Affiliate Program Member Application

Affiliate Program Members are higher education degree granting textile, apparel and related programs seeking or aspiring to accreditation.  The program pays the non-refundable Affiliate Program Member dues of $500.00/year, with membership beginning January 1.  Dues are not prorated. 

Affiliate Program Membership allows program participation in matters addressing issues in higher education that may have an impact on accreditation.  Each program identifies a Program Representative who becomes a member of the TAPAC Assembly of Delegates.  Members of the Assembly of Delegates have a voting role in electing members to the TAPAC Board of Commissioners and Standing Committees.  Members also have a voting role in amending the TAPAC Bylaws, Accreditation Standards, and Accreditation Policies and Procedures.

Application Form 

Name and Address of Institution:________________________________



Program Name (if different from the Department:_________________


Program Coordinator Name and Title:___________________________

Program Coordinator Phone:___________e-mail:_________________   

Program’s TAPAC Representative’s Name and Title (if different from the Program Coordinator:______________________________________

$500.00 Application Fee (check method of payment).

________Request Invoice (provide information re: to whom invoice is to be sent).

________Credit Card (contact for instructions)

________Check (send to TAPAC, c/o Carol Warfield, PO Box 709, Dadeville, AL 36853)

Questions? Contact Carol Warfield, TAPAC Executive Director, 334/750-6679 or .