2019 Accreditation and Membership Fees

The Textile and Apparel Programs Accreditation Commission (TAPAC) has set the following fees for the 2019 calendar year[1][2]:

Accreditation Fees:

Eligibility Application Fee: $1,500, non-refundable, due with Application for Accreditation form.

Self-Study Administrative Fee:  $3,000, non-refundable, due with Self-Study report.

Accreditation Team Visit Expenses: 

  1. Accreditation site visit reviewers receive no honorarium for serving on the review team. 

Membership Fees:

Accredited Programs Annual Fee: $1,500, due with Annual Updates form.

Affiliate Program Member Annual Fee: $500.00, due January 1.

[1] TAPAC Board of Commissioners may change fees to maintain fiscal responsibility. Please check for updated fees with the TAPAC Executive Director.

[2] The BOC reserves the right to determine whether an institution has multiple textile, apparel, and related area programs that potentially require separate applications and fees for eligibility and accreditation.  For more information, see section 1.2 in the TAPAC Policies and Procedures document.