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2006 ITAA Proceedings #63

Annual Conference, San Antonio, TX, USA

Below is a list of scholarship presented in the Consumer Behavior track. The proceedings are held at the Iowa State University Special Collections and are retrievable here. All rights reserved to ITAA.

Consumer Behavior

Breseman, B. C., Lee, S. H. (2006). Internet Shopping- Relationships among internet addiction

Burns, L. D., Yeh, C. L. (2006). Clothing Evaluative Criteria

Callen, K. S., Ownbey, S. F. (2006). Associations between Demographics and Perceptions of Unethical Consumer Behavior.

Chang, E., Lee, H. (2006). Investigating Consumption Patterns of Luxury Goods among Korean Consumers

Cho, H. and Fiorito, S. (2006). The Effect of Perceived Trust on Consumers’ Intention to Use Co-design in Online Apparel Shopping

Chuanlan, L. (2006). What drives apparel shoppers to continue shopping online

Chuanlan, L., Kuttruff, J., Yao, Z. (2006). Exploring college students' fast-fashion acceptance

Chun, J. Y., Fairhurst, A., Jolly, L. D., Yang K. (2006). Consumer Needs on International Apparel Brand

Connell, L. J., Lee, S., Ulrich, P. V. (2006). A Comparison of Adolescent Girls' and Their Mothers' Perceptions

Crutsinger, C., Jeon, S., Kim, E. Y., Kim, H. J., Pelton, L. (2006). The Effect of Consumer Shopping Motivations on Online Auction Behaviors

Crutsinger, C., Knight, D., and Kim, H. (2006). Generation Y Consumer Interaction Styles: The Impact of Assertive and Aggressive Behavior on Attitudes toward Marketing

Dai, B., Forsythe, S. (2006). Impact of Online Shopping Experience on Risk Perceptions and Purchase Intentions: The Moderating Role of Gender

Delong, M., Wu, J. (2006). Chinese consumers' evaluation of western-branded denim jeans.

Dotter, T. V. T., Kim, H. J., Sanchez, M. R. (2006). University bookstore merchandise purchasing behavior.

Dutton, K. C., and Istook, C. (2006).  Young Adults’ Intent to Purchase Based on Garment Attributes

Dyer, B., Dyer, C. L., Zhao, X. (2006). Consumer Perceived Value of salon hair coloring

Dyer, B., Hodges, N. N., Yu, L. (2006). Consumer Perceived Value

Forney, J., Kim, Y. K., Knight, D., Lee, M. Y., Pelton, L. (2006). Factors Affecting Mexican Consumers' Purchase Intention

Forney, J., KimE. U., Park, E. J. (2006). Effects of Hedonic Consumption and Impulsive Tendencies

Fowler, D. C., Vazquez, M. E., Wesley, S. C. (2006). An Emic Account of Hispanics' Shopping Behaviors

Furr, C. A., Kumphai, P., Swiney, J. (2006). Cultural Product Websites and Young Consumers

Ha, J. E., Hodges, N. J. N. (2006). Exploring Motivations, Intentions, and Behavior of Socially Responsible Consumption

Halepete, J., Littrell, M., Park, J. (2006). Consumer Attitudes and Intentions

Harp, S. S., Yoo, S. (2006). Apparel Purchase Intention as a Function of Design Elements

Heitmeyer, J., Sullivan, P., Wang, Y. (2006). Experiential Value Factors Affecting Taiwanese

Heitmeyer, J., Wang, Y. (2006). Taiwan consumers' attitudes and emotional responses of apparel purchase behavior

Hillery, J., Joung, H. M. (2006). Multi-Channel Shoppers' Apparel Patronage Behavior

Jacobs, B., Heerden, C. H. V., Klerk, H. M. D. (2006). Strategies for Changing Consumers' Scripts for Online Apparel Purchasing

Jang, S., Lee, Y., Shim, S. I. (2006). Effect of Product and Situation on Internet Browsing Behavior of Fashion Products

