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Call for Proposal for Edited Books

Organization: Palgrave Studies in Practice
Date Posted: 10/30/2018
Primary Category: Special Calls & Announcements

Description & Details

Call for Proposal for Edited Books

For “Palgrave Studies in Practice: Global Fashion Brand Management”


From Co-Series Editors Byoungho Ellie Jin (

Albert Myers Distinguished Professor of Textiles Economics and Management, North Carolina State University, USA


Elena Cedrola (

Professor of Management and International Marketing, University of Macerata, Italy


Established in 2016, The Global Fashion Brand Management series examines various topics that are emerging in the fashion industry. Built on an extensive literature and interviews with key personnel in the related firms, each volume in the series provides in-depth information and insights for practitioners and researchers. Each chapter can be effectively used for undergraduate/graduate students as well as industry professionals. Each volume consists of an introduction chapter about the theme of volume and subsequent chapters on in-depth information on the theme from various perspectives. To be more comprehensive, we encourage authors to explain the theme with multiple cases in a chapter. In other words, some existing cases can be effectively utilized as an example in illustrating the theme. A chapter with a single case is not encouraged. Volume themes published under this series include Fashion Brand Internationalization (published in 2016), Fashion Branding and Communication (2017), and Product Innovation in the Global Fashion Industry (2018). The 4th volume on Innovation in Process and Retail Operation in the Global Fashion Industry is now in preparation. For more information about the series, visit


We, as series editors, seek for solid proposals that cover below topics in the global fashion industry, but not limited to:

Sustainability and social entrepreneurship

Re-shoring, near-shoring, on-shoring and global sourcing practice Management after merger and acquisition in the fashion industry Organization and human resource management in fashion firms

New business model innovations and start-ups in the fashion industry Big data, social media and analytics in the fashion industry

Application of emerging retail technology such as VR, AR, AI, 3D printing, etc. Brand development in emerging markets

Trends and new strategies in global luxury brand management Marketing strategies to elderly and/or millennial consumers Other topics emergent in the global fashion industry


Due dates:

January 15, 2019: Proposal submission to series editors by email

January 31, 2019: Series editorsnotification of acceptance of proposal to volume editor(s)

 March 31, 2019: Volume editor(s)submission of table of contents with confirmed authors and chapter titles to the series editors

October 31, 2019: Authors submission of final chapters to volume editor(s) for a thorough review December 31, 2019: Volume editor(s)submission of final chapters with necessary documents to the series editors for publication

 June 30, 2020: Publication available via online ( and and offline via Palgraves extensive networks to the libraries in the world.


Manuscript Length: Submissions are ideally between 40,000-60,000 words with about 5-6 chapters for Palgrave Pivot publication format.


We strongly encourage volume editor (s) to do the followings.

i)       Write an introductory chapter for a topic you propose in a volume

ii)     Invite and select authors from different countries and/or different institutions for a comprehensive understanding toward the topic.

iii)   Edit the subsequent 4-5 chapters.

iv)   Format the book to the guidelines Palgrave provides and provide required materials to the publisher such as getting permission from interviewees (companies) for the use of their quotes, pictures, etc.

v)      Ensure the contents are error-free and proofread before publication.



Guidelines for a Proposal




Please put a tentative title for your volume and provide a short academic biography of each volume editor, including institutional affiliation, position, relevant articles, and organizations. Attach a CV for each editor.





In 2-3 paragraphs, please provide a description of the proposed volume, including its scope and rationale (i.e., reasons why the proposed volume is critical). In addition, please provide four to five key selling/marketing points for the volume (i.e., why and how this volume is unique and different from existing sources). Two or three sentences for each point will suffice.





In a tentative table of contents, please provide potential authors you are considering/contacting for this volume and what specific topics they can work on.



In 2-3 paragraphs, please specify how you will solicit authors for chapters. Examples may be sending out call for proposals for book chapters to academic organizations (specify the name of the organization and why the organization is good to solicit authors), contacting a group of scholars in the topical areas, etc.



* For more questions,

please contact series editors directly:,


* To set up an informal meeting during ITAA meeting in Nov 2018, please contact Byoungho Jin (


PO Box 70687
Knoxville, TN 37938-0687
Executive Director, Nancy Rutherford, Ph.D