; opening and town hall sessions; graduate student fireside chats, committee meetings, board meetings, legacy meetings, and alumni gatherings.

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Call for ITAA Graduate Student Liaison Nominees

By Domenique Jones, Graduate Student Liaison

Please nominate a graduate student (or yourself!) to serve as liaison representative to ITAA Council for a one-year term starting January 2021. The Graduate Student Liaison is responsible for maintaining and monitoring graduate student communications, events, elections, and records. The liaison also proposes special topic sessions and newsletter articles to address emerging issues important to graduate students.

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Upcoming Deadlines


October 1, 2020: Call for Papers Round 1 - CTRJ Special Issue on Fashion and Textiles in COVID-19 Global Pandemic: Challenges and Opportunities

December 1, 2020: Call for Papers Round 2 - CTRJ Special Issue on Fashion and Textiles in COVID-19 Global Pandemic: Challenges and Opportunities



What's New to CTRJ?

By Jung Ha-Brookshire, Vice President of Publications


Dear ITAA members,

I hope all of you are staying safe and well. I have a few great news related to Clothing and Textiles Research Journal.

The 2019 impact factor is now available! It is now 1.10 (please see the updated impact factor published on CTRJ website). The entire group of Publication Policy Committee, associate editors and editors is very pleased with this accomplishment and we are looking for even greater success in coming years. Please do think about CTRJ as you are looking for new publication outlets.

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 Greetings from New CTRJ Editors


By Youn-Kyung Kim, Editor-in-Chief, and
Nancy Nelson Hodges, Deputy Editor

Greetings ITAA members. We are pleased to have begun our appointments as Editor-in-Chief and inaugural Deputy Editor on July 1. We would like to express sincere thanks to Elaine Pederson for her work over the last eight years. She has done a great deal to ensure that the journal is poised for continued growth, and we are focused on making sure that momentum continues.

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The Journey to Accreditation: Why TAPAC

Accreditation Matters to the Department

of Design at Radford University

By Farrell Doss & Holly Cline, Professors,
Department of Design at Radford University

The Department of Design at Radford offers focused concentrations in Fashion Design and Fashion Merchandising. Our goal is to equip our graduates with the requisite hard and soft skills demanded for professional employment within the textile and apparel industry. We have seasoned, dedicated faculty, great facilities, an industry focused advisory board, and a host of other enrichments infused into our 4-year degree programs. However, one cannot assume that their programs are providing all that their students need without an external review process. We believe that an accreditation review process is the best way to ensure program viability and excellence.

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Professional Development Opportunities

Explore opportunities on the ITAA Website in the Professional Development Center. You are welcome to submit information about your academic programs, study tours, and special programs at no cost. Open positions cost $150 to post, but the fee also includes distribution of the full announcement to ITAA members. Contact Ping Wei,, for more information.

PO Box 3643
Cary, NC  27519-3643
Executive Director, Ping Wei, CAE