Jenkins, M., Presley, A. B. (2006). Reminiscences- How Has Textiles & Apparel Technology Changed Our Lives

Jeon Y., Sung, H. (2006). How internet fashion shoppers and non-shoppers differ

Johnson, T. W., Trautmann, J. (2006). Creating a Scale for Compulsive Clothing Buying

Jolly, L. D., Lee, H. J. (2006). Risk Perception and Risk Reduction in Online Shopping

Joung, H. M., Park, H. (2006). Factors that Motivate and Influence Clothing Disposal Behavior of College Students

Kean, R., Kim, J. Y. (2006). Effect of Product Information on Consumers' Purchasing Intention

Kean, R., Kim H. Y. (2006). The Influence of Self-Construals on Consumer Decision Making Styles

Kim, J. (2006). Consumer Loyalty Behavior toward On-Site Retailers

Kim, H. Y., Kim, Y. K. (2006). Retail Advertising Receptivity and Desired Shopping Value Perceptions

Kim, Y K., Kumar, A. (2006). Indian Consumers' Purchase Intention toward U.S. versus Domestic Clothing Brands

Kim, J., Lee, H. H. (2006). The Effects of Shopping Orientation on Consumer Satisfaction

Kim, J. H., Lennon, S. J. (2006). The Effect of Amount of Information on Consumer Shopping Behaviors

Kim, J. E., Muske, G. (2006). Internet Browser or Buyer

King, W., Su, J. (2006). Exploring Social Responsibility in the Fashion Industry

Kinley, T. R. (2006). Label Style Preferences of Caucasian American Women

Knight, D. K., Kim, E. Y., Kim, Y. K., Pelton, L. E. (2006). Generation Y Consumers' Perceptions of a U.S. Apparel Brand

Lee, E. O., Lee, s. H. (2006). Which Scarcity Message Affects Consumers' Purchase Intention

Lee, K. H., Park, J. O., P. (2006). Benefits and Product Evaluation Criteria

Lee, Y., Park, J., Rhee, E. Y. (2006) Types of Fashion Consumers' Brand Loyalty in Purchase Decision Making Process

LeHew, M. L. A., Meyer-Brosdahl, D. J. C.,  Pidatala G. (2006). Sustainability and Ethics 

Liu, W., Rahman, O. (2006). A Study of young Consumers' shopping attitudes toward pajamas

Lu, Y., Seock, Y. K. (2006). An Analysis of Service Quality for Customer Satisfaction and Customer Retention

Lusk, J. R. (2006). Customer integrated approach to evaluation and testing of sewn products

Marcketti, S. B. (2006). Consumer concern, Knowledge, and attitude towards counterfeit apparel products

Markova, I., Rabolt, N. J., Ulasewicz, C. (2006). Apparel Quality Perceptions by Country of Origin

Miler, J. K., Oliver, N. A. (2006). Consumer Behavior, Apparel Interests and Expenditures

Murdaya, U., Rucker, M. (2006). Compulsive Buying and Fashion Involvement

Niehm, L. S., Shin, H. S. (2006). Tourists' Shopping Motivations

Norum, P. S. (2006). Economic Analysis of Compulsive Buying and Internet Purchasing

Owens, N. J., Przypek, V, A. (2006). Clothing Preferences of Female Baby Boomers

Park, H., Kim, J. (2006). Exploratory Study of College-Licensed Apparel Purchase Behavior

Park, H. J., Rabolt, N. J. (2006). Brand Loyalty and Price Sensitivity

Parrish, E. (2006). Consumer Assessment of Retailers' Differentiation Strategies

Pookulangara, S. A. (2006). Implications of Consumer Outshopping Behavior

Pookulangara, S. A. (2006). Multi-channel Strategies

Seock, Y. K. (2006). College Students' Online Shopping Behavior and Related Factors

Xu, Y. (2006). Public Self-Consciousness and Compulsive Buying