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Call for Papers: Impact of Technology

Organization: CTRJ Special Issue
Date Posted: 1/30/2020
Primary Category: Special Calls & Announcements

Description & Details

Focused Special Issue of the Clothing and Textiles Research Journal (CTRJ)

Impact of Technology: New Directions for Theory Development and Research Methodology
Manuscript Submission Deadline: June 30, 2021
Expected Sage Publication Date: Early 2023

Guest Editors:
Sanjukta Pookulangara (, University of North Texas
Arlesa Shephard (, SUNY Buffalo State College

What theory and research methods are relevant to the 21st century scholar? Theory has been the backbone of research allowing scholars to synthesize information from the abstract (the world of concepts/ideas) and the concrete (the experimental/observable world). Theory allows for integration and explanations of phenomenon and provides direction for additional research and practice that will lead to creation of new knowledge.  Similarly, research methodology is critical in the successful completion of a study. New technology has impacted research methodology and theory development; however, some scholars continue to rely on practices and theories that were established prior to the implementation of these new technological tools.

The special issue seeks to stimulate a deeper understanding of the role of 21st century technology and its role in research methods and theory in textile and apparel scholarship. Technology plays an important role in research today. Technology has allowed scholars to integrate new and innovative research methodologies in their research. The world is changing and advancements such as AI, virtual platforms, and advanced search engines and databases have impacted methodology and analysis processes and can also assist in new theory development.  Technology has created a paradigm shift in how we approach our fields with frameworks that are incorporating variables previously never examined. Papers addressing use and/or study of technology and the impact on theory development and research methodology issues are highly encouraged. Conceptual papers are also welcome. 

Topics for this focused issue may include (but are not limited to) technology’s role in the following:

  • Theory development and lessons learned
  • Testing new theories
  • Meta-analysis of existing theories used in current textile and apparel related research
  • New technologies and changing theoretical perspectives and processes
  • Cross disciplinary application of theory
  • Innovative application of research methods
  • Impact of technology on research methodology
  • Meta-analysis of new technology implemented to assist with research methods and theory in current textile and apparel related research

Process for Submission and Review
The manuscript submission deadline is June 30, 2021 and the special issue is expected to be published by Sage Publication in early 2023.

The special issue will follow CTRJ’s existing style guidelines and review procedures (double-blind review; from manuscript submission to acceptance usually takes about 9-12 months). Electronic submissions will be through manuscript central ( Manuscript guidelines are detailed in the Guide for Authors inside the cover of CTRJ and available online through the ITAA website (

Sanjukta and Arlesa will act as co-editors for the special issue. Reviewers will be selected from the list of the CTRJ editorial board and an ad-hoc list of reviewers.

Please contact the Guest Editors if you have any questions:
Sanjukta Pookulangara (, University of North Texas
Arlesa Shephard (, SUNY Buffalo State College